Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sun Mar 31: Easter

Fitbit Activity: 10859 steps taken today, 13 floors climbed today, 4.53 miles traveled today, 2000 calories burned, 513 active score

DH was up all night again reading or something so he was not able to wake up for the morning - we had picked out two things to possibly do today - but neither were done.

We had bowls of cereal, I read the Globe (third week now - I'm getting used to reading newspaper again!), did some online exploring, then left for a walk around Central and Harvard - just to get out and see some new streets. It was windy so not as pleasant as yesterday....

Then home again for some left over soup, and then I put in my earplugs and started a Craftsy class.  The Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 1  will be wonderful I know - but I just needed to listen enough to get what the piecing would be for the quilt top.  I ended up listening to a lot of the free Modern Buttercream class. So much detail is involved!  The next time I do a layer cake it will be done differently that's for sure!  I also have purchased Free Motion Quilting a Sampler and will do that sometime, but the layout of the Filler class really appealed to me so I'm going to start with that.

DH didn't want the ham and eggs I had in mind for dinner so instead we went to S&S Deli for dinner - I had a nice salad - with diced tomatoes & cucumbers, sliced mangoes and grilled chicken, lettuce and lime coconut dressing.  Yum!  The waitress looked really tired though so that put a little damper on the meal - that and having two guys discussing health problems.  Boy we are lucky they were both under 40-years old.  DH got lump crab with some sort of buttered crumbs on top that he really likes.

At home we read up a little on bridge as tomorrow we are going to a beginning bridge meetup!  We have to leave here before 8:30 in the morning to get there on time!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sat March 30: Spring

Fitbit Activity: 8038 steps taken, 3 floors climbed, 3.35 miles traveled, 1956 calories burned, 441 active score 
Today the sun was shining, the temperature was in the 50s, flowers were blooming.  Spring was in the air.  It was really something to see all the locals sitting on steps and grass to soak up the sun!  I was out and about going to the post office - but it turned out to be closed - so I went to UPS to return the pinmoors and to send some books to San Diego.

I already had pink pinmoors and had asked for different colors for my packs two and three from Leahday - there was a mix up so they are sending me white and purple but of course I to return the two pink they had sent me.  Done.


PINMOOR - Pin Anchors Pack of 100 - Colors Vary
(I wrote to request two different non-pink)
$38.95 each    2 purchased    subtotal  $77.90

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers
$10.95 each     1 purchased  subtotal $10.95

Isacord Polyester Thread - Sterling
$6.00 each     3 purchased    subtotal $18.00

Isacord Polyester Thread - Black
$6.00 each     3 purchased    subtotal $18.00

Shipping $6

Total $130.85

I had found some lovely books on paperpiecing that I thought my friend Ci would like so sent those along with the Cake Doctor Cupcakes book to her - and I put in two books for our son too. Done.

I pulled out my precut strips to see if I had any inspiration for what order to sew them, but none came so I put them away again. I need to FMQ the charity quilts then will know if I make the one for DH in one piece or in chunks or if I need to tie it while I am here! Not done.

In the evening we met friends of DH from college - WPI undergraduate - for dinner here in Inman Square - Portuguese food.  Food was okay, the company was better.  Fun to hear about college days and what is happening now too.

Friday, March 29, 2013

March 25-29 2013

It was difficult this week to write each evening so I'm combining my memories into one entry....

Mar 25 Monday -

Fitbit Activity: 12471 steps taken, 13 floors climbed,5.2 miles traveled, 2234 calories burned, 708 active score

had fun going to the Museum of Fine Arts with Mary!  We were there when the doors opened and left when they were locking it up.  Went on an overview tour first, then a nice lunch (get the vegetable tort - it's really a wonderful quiche).  After that we split up to see the galleries we wanted. She went to Asian Art and I went to American.  Next time we think we want to get the audio tour headphones to help guide us around.

Mar 26 Tuesday - 

Fitbit Activity: 4435 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 1.85 miles traveled, 1722 calories burned, 216 active score

starting to go thru my to do stack and getting things done so that is good.  I will feel like I deserve sewing time if I get more done!  I sent out an email blast for the organization.  Got a nice Life Alive salad to go with the main dish for dinner at home.

Mar 27 Wednesday - 

Fitbit Activity: 12368 steps taken, 1 floor climbed, 5.16 miles traveled, 2120 calories burned, 598 active score

walked to Trader Joe's - but on the way planned to stop for lobster rolls - but the place was closed so instead we had small pizza at a place that was across the street - it was good but we ate too much so we would not have left overs.  I'm liking Trader Joe's granola so that was the reason to me for going.  DH got crackers and cheese.  We also stopped at the Co-op grocery store and got some yummy ice cream on the way back.

Mar 28 Thursday - 

Fitbit Activity: 12093 steps taken, 12 floors climbed, 5.07 miles traveled, 2160 calories burned, 637 active score 

had fun going to see the Kennedy House and a little of Brookline with Mary.  We took the bus both ways - were so lucky to get to go inside the house - usually only open in the summertime.  Very interesting to see and hear how the house was organized.  Rose had two live-in helpers and felt children should be measured but not held...  The house was owned by someone else then made a museum after 1966.  Rose and Joe lived there their first seven years of marriage so the kids do not remember any of it I'm sure.  It was open as Carolyn Kennedy was giving a book talk in the evening -but I could not stay for that as I had even with DH to attend.  I was really impressed with this part of Brookline and do want to return for more exploration!

Then met DH at Radcliffe for a talk about Leaving to Learn.  It's a good idea, I'm not sure though how many schools have resources needed to set up intern for all their students.

Then we went to Area Four to meet one of DH's old college roommates and friends.  Very nice guy.  We will see him again the middle of April for the WPI event.

I came home while DH went to an event at MIT - just watched TV.

Mar 29 Friday - 

Fitbit Activity: 11912 steps taken, 0 floors climbed, 4.97 miles traveled, 2129 calories burned, 607 active score
Well today we were planning on going to hospital so DH could have procedure done - but it turned out he had been given wrong information and was directed to the wrong office and will need an appointment anyway.  It took a while as he had to find Kinko's to print the doctor's orders and we had lunch too.  We both walked more than 10K steps so that was good.  Hoping he can get an appointment for Monday so this can be crossed off as DONE!  I made phone calls and got a few things off my to do list.  There is always more that needs to be done, but perhaps tomorrow I'll feel like I have done enough to deserve to sew....

I ordered some pinmoors from she and Josh have such wonderful customer service!

If I can get a pair of short Uggs I'm thinking of making this fabulous modification.....

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sun Mar 24: Friends and Fabric

Today my DH and I straightened up our little apartment, in case our friends came over after breakfast.

Then we walked a few blocks and met our friends at a place across from S&S Deli for brunch with jazz music.  Turns out it the same menu and wait staff as at S&S - just with the addition of live jazz!  It was a lovely breakfast.

Then they walked back and we played a new card game that DH had gotten a week or so back - called Modern Art.  It took a while to master the game - and we think we were missing a key direction of having everyone draw a card at the end of a turn or round - but it was fun in the end.  We decided we should learn to play bridge together - there is a group that meets near MIT each week or month but we have to master the beginnings first.

They were going to go grocery shopping - after a little talk we went with them and were dropped off in Arlington - in front of the Corner Fabric Store - we were going to take bus back home.  The shop was compact, but had a lovely selection of good fabrics including Kona Cotton - black - AND it turned out some fabric with UFOs.  My DH had just said if I ever saw some with little space ships I should buy and then he found some!  So it was fun - I had him pick which one he liked best and got a yard.  I will make a baby quilt for his friend's baby just over a year now - or maybe just under a year.  Anyway it will be easy as I will mainly just put some borders on it and will be able to practice my free motion quilting.

We stopped at a used book store and got a few books on bridge, then enjoyed walking by houses and businesses and a cemetery on our way to Porter Square.  There we went to Au Bon Pain mainly so I could use the restroom - but we ended up having some tea and a croissant!  At 6:00 the lady asked us if we wanted any more - as on Sundays she tosses everything as she closes up.  So we got some extra pastries and muffins and what not.  I will freeze them so they stay nice.

We took the T home - and were glad to be able to rest and watch some TV once we were back. DH's back was hurting again too - would have walked from Porter to Davis then took the T as I wanted to get more steps in, but oh well.

Upstairs, Downstairs is winding down - we only have about 5 episodes left to see.  I'm glad today we finally spent a little time discussing the exploits so we are learning what we each think about characters and events rather than just thinking our own thoughts.

3 yards @ $6.99 each Kona black = $20.97 minus discount 6.29 (more than one yard)
1.13 yard @ $11.99 each UFO fabric = $13.55 minus $6.78 (end of roll)
4.13 yards and $21.45 total

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sat Mar 23: China Town

I was determined to see the fabric shops that were downtown so set off by myself to China Town. I took the T and got off at DownTown Crossing.

Went to Winmil Fabrics - nice sales clerk and clients in the store.  The plain fabric was thin, the calico was old fashioned I thought - but there were some nice dots!

Van's Fabrics was hidden under construction signs - they unlocked the door to let me in - and also it turned out to let me out!  That was a little scary....  They had beautiful brocades and specialty fabric.  The plain fabric was thin - the other fabric had an Asian flare.

Grey's Fabric & Notions was again beautiful.  The lady working was sewing on a dress - they have such beautiful fabric and she is so nice.  I think I would like to take a sewing class with her - hopefully that will happen.  The day before though someone had come and purchased all her black Kona cotton so I was out of luck.

Windsor Buttons was closed by the time I got there - looked in the window didn't see fabric - but did see yarn and buttons.  They are going out of business so I hope to get inside before they shut up shop!

DH decided to meet me in China Town as he hadn't been there.  I went inside two grocery stores while giving him time to meet me.

We had a nice meal at Gourmet Dumpling House.

Walked 7.4 miles today - it was really nice.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thur Mar 21: MIT Press

Woke to lovely snow - the kind that melts on impact to the earth.  Very nice kind to walk in - no ice or build up to think about.

Stayed inside until after DH finished an online department meeting.  Then we went to Veggie Galaxy for lunch.  This time I had the 'hamburger' - it wasn't as impressive as the first meal there. The coconut pie was just as delicious though!  DH got the lemon pie - it was very tasty too.  His BLT was okay.

We walked on to the MIT Press - what a wonderful store!  I picked out a few books for myself and for DS & DH.  Will probably go back to get more!

Then we cut across to go to the fabric store as DH has decided he really wants black in his quilt.  The quality of the fabric was not good for quilting though so I will need to go elsewhere to get that.

His back was hurting so he took the bus - I walked back though.

Now we are watching Upstairs, Downstairs....

Mary wrote she was not able to go out today so I was on my own.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wed Mar 20: Central Square

I walked to Central Square two and half times on this day.

1.  to get milk at the Co-op
2.  to accompany DH to the T and then to have lunch at Life Alive
3.  to meet DH on his way back from his ham radio meeting

In the morning I went thru all the papers and magazines that have been collecting and read them and put them in stacks to go out or to copy information from.  I also did laundry and moved things around so it's easier to clean parts of rooms.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tues Mar 19: Dentist?

I walked down to the dentist I have picked out to try only to find out he closes his office early on Tuesdays.  I called and have a tentative appt on April 7 for a cleaning.  Have to send our insurance info to them.

I spent more time ready and organizing things - doing bookkeeping.

I need to put information in Quickbooks - that will be difficult I think without a printer...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mon Mar 18: Gardner Museum

Had a lovely day today with my new friend that I met at the cafe last week.  We met at Central Square Starbucks, then took the bus - I think it was the 84 - to the Gardner Museum area.  She knew right where to walk to get there.  It is a pleasant place with a variety of art pieces in three stories of a house built to resemble a mansion in Venice.

Pretty tired now but think we may get together for a different museum on Thursday.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sun Mar 17: St Pat's Day with Friends

After some miscommunication with my DH we took bus to his friend's place in Winchester MA - we were included in a family tradition of corned beef and boiled vegetable dinner.  Fun to be in a someone's home - and great to be included in the day!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sat Mar 16: Quincy

Had a difficult time sleeping last night.  DH was doing cramming for his ham radio licensing exam....

He got up early to go to Brookline for that - I got up about 15 minutes later and had a grand time getting fabric strips in order and make a design wall on the bed.  Now I am thinking about having the blocks be from the same material - in fact DH has expressed an interest in having them be made of black material.  I pulled out the butter to soften to make the earthquake cake...

But before I could finalize anything it was time to leave to catch the T to go to Quincy!  There we met a group of volunteers in the basement of the church where both President Adams and their wives are buried - to help with a project that distributes books to prisoners.  Apparently prisoners are not allowed to get books unless they come from an organization so these kinds of projects are very helpful.  DH met me there.  We went to the book room and read letters and then tried to find books to match their request.  It was interesting work - I think I'll return to do it again.  The room where we were working was like 20-feet away from the graves!

When we got back after I moved the fabric, we both fell immediately asleep for a few hours.  A deep sleep that I don't remember having in a long time.  When we woke it was too dark really for me to walk to store to get green shirts or cake decorating items so I went ahead and made the cake - it will be lovely tomorrow at the party.

Once the cake was done we went out to S & S Deli for a late dinner.  I wasn't hungry but ended up eating anyway - just as I always do. There was a man playing the bag pipes in the street in front of an Irish Pub.  Not the right country but really was nice to hear.

We watched two more episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs and now are going to bed!

Oh DH got a 100% on the first test so went ahead and took the second one - he passed that one too.  Will be joining their club and will be taking the third test very soon too.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fri Mar 15: Veggie Galaxy

Not sure why things were so slow going again today.  DH was studying for his ham radio exam - I fiddled with fabric and did laundry and read.

Received some nice emails and text messages after receiving an award for volunteer work - the conference was on West Coast.

In the late afternoon an email came thru from Freecycle for a laser pointer so I wrote and got it - DH and I walked together to the place to pick it up.  

Then we went to Veggie Galaxy for dinner.  Wow it was delicious!  I got a seitan cutlet with carmelized onion topping with brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes - and then a piece of the best coconut cream pie that I can remember!  Yum!

Then we walked and went in Harvest - the co-op grocery store.  Wonderful looking fresh fruits and vegetables.  I got some eggs and tea.

Then back to Rodney's bookstore where we had a nice time picking out books. I found some nice ones for several people and for me too!

DH went back to studying and I tried to go to sleep....

This is certainly a good quality of life.  I really like it here!

Ideas: How to Self-Bind a Quilt & How to Make Dragon Slippers

I found this link tonight while surfing the web!  It's the clearest explanation how to do self-binding that I have seen.

Very clear directions that will really help me finish up my charity quilts.

And also if you have any little kids in your life, I think making her dragon slippers for them will be the start of some fun times!

Received: Fat Quarter of Marbled Fabric Linda Moran

My SewCalGal marbled fat quarter arrived today!

Thank you and Linda Moran

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thur Mar 14: Getting Up to Date

Fitbit Activity: 4970 steps taken, 6 floors climbed, 2.07 miles traveled, 1825 calories burned, 332 active score

I woke early and surfed the web for hours.  The woke DH up and we went out in the chilly air for breakfast - really we had lunch - then to the library.  He stayed to take advantage of the comfortable chairs - I went to grocery store for the long awaited milk and a few other items.  Then I wrote emails for give aways and wrote the lady I met the other day at Life Alive - would be great if she was available to go to the Gardner Museum with me tomorrow, but I probably wrote her too late. Fingers crossed for following week if not tomorrow!

DS called and we went thru the mail and he made out the deposit slips - said he would drop them off tonight after dinner!  Such a relief to be in position to really know what is going on (and not going on too).  

We had eggs and morning star sausage for dinner.  Cut up banana and yogurt was dessert!

: )

If Mary does not connect with me for tomorrow then I'm determined to sew a few more blocks of my quilt for DH, I will make some calls to California that I have been putting off, and I will go back to Rodney's Books and see if I find a few more to buy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wed Mar 13: Cutting and Waiting

Fitbit Activity: 8554 steps taken, 7 floors climbed, 3.57 miles traveled, 1970 calories burned, 473 active score

It was difficult to sleep last night so I ended up on the couch and stayed asleep until noon!

So the day wasn't really used as well as it should have been.  Wednesdays the plan is for our son to pick up the mail and give me a call so I can see what has arrived, etc.  Except once again I had to call him to see if he would do that.  Before I called he was at the nail place with my mom so that was good - but I sat around and waited for him to call with mail information and that didn't happen.  He said he was too busy today but would do it tomorrow after his classes were done for the day.  So I have to wait...  He is very busy with school and work and needing to drive a lot to get to places he needs to go. The time difference and phone connections makes things a little awkward to connect sometimes!

I sent some emails back and forth to get information from the treasurer of our organization.

I finished cutting I think all the batik I am going to cut for now!  There are just a few larger pieces that would be best cut with a bigger ruler to guide me cutting.

We need to get some fresh milk - but didn't do that today.

We ate some Life Alive food that I had gotten on Monday - the first batch that did not taste good to me.  Then around 8:30 pm we walked to Harvard area again for dinner at a place that had been mentioned in the Boston Globe - a place called Chutney's - but it wasn't very good I thought.  There was a Ben & Jerry's place so we got ice cream and over ate on that.

We walked down JFK Bvd to the bridge then left back toward home - a different neighborhood - I'll go back in the daytime to see it better.  Lots of dorms but then houses.  Seemed nice.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tues Mar 12: Glass Menagerie

Fitbit Activity: 7502 steps taken, 8 floors climbed, 3.19 miles traveled, 1918 calories burned, 422 active score 

Very exciting today we met our friends for dinner near Harvard, then we walked to the American Repertory Theatre to see The Glass Menagerie.

Dinner was nice.  It turns out though that our friends do not like garlic!  Hard to believe but true.  We had given them a choice of five places for us to eat, and they passed it back to us so I picked the one where we could: get reservations, have elevator or be on the same floor, and was rated as being sort of quiet so we could chat.  The Indian food was very nice.  There was way too much of it - I over ate just because it was there.

The play was okay.  The setting was nice - it annoyed me when I took my photo of the ceiling of the theatre while people were walking in to have an usher come to tell me to not only not take photos but demanded I delete the photo.  Very off putting.  There was no balcony so everyone could see everything so that was nice.  The play setting was very simple with floors sort of floating on a layer of water - the whole play took place in the same setting (at the end they brought in pillows and patio lights).  The actors were all very good - except the woman playing Laura kept forgetting to turn her foot in consistently and it was distracting then when she did remember.  The person behind me had headphones to have the sound enhanced and that noise was distracting to me - but after a while either I was able to block it out or they figured out how to adjust the device.

Afterwards we went to an Irish Pub and had a chance to chat.

It was nice to be able to walk home.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mon Mar 11: Harvard Square

FitBit Activity: 10741 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 4.48 miles traveled, 2024 calories burned, 525 active score

DH's phone rang around 6AM, interrupting a blissful sleep.  Once I was awake I heard other noises and he was moving his feet around so I just could not get back to sleep.  I tried cutting some material, but the cuts were not straight.  I tried reading but couldn't concentrate.

As soon as he woke up I went back to bed for another few hours - so today was a very short day indeed.

We wanted to find some possible restaurants to go with our friends tomorrow before the play - stopped at Dadotea on Church Street for oatmeal and bubble tea - then off to see other places.

We found five possible places - rather close to the theatre.  Sent the list to our friends tonight for them to decide.  We will make the reservations.

Stopped at Rodney's Books in Central Square for their 50% off sale.  It includes everything - even cookbooks!  DH got a research book, I got a few cookbooks: The Cake Mix Doctor, Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor, Heart Association Quick and Easy Cookbook, and Prairie Cooks by Young and Young. All for around $11!  Such a deal.  At that rate I can afford to leave them when we move home - or to ship them home!

DH went home, I went to Life Alive for dinner to take out.  I met a nice woman in the line - we may go to Gardner Museum together later on.  She had just moved to the area (into senior housing) in August so is still getting acquainted with the area.  She seems nice and since she likes to walk around could work out to make a friend too!

We watched a few episodes more of Upstairs Downstairs - my first time ever seeing them.  DH saw them when they first came out.

Tomorrow I hope to get more fabric cut and maybe even have some sewing time too!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sun Mar 10: S&S and Fabric

FitBit Activity: 12094 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 5.04 miles traveled, 2176 calories burned, 673 active score

Miscommunication.  Causes so many plans to be lost, opportunities lost.  Our friend texted me that he would call early this AM - I thought he meant call me - so I set two alarms to be sure to be up in the morning.  Kept checking email too but nothing came in.  I put dishes away, tidied the kitchen, checked nothing had come in.  I swept all the floors then used the carpet sweeper, checked nothing came.  After two hours I was getting hungry so woke husband and said we should go to S&S for breakfast.  We knew our friends had had a late night taking their daughter out for birthday fun so figured they slept in - and also really that they didn't want to go to the museum anyway (neither did DH).  So DH grabs his phone and sees that his friend did call him early in the morning!  So this was another day where we did not see DH's friends...

There was a long line at S&S's but it was pleasant wait.  I saw something on the menu I hadn't seen before - Eggs Oscar - Poached eggs on potato pancakes topped with crabmeat, asparagus, bearnaise sauce with fresh fruit , bagel and cream cheese.  It was a winner (I don't like hollandaise so am always on the lookout for different sauces.)

DH went back home as his back was still hurting from our long walk last night - I went on to the fabric store and successfully bought 9.75 yards of fabric ($1.99 each for total of $19.40).  I decided to stick with the batik stack.  As soon as I got home I put it in the washer - hope the different pieces will not bleed!

Then I had my hair shampooed and cut at Super Cuts - Bernice did a nice job $23.  She blew it out too and refined the cut once it was dry again.

I found a new way to get to Target - when I started I didn't know I was going there - but it was much nicer than going over the overpass next to the freeway!  At Target I bought ingredients needed to make earthquake cake - I will bring that to our friends for the St Patricks Day Immigrate Dinner.

I decided to go on to Central Square and pick up dinner at Life Alive.  I called Bernie and he called the order in so I saved time.  Although the line of people was out the door so I still had to wait a while as the order was being made. (We split a salad and a hot dish.)

We enjoyed the meal as soon as I got home so it was a good thing to pick up.


Fabric Pieces

0.50 Yard

9.75 Total Number of Yards
*$1.99 for each yard
$19.4025 Total Price

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sat Mar 9: Slow going

Thanks to my friend, Barbara, in Rockland CA
 for telling me about this product!
Fitbit Activity: 15563 steps taken, 8 floors climbed, 6.49 miles traveled, 2262 calories burned, 756 active score 

Had a difficult time getting going this morning - even though I had the almond pastry ready to pop in the oven!  We had a lovely little breakfast of almond croissants, yogurt and banana - then DH went to read/work in the back room and I went in the front to read quilting books and watch TV.

Had a long phone chat with the friend who is living in our place in San Diego now - then it was time to get out and walk around as my shoes were dry again after being baked by the fireplace.

I remembered there was a meetup for board games - but misremembered the location it was really in downtown Boston in the Prudential Building food court.  It took us while to get things together to go - then we ended up walking on the wrong street/bridge to the city so we were farther away than we needed to be.  DH's back started hurting so we abandoned the board games again and instead went to dinner.

Five pounds down since
moving to Cambridge MASS.
We found a very nice place King and I on Beacon Hill - delicious food.  I think this will be a place we return to when we have out of town guests.  It's very near the MGH stop off the Red Line.

So now we are home - maybe some TV then bed.  Tomorrow going to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with our friends J & B!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fri Mar 8: Snow, Sewing, Sharon Shannon in Somerville

Fitbit Activity: 10340 steps taken, 12 floors climbed, 4.31 miles traveled, 2001 calories burned, 484 active score

Today it was snowing!  The snow was falling and sticking to the snow that had already come down during the night.  Such a pretty sight!  The postman said it was around 14 inches.

I had oatmeal (coconut, almond, dried apricots) then got dressed to go to the hardware store where I had a new blind cut for the front room.  It was awkward to walk in the snow so returned home - DH tried to put the blind in but first said it was cut too long, then realized I think that he had buggered up the connector when he was trying to put the blind in before.  So I'm not sure what has to be done.

While I was there he got an email from his friend talking about how to meet at the theatre tonight - and event DH had not written down so we were actually double booked.  I wrote to try to give our tickets to game night away to the couple I met at the Cory Doctorow talk but they are in Maryland so the tickets were unused.  Instead...

First I made lunch with TJ salmon - I didn't have rice but did have carrots and broccoli that I put the fish on top of.  Very nice.

Then I sewed two more sections of the Bernie quilt.  The four fabrics that I have left do not have a lot of contrast, so we'll see how that adds or takes away from the project....

And I put out a box of the Trader Joe almond treats for tomorrow morning...

J, B, me, DH !
Then finally it was time to walk to the T to get to Davis Square.  We are getting used to walking so it wasn't a problem at all - left from Harvard Square and were just a little late in arriving to the theatre.  J and B were chatting with other friends in the lobby when we arrived.  The show was called The Sharon Shannon Band, but was just two people and to be honest the accompanist, Alan Connor, really was a star too - magical fingers on the keyboard and guitar sometime he would go from one to the other in the same measure!  Afterwards we went to another place for appetizers and chatting time - fun.

It was more difficult to walk home as the snow that had melted was starting to freeze again so it was a little icy - we managed though.  Got home and went to bed!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thur Mar 7: MIT Coop

Fitbit Activity:  11135 steps taken today, 13 floors climbed today, 4.64 miles traveled today, 2059 calories burned, 540 active score 

Ways to design how we live.
Some of the books that were interesting to me.
This group on friendship and improving oneself are
on target !

Sleep well, woke late again.  Went with DH to MIT Coop where DH had hair cut. He liked the guy and place so that will be his hair cutter while we are here.  It was snowing as we walked.  Some of the time the  snow was blowing in our face as we walked, but it wasn't cold at all!

Planning a City - interesting stuff.

We had a scone and coffee at the Coop (before his hair cut), the walked around the store and a little of the neighborhood.  We'll return when it's better weather.

The Indian restaurant I had planned to take DH to wasn't open.  Several of the places were closed between lunch and dinner.  We ended up at the Tavern in the Square.  Each had a cup of soup and split a rather fancy grilled cheese sandwich.  It also had tomato, avocado, and bacon.  It was too much.  We started to walk home but I had DH continue on so I could go to "Gather Me" the LQS to see about getting some black and white fabric, but they didn't have anything that struck my fancy so I headed back home.  I think the snow made my so tired - I fell asleep when I got back.  After a bit I woke and did some emails and read my new quilting book!

We shared a cookie and had pudding for dinner....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wed Mar 6: Nails and Gnocchi

Fitbit Activity: 10789 steps taken, 47 floors climbed, 4.5 miles traveled, 2085 calories burned, 565 active score

Started the day with a over due manicure and pedicure.  I have been walking by places and had picked one rather nearby to try out.  It was an okay service.  I can still feel cuticle bumps on my hands but the lady didn't want to trim more, she thought they would get irritated.  Okay.  But then when the bill came it was $41 instead of the advertised $39.  I pointed that out but the lady simply said she would tell the manager. Well, I'm not going back there again. I can go to the Back Bay, be surrounded with wonderful shops and stores, and get the same treatment for between $30 and $35! So that is just what I'm going to do.  I hope what I got done will last a week or so.

I had a facetime call with DS and we are completely caught up with the paperwork now.  He needs to pay his DMV fee and deposit a few checks.  I'm hoping he will send photos of the yard soon too.  I got to see my friend too - the one staying at our place helping with my mom.

Then I rushed to Porter Square for my cooking class on Risotto and Gnocchi.  I took the class with the daughter of DH's friend - it was a nice class.  We decided to take another one!  The risotto took a lot of time and was delicious.  

1 c chopped onion, scallion or leeks
2 c aborio rice
1 c white wine
butter, hot broth grated cheese

Saute onions in 3 T butter until soft.  Add rice and cook about three minutes.  Add wine.  When wine is absorbed slowly add broth a ladle at a time stirring constantly.  Taste and add salt and pepper to taste.  When the rice if fully cooked add options.  Finish with up to 8 T butter and more than 3 T grated cheese.

Vegetable broth - roasted eggplant
Chicken broth - fontina and tomato
Mushroom broth - mushrooms
Add meat or really any other vegetables you have on hand!

The gnocchi wasn't what I expected - it was easy to make and something I'm sure I will make again.

1 lb ricotta cream
2 eggs
1 c grated cheese
1 c cooked spinach or chard chopped well and drained with garlic
salt and pepper
start with about 2 c all-purpose flour - add if more needed

In a bowl mix both cheese with spinach, salt and pepper.  

Add eggs and mix well.  

Slowly mix in flour until you can turn a slightly sticky dough on a board and gently knead to form a smooth dough.  

Roll in a snake and cut in consistent lengths so about 3/4 inch by 3/4 inch.  

Can freeze at this stage or cook about 3.5 minutes in boiling salted water.

We made brown butter and sage sauce for the gnocchi - but pesto or tomato sauce would be wonderful too.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Received: Dear Emma

Received Dear Emma Book
Fun book with interesting projects.  Thanks to Cathy of Big Lake Quilter.

Tues Mar 5: Cousin Kathy and the Back Bay

Fitbit Activity: 17894 steps taken, 10 floors climbed, 7.54 miles traveled, 2392 calories burned, 860 active score

@ Met Back Bay

Today I walked down Massachusetts Avenue, thru part of MIT, over the bridge to Boston proper. Then I turned and went to Newbury Street where I met the wife of my DH's cousin.
Sewing machine display only about a quarter of the whole display -
in front of a men's clothing store in the Back Bay.

City Lights from
the Harvard Bridge
We had a wonderful visit - it's only the second time I have met her but I felt very comfortable.  It was fun to share stories and to hear about family and children.

The way back there were city lights to enjoy - it was a very nice outing.  I got a little more familiar with Boston and Cambridge.  This is such a delightful way to live - to have places to walk to and see without bothering with a car!  Yippee!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mon Mar 4: Silver Line

Fitbit Activity: 12376 steps taken today, 19 floors climbed today, 5.16 miles traveled today, 2165 calories burned, 692 active score 

This am straightened up a bit, then off to the T to meet DH at the airport.  It's absolutely wonderful to be able to get around with out bothering with a car.  Took longer than I thought it would - but since I misremembered what time he was arriving I was still 20 minutes early.

We got a free ride back on the T to Central Square.  We had nice Mexican lunch then home where we sat together on the sofa and watched an Upstairs Downstairs episode - a few of them.  I made a quick dinner and cookies.  We went for a walk to MIT and back then had our dessert while finishing up one of the episodes.

I'm not going to Lancaster quilt show - I messed up - it's St Patricks Day weekend - there is a big party to help with and attend.  So I will see the Lancaster cousins another week - maybe meet in a different city.  Washington DC would be nice to see again.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sun Mar 3: Our Son is 25 Today

Fitbit Activity: 12454 steps taken, 2 floors climbed, 5.19 miles traveled, 1952 calories burned, 437 active score

Today our son turns 25 years old.  He was quite happy when he called this morning.  His friend got him a printer as a gift.  One more reason for him to not stop by the house.  But he is happy and that is what is important.

So today I went to Live Alive for a lunch by myself - salad and soup.  I took soup home and had that for dinner.  It was strange sitting at the single person table watching all the other people come and go....

I dropped off the soup then went to Shaw's to get new milk, some spray starch so I can press out my new fabric and get it ready to cut, and some baking powder to leave in the frig.  I can't figure out where the oder is coming from but hopefully the open baking powder container will help!

I watched an episode from the first year of Upstairs Downstairs and some regular TV before heating my soup and eating it.

Then finally I started pressing the fabric and cutting the 4.5 and 2.5 inch strips.  My friend looked at what I was going to do with the strips and asked if I was abandoning liberating quilting - I'm not.  It's just that with this pattern it's easier to go with straight seams.  And I want to get to the stage where I'm actually quilting so want this piecing part to go quickly.

DH is happy - he won top prize in a board game jam - that's where people get together and make a board game in 48 hours.

I thought a lot what was happening 25 years ago.  I had dreams of having a really close and open hearted family - but my guys like to keep their cards close to their chests.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sat Mar 2: Didn't leave the house

Fitbit Activity:  653 steps taken, 0 floors climbed, 0.27 miles traveled, 2049 calories burned , 120 active score

I didn't leave the house today.

I spent most of the time thinking about my mom and wanting to call - but then figuring that Cindy would be driving or with the doctor so not calling.

The doctor's office called and asked me if she took any narcotics and where they put the patch on. I was confused as #1 I had asked my friend to get the list of meds from VLM before she took her to a doctor's appointment and #2 I thought she would have had the patch on  #3 I thought she had left and they just hadn't taken good notes.  So it wasn't a good call.  She doesn't take any narcotics, the patch has been used very rarely - they are supposed to cut in half and apply where she says it hurts on her back.  I think they must be using the patches for other people too - or/and they do a crappy job of writing things in the log and med list book.

So I spent the day at home - stressing.

Once C called and said they were back I called DS to get more up to date on the mail.  I do not know why he is making me wait for information and is not doing what we discussed - that he would call each Wed with the mail information, would send photos of the new plants in the yard, would see grandma (take her out for nails or hair) and let me know how she was, and would spend a little time with C every couple of weeks.  I'm still having to call and sort of beg for information.  I don't like doing this - I just wanted him to call and chat and tell me stuff.

So all in all, not a good use of a day.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fri Mar 1: ICA Boston & Mom

FitBit Activity: 12347 steps taken, 13 floors climbed, 5.15 miles traveled, 2151 calories burned, 628 active score 

DH decided yesterday to go to a board game jam this weekend in Toronto - so after oatmeal I went with him as far as the ICA - he went on to the airport.

The ICA is in a beautiful setting by the harbor - has 4 stories of glass facing the water so it takes advantage of the location in a way.

There however is just one floor of exhibits so it's not a lot to see.  It was perhaps a little too contemporary for my taste or I was in a mood.  I'm not sure.  The cafe was closing early as they were having first Monday event - an additional $15 that would have let me see the Oscar contender short films.  I left in search of lunch. While I was there I got a call that my mom was ill they wanted to know to take her to ER, urgent care or what.  I said we needed information to tell the doctor and to call her before taking mom anywhere.

Went to a seafood place near the courthouse.  Had an okay lobster roll and ice tea.

Then I went walking thru Boston.  Rushed home when I realized my phone was dead so I could get news from home regarding mom.

It ended up it's her back that is hurting - so they put a lidoderm(sp?) patch on and made an appointment with her regular doctor.  I hope she will be feeling better soon.

I'm a Winner: Dear Emma

I just received an email that I won a most delightful looking book - Dear Emma.

Cathy is always sharing her wonderful projects on her blog - Big Lake Quilter.  Pls go by to see her newest quilts!