Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sat March 30: Spring

Fitbit Activity: 8038 steps taken, 3 floors climbed, 3.35 miles traveled, 1956 calories burned, 441 active score 
Today the sun was shining, the temperature was in the 50s, flowers were blooming.  Spring was in the air.  It was really something to see all the locals sitting on steps and grass to soak up the sun!  I was out and about going to the post office - but it turned out to be closed - so I went to UPS to return the pinmoors and to send some books to San Diego.

I already had pink pinmoors and had asked for different colors for my packs two and three from Leahday - there was a mix up so they are sending me white and purple but of course I to return the two pink they had sent me.  Done.


PINMOOR - Pin Anchors Pack of 100 - Colors Vary
(I wrote to request two different non-pink)
$38.95 each    2 purchased    subtotal  $77.90

Little Genie Magic Bobbin Washers
$10.95 each     1 purchased  subtotal $10.95

Isacord Polyester Thread - Sterling
$6.00 each     3 purchased    subtotal $18.00

Isacord Polyester Thread - Black
$6.00 each     3 purchased    subtotal $18.00

Shipping $6

Total $130.85

I had found some lovely books on paperpiecing that I thought my friend Ci would like so sent those along with the Cake Doctor Cupcakes book to her - and I put in two books for our son too. Done.

I pulled out my precut strips to see if I had any inspiration for what order to sew them, but none came so I put them away again. I need to FMQ the charity quilts then will know if I make the one for DH in one piece or in chunks or if I need to tie it while I am here! Not done.

In the evening we met friends of DH from college - WPI undergraduate - for dinner here in Inman Square - Portuguese food.  Food was okay, the company was better.  Fun to hear about college days and what is happening now too.

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