Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thur Mar 21: MIT Press

Woke to lovely snow - the kind that melts on impact to the earth.  Very nice kind to walk in - no ice or build up to think about.

Stayed inside until after DH finished an online department meeting.  Then we went to Veggie Galaxy for lunch.  This time I had the 'hamburger' - it wasn't as impressive as the first meal there. The coconut pie was just as delicious though!  DH got the lemon pie - it was very tasty too.  His BLT was okay.

We walked on to the MIT Press - what a wonderful store!  I picked out a few books for myself and for DS & DH.  Will probably go back to get more!

Then we cut across to go to the fabric store as DH has decided he really wants black in his quilt.  The quality of the fabric was not good for quilting though so I will need to go elsewhere to get that.

His back was hurting so he took the bus - I walked back though.

Now we are watching Upstairs, Downstairs....

Mary wrote she was not able to go out today so I was on my own.....

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