Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tues Mar 5: Cousin Kathy and the Back Bay

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@ Met Back Bay

Today I walked down Massachusetts Avenue, thru part of MIT, over the bridge to Boston proper. Then I turned and went to Newbury Street where I met the wife of my DH's cousin.
Sewing machine display only about a quarter of the whole display -
in front of a men's clothing store in the Back Bay.

City Lights from
the Harvard Bridge
We had a wonderful visit - it's only the second time I have met her but I felt very comfortable.  It was fun to share stories and to hear about family and children.

The way back there were city lights to enjoy - it was a very nice outing.  I got a little more familiar with Boston and Cambridge.  This is such a delightful way to live - to have places to walk to and see without bothering with a car!  Yippee!

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