Monday, August 9, 2021

Sixth Grade Word Play

I used to put one of these on the board so my sixth grade students would see them when they came in the room.  I have more but they are too difficult to type in..... 

I think the kids enjoyed them....







Notes from 1980 - now tossed in the great clean up!
1.  eggs over easy
2.  what goes up, must come down
3.  adding up your losses
4.  monkey around
5.  pie in the sky

Hmm - 1980 - maybe I did this for my high school English as a Second Language Students, or Remedial Reading Students

Round Up Week 31: Covid Rate Raise; California Climate Change: Fires, Drought; Conspiracies (not about quilting)

This post is not about quilting at all.

As we begin the 8th month of the year after Covid hit, life is in flux again. Enough people are not vaccinating themselves, that a new variant of Covid 19 is now on the rise. The new Delta is easy to transmit and to catch. Vaccinated people who catch the new variant, will probably have a lighter experience with the illness. Non-vaccinated people are more likely to crowd the hospitals to get care. I've been seeing people quoted from their deathbeds saying they wish they had taken the vaccine, and other families saying they are waiting for more data to determine which vaccine to take.

Early on, as the vaccines were almost released, I listened to a researcher describing the different ways they worked. During the zoom Q&A, my question was do we make the decision on which to take, or does our doctor. And the researcher said really it would be a matter of what vaccines were available rather than making a choice. And I felt a bit relieved to not have to be the one researching the different kinds that were being developed. I am not a scientist nor a person with medical background. I'm happy to have the experts make informed decisions for me. I'm glad there are experts.

It's really a sad, unfortunate and preventable state of affairs that we may be on the way to another shut in. Many, but not enough, of the eligible US population now are protected with at least one dose of the vaccines, and there has not been mass incidents of infertility, deaths from vaccines or other side effects being pedaled by Fox or Facebook and more.

We can see that where people are not getting vaccinated or masking the rate of hospitalizations is higher. Where we live in California, thanks to federal and state government plans, the vaccine has been available for people ages 12 and up for a while. I'm happy to wear a mask when I'm around others to protect myself and them. I just hope enough people will vaccinate in time so a stronger variant will not develop and the current vaccines do not do the job.

During the upcoming shut-in*, I hope to finally, really be able to take advantage of this extra in-house time and to actually go thru our possessions and to make better decisions on what to keep, what to store, what to donate, what to toss, and make arrangements for repairs and changes.

* During the initial shut-in I spent an enormous amount of time planning for food and medicine - and worrying and exercising.

So this past week, I've been building off the work I previously had done** and I am really doing a better job of going thru the stacks of papers that I have accumulated since the initial shut-in. Working about five hours most days. It's difficult to work for longer on this stuff. We are even getting carry in food so I not have to deal with meals!  I have been putting this off forever, mainly just boxing things up and moving those around.

** I went thru the house and garage and pulled together boxes with papers in my workspace so they are in one place.  I also went thru and boxed up items that are for my DH and DS to go thru - these are mostly in a storage unit now.  There is at least one more area to go thru but instead of continuing that I'm processing what I have in my work area now!

Now I have gotten rid of a bunch, and have filed away most of the rest. Planning to be done with the filing and then will go back to putting information into Quickbooks... then I will be ready to sew again.

As a bet with myself to be done with going thru the boxes I pulled out to work on (from the office and garage, now in my working space) before the autumn. I went a little wild and signed up for online zoom Sept and Oct classes thru EBHQ to reward the future finally-done-with-these-boxes me. I'm looking forward to being able to sew again - and to not have these boxes filled with papers taunting me every day....
Ah, the fires. They are getting larger and larger. We had fires here several years ago so I know the people near the fires now are in poor air quality - hopefully since we are all aware of masks, they are wearing them and it is helping them. But better to stay inside, if there is an inside to shelter in.

And water. It hasn't really hit us here in the south but in the middle of the state the farmers are having to make decisions on which crops to plow under and which to try to save. They do not know what quantity of water they will be able to get. Years ago we took out our lawn in the front, so just have a little patch in the back area now. It is now only watered enough so it doesn't completely die during all the heat filled days.

And voting rights/elections/conspiracies/power hungry/unkind people. And more and more.

Everything is connected. It's overwhelming to be aware of all the badness and potential badness in the world. I am thankful that there are educated and dedicated people thinking about all this. And I will do my part.

So to distract ourselves we have taken to watching television in the evenings. But it hasn't been distracting enough. The English Doctor season two has episodes on how they handle smallpox in a small mining town in Wales in the 1960s. Trust Science, Stay at Home, Social Distance, Wear Masks, Get Vaccinated!  We haven't seen all the episodes yet but the series is several years old so Covid wasn't an issue when it was written or produced.

Tales from the Loop so far has different stories about different kinds of time and space travel. The second episode upset me so much. I had two friends tell me perhaps I shouldn't watch any more. DH and I had watched the third - but I think I will pass on the rest.

The episode where the two boys switch bodies on a lark - one dies so the other is stuck in his friend's body, life and family. And because the parents and boy did not/do not talk very much - they do not even notice that it is not their child sitting at the dinner table with them! Cutting too close to reality I fear. Would my family notice if a replacement me was sitting with them? They might notice in the back of their consciousness.

One of those friends (who suggested I not watch the rest of the series) told me to pretend I was replaced with a person who got thru the boxes - so I think of that as I look at the contents to toss, or keep. I think/hope the boxes I've set in my workspace to go thru all contain papers. So at least there will be no repair or replacement needed.

When I finish these then there are boxes in the garage with non-paper things to go thru too. I hope I had already found all the paper boxes.  I plan to enjoy a bit of time after I finish the ones in this challenge are processed. To sew, exercise, plan/prepare new meals, learn new things, do more with my family and friends. Hopefully travel.

Then to continue by setting up a new sets of things to go thru... and maintaining what I have done better than before.

It is all connected and is a never ending loop.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Round Up Week 29 and Week 30: Lauren Classes again

Time is passing very quickly for me.  I realized yesterday that I hadn't updated my exercise, walking or food purchases list since June!  So I did that, and wrote about the nice outing my husband and I had to the Quilt Shop Run during Week 28 just now...

So since then what has happened?

Quilting Related:

I have attended two zoom In the Studio with Lauren workshops.  They were just an island of experiences as the next real session will start in September.

For these sessions we shared anything we had finished from her previous classes, and for the first session she shared a way to do a rail fence quilt.  There was a handout - but the thing was to use scraps from other projects to create the quilt.  Since she used cut offs they were no always even - she straightened up the block rather than the strips so it gives the quilt top a very nice appearance. When she ran out of a fabric she just added another to complete the strip.

I do not have very good photos of these first session as I was meeting Penelope at Costco for our first face to face walk since March 2020, and I was listening as I drove for most of the event.

The second session she shared how to make a pillow out of a t-shirt.  It was interesting to see how she stabilized the shirt and decided how to cut the pillow top. This is her preferred stabilizer.

Lauren has published a book about making t-shirt quilts:
The Extraordinary T-shirt Quilt: A Scrapbook You Can Sleep Under
If I ever make one, I will get her book!

The September sessions will be organized around colors - that will be interesting to see.

My machines are still not repaired so I have no sewing to share.

I wrote political postcards with an online group - my husband joined in as it was about a California issue.  To NOT recall Gov Newsom. It will be a very confusing ballot.  More than 50% have to check to not recall - and if that level is not met then anyone with the highest number of votes will be the new governor.  What an expensive mess.

We had friends from Colorado come back to town so had a real BBQ - it was nice to see friends in person again. 

I am making slow but sure progress on the paperwork.  I got rid of a bunch of empty boxes and not paperwork stuff so the room feels nicer to work in.  

It has been very hot so there are only a few hours to get any real work done.  My DH took things to Goodwill - including the Kleenex and Flushable Wipes we had purchased when this whole shut in started....

Not exciting.  But will be soon I hope!

Calendar with list of week numbers:

Round Up Week 28: 2 Southern California Quilt Shop Run Days 2 and 3

Day Two - Sat July 16

We woke later than we had planned, and decided to have a proper breakfast in Redlands.  Found to a lovely restaurant.  We were there early enough to not have to stand in line for a table.  The food was good -the bakery had great choices.

Redlands is another example of a cute California town.  The University and surrounding farmlands makes it very appealing.

Along the shops there were trees, with lights to shine at night, and there were speakers with fun music to listen to while walking - then bopping down the street.  (and this is someone who does not usually enjoy listening to music).

#6 Cotton Gin Fabric

After breakfast we walked to the Redlands store.  It is small but full of a variety of projects and fabric.  Not sure if I captured it, but their displayed had projects in attractive subdued color palettes.  They also had displays of panel fabric made by the store across the street. It was nice they were getting folks to shop at other places too.

On the way back to the car we took a different route and walked by these umbrellas. - it's a thing there to attract non-Quilt Shop Run shoppers.

On to more stores

#7 Susan's Quilt Paradise

I wished this store was nearer to where we live.  It's very small, but has such nice people working there, and lovely collection of fabric and class offerings.

#8 The Quilter's Faire

The temperature was pounding now. The car handles were hot to touch. The Quilter's Faire was cool though, but jammed with people so the lines for cutting and paying were too long too.  So I didn't buy anything at this nice store.

The streets in the desert have sand and cactus for decoration.

#9 Monica's Quilt & Bead Creation

Monica's is my husband's favorite shop I think.  He chatted with the owner for a bit.

We have been there three times now on each of the quilt shop runs we have done.  One side has a huge selection of beads and jewelry fixings, the other a nice selection of fabric.  Have to pay with cash though if under some amount ($20 or $30?) so I haven't gotten anything there the other times. But this time DH had cash so I got a few pieces of fabric.

On to the next stores

#5 Sewn Together

This little shop has a room with fabric and then another that I think they use usually for classes.  But in the community spirit they had places for local guilds to show off their opportunity quilts and to sell tickets too.  The ladies were enjoying each others company and the event so was a nice stop.

T - Got a cookie each at Polly's Pies before continuing in the traffic to:

#10 Between Stitches

I had been to this store when the owners first purchased the shop - great to see it now doubled in size!  (I came to the area after the first quilt run to visit the quilt shops in Temecula area - another thing I apparently did not share on the blog.  : ( Sorry.  it was a fun day for me though. 

The former sewing machine repair shop was now full of happy visiting customers and locals. They also had a list of local places to eat, and maps to the other quilt shops in the area.  Very community minded.  I like that.

It was getting near closing time for the shops, but we thought we'd be able to make it to Fallbrook shop.

#11 Quilter's Cottage

And we made it in time for this shop.  It is located on a hill and the shop is very narrow but long.  There are little rooms with different types of fabric and projects so it's a nice place to visit.

The quilt shops on the run were then closed.  Although the town of Fallbrook has always given me the impression of being nice, we couldn't find an acceptable place to stay overnight, so we drove down to Escondido and took a chance on another Best Western....  It was a good choice.  Roomy, clean and up to date.

Carpet photos.

The hotel gave us a list of local restaurants.  We picked up the coupon at the desk and went to the top pick.

D - Ate in the patio of a (chain restaurant) Brigantines in Escondido.  Very lovely to eat in the attractive outdoor patio.

Our free appetizer - a nice way to start the meal...

DH had bacon wrapped shrimp.

The restaurant theme is seafood, so instead of chicken, I got a nice shrimp salad.

Such a pleasant meal and location! Ended the day by sharing a piece of mud pie!

I do like these wall mounted hair dryers.... Dried my hair so quickly too!

We heard in the news how the covid cases had increased by 30% - again not sure of the starting date of part of the USA affected.

Day Three - Sun July 17

Had breakfast at the hotel.  (so the previous hotels were just understaffed)  Instead of scooping up food they had breakfast sandwiches in little bags, and muffins sealed in bags, etc. so no one would be breathing on the food.  Yogurt, Breakfast sandwiches, Coffee

On to the hills for the next shop:

#12 Inspirations Quilt Shop

This little shop is behind another shop and up a little hill.  It's on the second story but you cross a walkway so easy to get to it.  The store has been redone and is bright and light with newly painted shelves and display walls.  In the back of the shop, the owner's husband was stamping the passports and giving out the pattern and fat quarters.  It has a nice feel.

After shopping, we went to Bate's Nut Farm for some nuts and dates - DH's first time there!  I had taken DS there with and without my Father for pumpkin picking and hayrides.  It was way fancier than I remembered it....

Our next stop was:

#13 Quilt in a Day

Known for Eleanor's television show and her easy and efficient quilt patterns, the shop has a great selection of batiks and other fabrics.  While shopping and waiting for people to get their passport stamped I overheard a conversation about how one lady who worked in a lawyers office was set to go back to work in the office.  But her manager told her to keep the office computer at home as they expected to close the offices down again.  They had a temporary office set up for her to use in the days they would be open...  I think the increase in cases was up by 75 or 120% by that day.

The shop had many signs telling us that masks were required - and they had lockboxes set up for people to pick up purchased ordered online in the front of the store.

I had pick some fabric to get, but when the cutter's mask was below her nose, I just left it and the store without a purchase.  : (

We passed our home to go to the last shop.

#14 Cozy's Creative Center  

This is my 'home' shop.  Always wonderful selections, and the owner has/had great demos and events to attend.  So nice to go there in person, but we were rather tired so I didn't buy anything there this time.  Only turned in our cards for the prize drawings.  : )

During Covid instead of in person events, they have had Monday night facebook live events to sell product - I've attended a few.  So nice to see people I recognize there.  I've done a few of their sew alongs too - the one in September was $3 two days ago - now I checked and it is up to $6.  Oh well.  I hope when things really open again the demos for the Strip Club patterns are still free. It was always such a treat to go to the early morning demos in the store... and to shop afterwards.

We got BBQ to carry in for dinner at home once we returned.

Here are the nice fat quarters I received on this quilt shop run:

And here are the yards I purchased at the shops!

So this is an example of a little trip in Southern California.  It was very nice, as little trips go.

I said at the beginning of the Round Up Week 28 posts, how the previous trip was at the beginning of the Covid shut in.  I had hoped this would be at the end, but it is not.  

Masking is now being strongly encouraged for everyone in my part of the world. 

Those of us who are vaccinated are now doing it to protect the ones who have not taken advantage of getting the free, effective, and safe vaccine.  

I hope a new variant will not be formed and our vaccines still keep us safe.

When my DH first moved to California and experienced his first earthquake. He told me he had just made a huge yawn and then the ground shook.  For the tiniest of moments he thought his yawn had caused the earthquake.

So having the Covid cases increase so much at the end of our March 2020 Quilt Shop Run, and then now the Delta Covid cases increase at the end of our July 2021 Quilt Shop Run; I, for the tiniest of moments, thought our going out again was not a good sign....

But we all need to get vaccinated and mask up to ease our way thru these Covid-19 times.

For how another couple spent a wonderful holiday - they are English living in France - please click on these links.  I want to be where she lives!  And I sure wish I could be as clever with words too.

Round Up Week 28: 1 Southern California Quilt Shop Run Day 1

Day One

Friday July 16

Morning - I still did my usual telephone chat/walk with Penelope in the morning while DH slept in.  Happens the hotel was across the street from Memory Lane Park with a walking path that went by a golf course.

The park also had a cute play ground for kiddos...

And a very impressive outdoor work out area for adults with lots of pieces of equipment...

I walked 1.5 miles while chatting with my friend who was back in San Diego.  Fun!

DH was still in bed when I returned, but quickly dressed and repacked so we were on our way.

We we just a few minutes from the first stop:
#4  Orange Quilt Bee

A shop full of beautiful displays and class projects. The lady working at the passport/fat quarter station was actually a happy client who took lots of classes at the shop so they asked her to help out!  Isn't that beach house quilt on the wall cute?  Unfortunately they didn't have the fabric used for the sand - I would have bought a yard or two - had happy inspiring words printed on it.

I had determined this year to buy a yard of colorful batik from each store, but in the end went back to picking out beautiful whites, beiges and greys...

On the road again to the next shop in Glendora...

This is to show low traffic and the view of the dried out surroundings.

#3  The Sew & Sew

This is what counts as a cute little town in California - Glendora.

Trees on the main street, parking near shops, and lots of little non-chain places to shop in.

This store has a great selection of fabric - and has hard to find theme fabric.  It is not ADA compliant though as there were many steps between areas of the store.  All the fabric was marked down for the event so that was very nice!

After visiting the shop, we had coffee and muffins at a place by The Sew & Sew in Glendora.  We wore masks when we were in shops or inside - except when we were eating.

Then it was on to the next shop.  For this trip we were in heavy traffic.  So glad the car air conditioning was working well.  There was a lot of stop and go as we made our way northwest.

#1  Cotton & Chocolate Quilt Co

The Shop was beautifully arranged and easy to find different types of fabric and projects.

My husband liked this quilt with the vertical lines - so now I know what style to make for the art behind his home office sofa!  Next to it to the right was a lovely yellow and grey double wedding ring quilt.

This pineapple quilt (I think it is called that) is the first one I have seen with black fabric.

As a special treat they included some pieces of wrapped chocolate in with the pattern and fat quarter.

Back into traffic for the next shop! 

While we were in traffic listening to the radio, we were hearing about how Covid cases had increased by 15% (I'm not sure what the starting date was or what parts of USA they were discussing). The Los Angeles masking requirement was going to be put in place within a few days.

#2 Quilt Emporium

Lovely shop.  They have a set of marked down fabric on a shelf outside the shop, and lots of arranged fabric. They had a lovely quilt hanging behind the cash register that the owner had made, but there was no pattern to buy....

L - We had Fast food Japanese at a little place in the same center as The Quilt Emporium in Woodland Hills.  Our second indoor restaurant.

So much traffic.  We couldn't make it to any other shops before they closed.  We drove on to Redlands to be near a shop when it opened.  

The outside temp was up to 93 degrees.

Stayed in a Comfort Inn in Redlands, it was very nice.  Still had water faucets turned off and no breakfast (they said because of covid rules).

D - Ate at a Jamaican Restaurant in Redlands - I had chicken salad - chicken was on rice and beans on lettuce.

There were not a lot of people in the restaurant, so we ate inside - it was beastly hot outside still too.

In 2015 when we drove across the USA to Boston I had chicken salad for one meal almost every day.  On the return trip I wished I had taken a photo of the different interpretations of Chicken Salad...

After dinner, it had cooled down a bit so we walked a little on the streets.

Here are the carpets of the second hotel...

We thought we'd get up early and drive to Palm Springs and continue on the path of quilt shops toward home...