Monday, August 30, 2010

BlockLotto - August 2010 - Roses in Bloom

Double click for detail - my three contributions to the August BlockLotto!

BlockLotto - August 2010 - Roses in Bloom

Directions are posted here.

Example blocks are posted here.

Here are my roses for the August BlockLotto.  It took a while to get the fabrics together.  We only had to have three for the flower part, but I wanted to show off the colors more. So I picked out fabrics with red and white, white and red, and red and black and different shades of orange.

The trick for this block is to be sure to press and trim after each addition, and to trim off part of the strip so it's not just regular old straight pieces of material.  For other people with better sewing places this is probably easy. Currently, for me it means going to a different floor to use rotary cutter and a different room to get to the iron!

These are on the way to New Zealand!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Flying Geese

I made these for one of the BlockLotto ladies who was in a motorcycle accident.  She had written Sophie earlier suggesting that flying geese would be a good block to make for the BlockLotto.



Mailed the Block Lotto blocks:
.61 to Napa
.44 to Georgia
$1.05 to New Mexico
$1.05 to Minnesota
Total $3.15