Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quarter Circles: Day One

I attended the first and second session of local adult education class.  The second class brought the sewing machine and my box of Accuquilt cut quarter circles that I cut a while back.  I had I think five shades of blue and four shades of yellow.  With this template you have to cut both pieces at the same time, so that would result in a boring quilt I think....

I'm hoping the teacher will have the Accuquilt cutter in class with the template again so I can add some other colors or designs to the mix.  In the mean time I just grabbed two and sew them together.

I had to remember that you put the larger piece on the bottom.  I found that pinning at the beginning, middle and end helped a lot.

I pinned ahead about three blocks then sewed.

I tried to organize them once I got home, but wasn't really successful.  I have a ton of these pieces left to sew so can get organized for the next sewing session.  I'm think it would be fun to somehow have it organized so the darker outsides go up at a diagonal, and then then the darker insides go down in a different direction.

This is when it would be good to get the design wall out again!

 I also attended the first of three classes on using digital camera last week.  It covers a different slant than I thought it would, more looking at the different options on cameras then how to set things up for different kinds of photos.  I'm undecided on whether I will continue attending.  My battery is dead and needs replacing - guess if I can get one I will continue.

I'm up to date in my quickbooks work, now finally getting little things done so I can continue with the scanning and shredding and giving things away.  Right now our son and future DIL have decided to not make time to do anything with us, including even touching bases on everyday things. All this talk about joining families and friends isn't happening.  : (

The temperatures are really hot. I have to stay in one room all day with a fan turned on just to survive!  Glad I'm feeling well and getting things done and marked off the list!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fat Quarter Game

I don't remember how I came across this game, but it looks interesting!

Everyone starts with 5 fat quarters. You have 3 dice. The dice have L, R, C and plain dots. When you roll, an L, you pass 1 fat quarter to the left. Roll an R, you pass 1 fat quarter to the right. If you roll a C, you put one fat quarter in the center. If you roll a single dot, you do nothing. As you work your way around the table, round after round, eventually, you end up with a stack of fat quarters in the center, and you end up with 2 people with 1 fat quarter. Who ever rolls a C, puts their fat quarter in the center, and the remaining player wins it all.  

Here's a link to Amazon to the dice:  http://www.amazon.com/LCR-Center-Right-Random-Color/dp/B000F9YDKY