Saturday, October 19, 2013

Not Managing __________

Back in San Diego.

Working on a volunteer project that consumes my life until the event, then lingers on afterwards as I'm also the event treasurer.  I've been chairing or co-charing this for a few years.  The other committee members all have out-of-the-house jobs so each year more and more of the tasks fall to me to finish up. They don't realize how much time this costs me.  I'll be glad when this is done.  I told the board I didn't want to do again next year (I hope to be back in Boston then)!  For the new committee, hopefully there will be a professional pre-made system available so it doesn't take as much time to register 1000 attendees.  Thank goodness for Google docs. It's the only way I found to register groups of attendees.  It's easy to find systems to use to register individuals, it's the group buys that take time.

San Diego has nice weather.  Wide and smooth sidewalks, pretty much unused as most every trip is driven. Yards mainly with grass or cactus.  Houses were built at the same time, so my neighborhood has houses all of the 1970's.  Makes for uninteresting walks.

When we first returned in August, I had a week or two to clean up and clear things out. As we had been gone for eight months it was easy to box up things to give away.  So most of the the kitchen and bathrooms are cleared out nicely.  But then the volunteer conference planning kicked in and I had to concentrate on that.  I hope I'm not used to things again and after the event I can proceed with clearing out to make the move easier.

My friend who was at the house while we were gone made me two lovely design walls for quilt projects.  I have moved to the living room and started moving around some drunken path pieces I cut before I left.  (After returning from Boston, I went to the adult ed quilting class where I cut the pieces and found out they no longer have the AccuQuilt Studio Fabric Cutter or the large queen size basting tables, so will probably not be going to that class even when my volunteer project is done.)  I'm glad I was able to cut what I was able to cut.  I'm looking forward to sewing my projects again and know there are classes with the same teacher by different company where the AccuQuilt Studio Fabric Cutter is available.  Like a lot of quilters though I have many projects that are in various stages of progress that will keep me busy for a long time.  I can learn and improve my skills on what I have already in progress.  I don't really need any more fabric or pieces or projects....

But I'm only really managing the volunteer project.  Not managing the yard, meals, exercise or much else. I missed paying a credit card for myself, but am up to date with the finances for the organization.  Things are twisted up and not being done in the correct order.  But after November 2nd things will be easier.

There will be more complaining posts before I really get to sewing again...  Sorry!