Thursday, June 27, 2013


I'm in Spain now - noticing this stuff in the stores.  I have not seen in the US, wonder if it's unusual stuff.  Seems very interesting....

Added later:  I wrote to two folks I know who do yarn stuff to see if they'd like me to get them some.  I asked for color and amount.  One didn't reply (as I expected I'm afraid as she doesn't seem to always do email, chat or text messaging - but I wanted to make the effort), the other first said no-thanks then said she liked the flowers and for me to get some.  By then I was in Madrid so couldn't get any anyway, but I just needed to know color and amount - I don't see any flowers so that didn't help me.  I found a nice book with Tapas recipes that I sent her instead!)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book: Happy Endings

This morning heard about this book - sounds like it would be wonderful reference.  The link goes to a webposting with a tip from the author - she has really thought things thru.  Great way to increase the joy of finishing a quilt.

Just take a look at the different  techniques included:
  • Finishing edges without binding
  • Finishing rounded corners
  • Making imitation binding
  • Appliquéing edges to a border
  • Working with sculpted edges
  • Finishing edges with backing
  • Finishing with overlapped corners
  • Finishing with mitered corners
  • Single- vs. double-fold binding
  • Straight-grain vs. bias binding
  • Determining binding yardage
  • Cutting bindings (straight-grain and bias)
  • Continuous bias binding
  • Cutting special fabrics for bindings (stripes, plaids, etc.)
  • Scrappy, scalloped, and sculpted bindings
  • Grandmother’s Flower Garden edges
  • Adding trims, cording, piping, prairie points, lace, and ruffles
(And the above is not a complete list!)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Technique: Easy Strip-Pieces Tumbling Blocks

Easy Strip-Pieced Tumbling Blocks, Marci Baker of Alicia's Attic

Easy way to make a complicated looking block!

This is the tool she uses to trim the pieces before sewing - seems like a great tool.

Technique: No-mark stitch and flip

Great idea - she uses a piece of cardboard to guide her stitching.

Blog post here:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wed June 12 2013: Time Flying

I'm sewing DH's quilt.  Now I have the parts for the center of the block - but I'm wondering if I should change up the setting.... by having only one row between the black squares instead of two.

Well, I guess that will be for another quilt as I see I would have to do a lot more cutting...  Just an idea though.  I guess I shouldn't change the block since I'm involving him in the color placement - he has his ideas so I just need to get this done so I can move back to my own ideas!  With this quilt I was letting him pick the colors and placement - then I will get to do the quilting.  I'm already thinking of doing stippling with black thread - it will be nice.

Hmm... If I cut the rows so they were thinner and the black squares so they were large then the black would be the major part of the project and would be nice spot to do FMQing!  For next time.  It would also be fun to arrange the colors so they go from one shade to the other - and to have the squares also change gradually too...  For another time.

Or here is another possible setting - (I made the mistake of leaving this on the bed and my DH saw and really liked this checker board effect so could be I need to switch so this design is part of the quilt...)  He suggested putting it in the center and having the rest be plain black.....

Here is the original idea - with different colors for the squares - and one modified to show the black squares.

Original idea - each row is from 4.5 inch strip
DH decided he wanted the squares to all be black.
In the plan they really would be the same size.

Monday, June 10, 2013

2 Questions: DH Quilt

The Block
The left over strip after
The six mini unit are cut
I'm finally working on the quilt for my DH.  This photo shows one of the test blocks that I made... The quilt will be 8 of these blocks so it will end up being around 45 inches by 8 feet.

I originally had a different color square for each block, but my DH requested the squares to all be black.  I'm letting him decide what fabrics to use for the blocks and then when they are put together will have him decide the order for the blocks too. He is very opinionated about these things and doesn't seem to always like the choices I have made for my colors or blocks, so this seemed a good way to do it.

In my test blocks I tried to pick one dark, one light and one medium and then either to have a dark or light in the block space.  He has a different vision for this and picked fabric to be next to each other based on the design or the color (putting two blues together for example) - actually I think he would have rather that I just use three fabrics for the entire quilt but I had the fabric that I have so he had to pick different fabric for each block....  So he is getting to pick from the fabric that I have but it will go in the quilt with the block I decided on...

Question 1:  Now that I am cutting the pieces I'm remembering that I will have extra sewn together fabric (in the center of the photo).  I'm wondering what more experienced quilters would do with this fabric?  Seems the choices at this point are to leave uncut or to cut in the same or different sizes.  So what would you suggest?

Question 2:  I used Elmer's Washable School Glue to help me with basting the quilt I just finished.  I'm wondering if it could be used to baste an entire quilt?  Like with a dot of glue every 4 or 5 inches...  What do you think?
Added later:

Fitness Tip

I just saw this @


Did you know? 

If you are not a regular exerciser, 

by the time that you reach 65 

you may experience as much as an 80% decrease in your muscle strength.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday June 2: Photo Finish

Woke up feeling ill.  Not a good way to wake up or feel.  I loaded up on all the OTC stuff we had - then went back to the fitful sleep.

Finally now feeling okay.

I spent most of the day either reading newspaper, websites, and unsubscribing from email lists - hours later I still have
86% full
Using 8.8 GB of your 10.1 GB
in the gmail account!

I took the quilt to the backyard to take finishing photos - I still have to find the patch they want me to sign and sew on the piece before mailing it in.

See the beautiful plants and the Buddha that is probably much happier now than in the winter snow.

After I put the quilt down I realized I shouldn't have done that in case I pick up ticks.  Oh well.  Took quick pictures....

I have been thinking about the quilt for my husband.  The blocks are very large - I think I will do the quilting one block at a time, then will join with a regular seam in the front - and using my glue will add a stripe to the back.

It's hard somedays to get going - and today is an example of that.  Just not making good use of time that I have here today.....  81 degrees now at 6:30pm - think I'll go outside for a walk.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sat June 1: 90 degrees and Baseball Charity Quilt Done

I woke at 9 am all ready to work on the quilt.  After jabbing myself with a pin I decided I needed to get Elmers School glue.  It took some walking in 90 degrees to different stores (Harvard, Central Square, Inman Square) to find the School glue version with the black board - but it was worth it!  After using the glue things went pretty quickly indeed.  I only used a pen in each corner....  I think the puckering in the back carried over to the binding - but it looks pretty nice.

1.  I marked a piece of cardboard to be my
ironing guide so I would crease at the half inch mark.
2.  I added drops of glue, then folded the fabric up again and pressed.
The corners were not perfect... So next time I will be more careful!

3.  The finished top - before washing
4.  The finished back - before washing

We went to Alewife to meet Ba and Bu for dinner at the Summer Shack.

On the way it was fun to see the changes in the trees on our street and throughout Harvard Yard after graduation ceremonies.

On our way back we passed a big party being held in front of the science building - drinking, dancing, talking, fun.
Flower petal snow.
 Harvard Yard was all decked out!
Harvard Yard the day after the last graduation ceremony.
The Summer Shack was nice - I had a grilled shrimp salad, DH had scallops and Ba and Bu both had lobster rolls.  Nice conversation and dinner.  DH and I said our goodbyes then walked from Alewife to Porter Square - then took the T to Harvard and walked home.

There was a final party being held in the area in front of the Science building...

Perhaps the last Harvard party for some - on location of winter ice skating rink.
Now I just need to find the plastic bag they sent the QFK kit to me in, and the label for my name! Then I can wash it and send it on it's way!  I was planning on making two quilts, but this took so much time - I think I'd better make the quilt I promised my DH next!

I actually forgot about the label and went ahead and washed the quilt - looks nice - I'll take and post photos tomorrow.  We watched some TV - then heard this loud noise - then the crash of glass when a poster in the kitchen decided to fall down.  What a drag.  I was glad I had leather gloves to help pick up the shards of glass.  Tomorrow we'll have to mop and mop to be sure we get all the glass up off the floor.

It's still very hot....