Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sat June 1: 90 degrees and Baseball Charity Quilt Done

I woke at 9 am all ready to work on the quilt.  After jabbing myself with a pin I decided I needed to get Elmers School glue.  It took some walking in 90 degrees to different stores (Harvard, Central Square, Inman Square) to find the School glue version with the black board - but it was worth it!  After using the glue things went pretty quickly indeed.  I only used a pen in each corner....  I think the puckering in the back carried over to the binding - but it looks pretty nice.

1.  I marked a piece of cardboard to be my
ironing guide so I would crease at the half inch mark.
2.  I added drops of glue, then folded the fabric up again and pressed.
The corners were not perfect... So next time I will be more careful!

3.  The finished top - before washing
4.  The finished back - before washing

We went to Alewife to meet Ba and Bu for dinner at the Summer Shack.

On the way it was fun to see the changes in the trees on our street and throughout Harvard Yard after graduation ceremonies.

On our way back we passed a big party being held in front of the science building - drinking, dancing, talking, fun.
Flower petal snow.
 Harvard Yard was all decked out!
Harvard Yard the day after the last graduation ceremony.
The Summer Shack was nice - I had a grilled shrimp salad, DH had scallops and Ba and Bu both had lobster rolls.  Nice conversation and dinner.  DH and I said our goodbyes then walked from Alewife to Porter Square - then took the T to Harvard and walked home.

There was a final party being held in the area in front of the Science building...

Perhaps the last Harvard party for some - on location of winter ice skating rink.
Now I just need to find the plastic bag they sent the QFK kit to me in, and the label for my name! Then I can wash it and send it on it's way!  I was planning on making two quilts, but this took so much time - I think I'd better make the quilt I promised my DH next!

I actually forgot about the label and went ahead and washed the quilt - looks nice - I'll take and post photos tomorrow.  We watched some TV - then heard this loud noise - then the crash of glass when a poster in the kitchen decided to fall down.  What a drag.  I was glad I had leather gloves to help pick up the shards of glass.  Tomorrow we'll have to mop and mop to be sure we get all the glass up off the floor.

It's still very hot....

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