Thursday, September 17, 2020

New Project: EBHQ Lone Robin Part 1 of ?

 I've started another project (without finishing anything I have previously started).

This one is EBHQ's Lone Robin.  Each month there is a clue to add to a quilt - pictures are shared, we work at home.  Similar to the Liberated Round Robin I hosted a few years ago...  

I'm late to joining in, but have had fun getting things together.

#1  Make one or more blocks that feature curves.  I decided to start with the blocks I made in February 2020 while I was up in Berkeley for a EBHQ workshop.  But these blocks were made in a Circular Rectangles workshop taught by Claire Sherman at Hello Stitch.  A really fun class.  I put my untrimmed blocks on the class design wall. We decided it was good to have some plain blocks to highlight the special blocks made in class.

#2  Add one or more Flying Geese.  I thought I would try to use only the orange Marimekko fabric that I got a few years ago.  By cutting areas of the orange and red fabric, I would have some very cool looking flying geese to add to the Lone Robin.  The blocks were getting smaller in size, so I decided to add a larger circle from the Marimekko fabric too.

#3  Add stripes or strips. Any size, any width, anywhere.  I already broke my internal rule of only using the orange fabric when I remembered the blocks I had started making for a baby quilt a few years ago... These herringbone blocks were supposed to be easy, peasy - but they were very hard for me to trim up correctly.  They are made of strips and have the colors in the fabric that I used for Claire's class. I will add another stripe block next to the four flying geese (or move the lower strip block so it is next to the lower flying geese).

#4 Squares are the next motif to add.  Again, any size, any location.   I could put the plain large blocks back in and be done.  Hmm.  Thinking about this now...

Guess I will sew what I have together now, that will be more in the spirit of the challenge I know.  I will sew them in the order the clues were given out...

See the 2nd Liberated Round Robin I started (and haven't finished yet) in 2012. That one starts with the first block being anything, then rounds with triangles, squares, rectangles, curves.  I did liberated blocks, but I arranged them very traditionally.

I decided to put batting on and to start quilting it at this stage:

Nothing more has been done on this project - yet!

Having a lot of fun working on the EBHQ Lone Robin now!


Incredibly strange times.  Scary times.  Glad to be healthy, to have our son with us now, to be able to work on quilt projects and use zoom to get together with others.