Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things Sept 25 - Oct 1

My Days - Fabric and Other Things

Tuesday - Nothing with fabric
Wednesday - Marked design for the Sept SewCalGal challenge.  Cut fabric for other projects.
Thursday -Sewed SewCalGal and made more blocks for the FMQAYGQAL.
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Way Too Much Information
Tuesday - It was hot today.  Spent the morning working on the conference.  People need to fill out forms!  Not sure why they use email instead.  Oh well.  DS was late in arriving so I went to get mom and took her to exercise.  He met me there -doesn't realize how important it is to be on time for her to get the most out of the experience.  Oh well. This conference is taking up a lot of time - because people are not doing what they said they would do in a timely manner.  Oh well.  I'm taking a break.

Wednesday - Worked on the conference - then worked on the sprinklers.  So randomly I have three different kinds - the last one is exactly what I would like to have along the side.  I don't see any numbers or tags on these things to tell them apart.  Went to the neighbors and chatted with her for a long while (brought her some tomatoes and eggplant from our garden).  Not a lot in common, but nice to know neighbors a little after all these years here!  Tomorrow I need to remember to reset the sprinkler timer so lines 1 and 2 go on alternate days - I can see the grass is getting too stressed with just doing with the little sprinkler set up I did.  The ground by the planters is really being watered - it seemed almost soft tonight when I went out to get tomatoes for our salad!  I hope nothing is leaking in the ground!  Was thinking tomorrow I'd finish doing the kitchen but then remembered the DS is not coming to take mom to exercise (I had asked him to do that as he was so late yesterday that I had to break up my day to get her myself - but he thought because he did come it counted as coming on time.) Frustrating. Finally got the information we needed for the diagrams for the conference - from a different source - so now have to see what we have to redo.  I would like to be assigned a different event manager as the one we have isn't communicating and when she does it's to say she doesn't have information or time to work with us.  I got material out to sew, did marking but didn't get to it - lots of prep and organizing. Broke bobbin.

Thursday - Sewing machine to be repaired in AM, picked up in the PM.   Took mom to exercise - she did well.  After I returned her they called me at home to say she was out of medicine.  So I logged on the prescription service place to order but the new company's message said I had to call customer service to order.  I was on hold for over 15 minutes - then it took another ten for them to see that it was too soon for her to have meds ordered.  The message was so unclear - but now I know.  Such a waste of time.  Called mom's place and the worker said she had found the pills after all - so after the prescription company thinks I'm selling meds things are okay - although I wonder about the way they organize the meds!  Tried to call to reschedule appointment I missed last Monday but no answer.  I sewed a new design - not that much fun as just following a line from a template.  Also made a bunch of new blocks to use for FMQAYGQAL.

Friday - Finally some people for conference have started to recall or email me - I was getting blue with all the non-communication... DH walked with me to cafe for breakfast, it sort of helped. I made pizza dough and then pizza for dinner.  One with sausage and pepperoni and marinara sauce/cheese.  One with cream cheese, cinnamon sugar, and sliced bananas.  Yum.

Saturday - Our new BBQ seems to be broken.  We did almost finish priming the gate - it's hard to get the spaces between the boards done.  If I ever get a fence again I will prime before they build the fence!  It was really hot today so I'm embarrassed but I took shower and then took a long nap with fans shooting air on me.  I barely answered emails on the conference - but toward the end of the day almost everyone I wanted had emailed me to report in so feeling better.

Sunday - We got up a little late but still finished the priming - now ready for painting but it was getting too hot and I didn't want to loose the day with the heat.  We went out to eat then DH worked upstairs and I watched TV and really got things in order to work again on my quilting projects.  I broke the bobbin at the very end so didn't get to finish all I wanted to.  Did get to chat with the friend who is going to stay in our house while we are gone. and one of the conference ladies - took a long time as she doesn't know google docs or maybe it's spreadsheets.  She teaching kids how to do pod casts and produce videos.

Monday - Emails for conference.  Going to banks/credit unions to compare information. Some sewing and planning for projects. Got the sample sandwiches from the place doing the sandwiches for dinner tonight.  DS came by for a little since his class was cancelled he was eating chili when I came in. Two hour call with the lady who is going to be the point of contact with the events manager - hurray!  Tomorrow I have three meetings for the conference! 7:30 am, 3:30pm, 8:30pm.