Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tues Apr 30: Juice, Trivia, and Stress

I read a blog post about someone doing a 3-day juice cleanse and decided I'd better try the juices from Life Alive before we have to leave here....

So today I got two juices to split with DH Thrive Alive and Be Alive and then a Warrior Salad and The Fool Bowl.  They were a delicious way to start the day!  I haven't been stopped at Life Alive as it's so dang crowded all the time - but going earlier in the day makes for way shorter lines and it's doable.  Although getting the food ahead of time means it's not as fresh when it's eaten.  But boy is it good!  My plan is to continue going earlier in the day and observing how things are prepared so I can be independent when I'm not longer living in this wonderful place.

I finally got going on the Quickbook stuff that I was putting off as we didn't have a printer...  Taking notes, trying to remember the correct order to put new information in the program.  I'm so much better at using QB now - I know how to delete entries and to start over.  Hoping I can have some good solid hours of working on this so I'm all up to date soon!

We went to Porter Square and starting walking to Magoun Square - the phone rang.  My friend watching over house and my mom said the place was calling saying she had to be out of there by Fri or Sat or Sun or Mon. The lady hired to make the phone calls has a really bad accent and is new to the job too. She hadn't called VLM yet - what a mess!  So I couldn't call then - but did as soon as we made it to Magoun Square - I let my worrying ruin the walk though so that's a shame. When I got to Magoun I stood in a parking lot so I could hear and first called Ja of VLM - left message.  Then Lu of VLM left another message. Then I called the case worker with the accent and tried to understand things.  I knew mom would not be able to stay there for long, but had been told they would help find a place for her to go to - but apparently that was incorrect information or the case manager didn't get that memo.  After that I called Ci and got her up to date.  I think I was on the phone for an hour. Later I called DS so he knew too - he was already going by there to drop off the signed form I had faxed with the legal papers.  So what should have been a nice evening was marred with stress.  In all this my mom is doing well - it's a nice day! and eating food well.  She can't move the broken leg so she can't do PT so that is why she has to be moved.

We were at Mogoun Square for the trivia evening again with our friends - at half time we were tied for first place - at the end we were in third place and won a $10 off coupon that we used on our bill for the evening.

For my mom legally VLM can take her in - but they don't have to.  So we have to get in touch with them for decision.  I'm hoping they will say okay - mom has lived there for 12 years (with three owners) and now will have home health care and nurses come by to support her too.

If they say no then I need to find another place for her - I was feeling supported after talking to the doctor the other day - the case manager is new and didn't seem to think she would be able to find a place in three days - that's a short amount of time she said!  Like it would be easier for me to find a place in three days than her.  

I'm thinking a major revamp of how we organize our lives has to be changed - caregiving and working with insurance need to be part of the curriculum and work weeks should be modified so people have at least a half day to deal with all this stuff.

Oh well.

I tried to work more on QB, found something I had done incorrectly and fixed that, but then off to bed for me.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wed April 24: Me, Me, Me

Today there was another flurry of emails and phone calls regarding my mom.  The facility wasted our time by changing their mind several time - mine I was able to email or clean while waiting, but poor Ci was there before 9 as they said they would be doing PT again between 9 and 10.  She roused my mom so she would be awake when the PT people came in - but they didn't come in.  She went around to try and get information but wasn't able to get any answers.  She stayed until past 11 then texted she was going to get meds for herself and have lunch.  At 1 their time the case worker left a message on my phone that at that exact time they were transporting my mom to a different facility.  When I pressed to call back the number did not pick up.  So I texted a left message for Ci so she knew.  and DS so he would know too.  He decided to go to LA with his friend on this Wednesday so he was not around.

To try to de-stress a little I went out walkind and decided to have a manicure and a pedicure.  I tried a new place in Davis - it was $35 so I felt better about doing it. That is still much higher than I usually pay in San Diego but seems to be on the low end for here.

Around 3 a doctor from the new place called me mainly to discuss advanced directives.  I have all this filled out and signed but did not bring a copy here so I was trying to remember from memory what things had been discussed with mom and checked off.  It's so unfair.

So she said - based on I don't know what - that mom would be there for 4 months - not the 2 that I thought it would be.  So I'm thinking we need to move her out of the place she has been living all these years.  The place that had the lady hug her to standing and then let her drop and break her leg.  I want to talk to Ci before doing this move.

I'm looking forward to all the company will be having this weekend, but also wish things would calm down so I could just think.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tues Apr 23: Piles and Pasta

Fitbit Activity: 8862 steps taken, 11 floors climbed, 3.69 miles traveled, 2009 calories burned, 530 active score

 Today we woke late - around noon.  We got dressed and walked down Hampshire for breakfast to Emma's only it turned out Emma's is a lunch and dinner place.  We split a pressed sandwich and salad and realized we really didn't have enough time to go to the Goodwill Store in Roxbury as we had planned.  So instead we went to the Garment District (not a district, a store) - it was really close to where we were.

DH went to the men's department, while I stayed in the By the Pound section....
This time the clothes were sort of arranged by color - and it seemed much nicer than when I stopped before.  I found several 100% cotton shirts to cut for projects, and a new jacket for me, a dress shirt for DH and several shirts to give to my son's friend.  So it was nice.  DH got pants and shirts.  He likes huckstering as he calls it.  For $9 I got 13 pieces of clothes so that's a good deal.

On the way back we realized that I didn't really have time to go home, as I had to be in Davis Square for the Dave's Fresh Pasta cooking class.  Tonight we took: EMILIA-ROMAGNA: ITALIAN COOKING The art of hand-made egg pasta is at the heart of Emilia-Romagna cooking. Learn to make a quick pasta in the traditional manner using durum and semolina flours and egg. Slow cooked Bolognese sauce along with the region's most famous exports; Proscitto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar from Modena will all be used in traditional recipes from the region.

There were only five people in the class. Two I didn't know, then Ba and Me so it was fun.

We made the most tender pasta tonight that I have ever had. It was just 1.5 cups durum and semolina flour and two eggs. Put flour in bowl and make a well then break the eyes and make scrambled eggs with a fork - slowly the flour with come into the eggs. Once it's not sticky dump the flour on the counter and put the misture on the top then knead and bring more flour in. He said the dough would let us know when to stop adding flour - keep kneading for at least five minutes, then cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 15 min to 2 hours to relax the gluten. Then unwrap and dust hands with flour and knead for a minute or two. Then you use pasta maker to make the dough thinner and thinner and then finally cut to the shape you want.

We made noodles and added to bolognese sauce - which was more of a meat sauce with a little tomato than what I thought it would be.

We also cut circles and made tortellini - putting a mixture of ricotta cheese and eggs and herbs on the inside. Some we cooked in a chicken/beef broth for a soup and some we boiled and put in his favorite sauce of browned butter and sage.

So this time there were lots of left overs so we have lunches and dinner of this food coming up in the menu here!

At the end of class Ci called to tell me the PT people told her my mom wasn't cooperative today,  when they came in to, well I'm not sure if it was to evaluate or to do a session.  I had thought they would let her stay still for a few days, but am now reminded that they push people to get moving immediately - and my understanding is that if they grade her as uncooperative or not making progress they can give her the boot  - move her to a skilled nursing place where they would not have any PT, etc.

I have often thought that she really needs an IEP for health care to be allowed extra time to do things and this is very apparent again now.

The insurance system is not set up correctly for my mom to improve, I'm kicking myself that I forgot this again.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mon Apr 22: Shea Magnolia

Fitbit Activity:  9737 steps taken, 11 floors climbed, 4.06 miles traveled, 2023 calories burned, 543 active score

More phone calls - the case worker made it clear it did not matter if we requested a place near to home, or one that the doctor would visit - we go pretty much where they send us and then only if that place accepts her.

There was a lot of back and forth on this.  I mainly was out of the picture, and actually Ci and DS were out too as the decision was made by the place.  So she is going to a place owned by a corporation  they have several of these rehab places.

The insurance will pay for part of the place for 32 days, we pay $50 a day, then after 32 days it's all out of pocket.  The assisted living place will not decrease the fee - if we want the room saved we have to pay. So it's going to be double rent for one place she uses.

Case worker said she had to be transported in an ambulance because she had dementia and was disoriented (she has been taking a lot of pain killers).  I said I thought she would be more disoriented going in a different kind of car and that we had the ramp van.  She didn't seem to understand what I meant - you mean a trailer with ramp?  No no a van with a ramp so a wheelchair can be rolled up and down. Hmm  The nurse who was listening said the splint required that she stay in lying position.  So okay - that's $200 for the transportation.

So it was past dinner time when they finally moved her.

Before that the case worker was going to order ground up food as mom was having trouble eating with her leg above her head, with splint on, being drugged up, and having apparently very loose dentures that were falling out. (I haven't been taking her out to eat so didn't notice this).  So Ci intervened and ask DS to bring fixadent on his way there - after putting that on the dentures she was able to eat  but Ci had to feed her.  So the order for ground up food was cancelled.

I don't know about the system - it does not really work for my mom. I had forgotten how much time and effort these accidents cost.  The stress is enormous for me - I will go home if needed.  Ci keeps telling me everything will be okay and she will check in on her.  At first she said every day but now not everyday.  She is taking classes and I know needs to have time to study and think about her projects for that.

Both DS and Ci said the new place looks wonderful and would be a nice place to be.  We have no choice it seems so hope it will be good for her.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sun Apr 21: Tibial Plateau Fracture

Fitbit Activity: 510 steps taken, 0 floors climbed, 0.21 miles traveled, 2026 calories burned , 90 active score - 564 calories eaten.
Waited to hear what was going to happen to my mom.  Called the doctor he said it was a tibial plateau fracture.  He decided after consultation that her skin was too tenuous for surgery so now he had a full leg splint made and she will go to the special care center until a few weeks then they will decide what to do.

She is anemic again so is being given blood, that has to be controlled first.

So the day was pretty much phone calls and waiting. Ci and DS were at the hospital for some of the time.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sat Apr 20: More Worries

Fitbit Activity: 8406 steps taken, 10 floors climbed, 3.5 miles traveled, 2004 calories burned, 525 active score

Today we slept and rested after the capture of the second suspect. I walked to Inman to get DH some clear fluids to drink.

All sorts of flowers are presenting themselves!
In the evening the meds had worked so we were able to go out for dinner.  We rented a zipcar and meet some of his frat brothers at the Mandarin Restaurant, Southborough.

As we were getting out the car my friend who is taking my mom out for exercise, Ci called.  My mom had falled and injured herself.  They were at the hospital waiting for x-rays.  I texted DS and he called very soon after saying he would go to the hospital too as soon as he could.  He was already at school instead of being at home.

So they had a long night waiting for x-rays, for doctor, for news.  The nurses gave my mom some pain killer so she was sleeping - finally DS left.  Ci stayed a little longer waiting for the doctor, but he never showed so at 1:30am she left too.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Apr 19: Captured

Had to sleep in this morning.  As we had the radio on all night so would often wake to hear what was happening.  Instead of being guys from India it's guys from Chechnya...
At the end of Norfolk St, Cambridge
Added Later:  Link to Esquire Article

It was impossible to do anything, we were in area told to stay inside during the day.

Once the guy was in custody we escaped to the outdoors.  Found ourselves at the intersection of the street where they lived....  The police were still there and it was blocked off, but apparently more sections were blocked off as there were trash cans of police tape in the area...

 I hope somehow there will be some answers tomorrow or soon.  The people damaged have had their lives changed forever, answers won't help them.  But perhaps with time they can get back to a more normal type life again.

I did a better job of being proactive with emailing people so they knew we were okay.


Apr 18: Out and About

Today I went out with Ba in her car! We went to Cambridge Quilt Shop, then some stores.  She needed to get a swim suit as she will be starting water exercise again soon - then to a store so I could get table covering for the table I will be using to sew.  I have been afraid of scratching the table.

DH and Jo went to a ham radio event - we met them at S&S for birthday dinner - we'll do something else together too.

Once home watched some Duchess of Duke Street.

Then checking email I saw the announcement of the MIT Police shooting - and then that he had passed away and the action in Watertown.

Had to get some sleep....  Hope they know more in the morning.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apr 17: Goodwill

Fitbit Activity: 14309 steps taken, 2 floors climbed, 5.97 miles traveled, 2174 calories burned, 691 active score

I slept and slept.  Didn't wake until way late.  I think it was almost noon!

We walked down Mass Ave and made our way to Porter Square for lunch at a nice place in a little mall with lots of Chinese and Japanese places.  I had chicken curry.

Then on to Davis and fun at the Goodwill store - getting jeans and short sleeves shirts.  Walked back to Porter to get some ice cream - then home on the subway.  There were several policemen in the station there and at Central Square.

Once home we read for a bit then to S&S for dinner.  I had a tuna sandwich - not the best thing I've had there.....

No calls about mail.  It's discouraging. I'm trying to not think about it. I rang Ci though and found out my award had been delivered.

Ma and I will have late lunch on Friday.  I emailed Ba to see if she wanted to do something tomorrow.  If we don't get together I am going to set up for FMQing finally.

More Duchess of Duke Street then bed.

Added:  I know it doesn't sound like I'm having an exciting time, but I really, really like it here.  Just every day living is so nice to walk around and enjoy the new sights and to become familiar with the streets.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apr 16: Job Aids and Vigil

Fitbit Activity:  8054 steps taken, 14 floors climbed, 3.36 miles traveled, 1929 calories burned, 433 active score, 495 Calories eaten.

I double booked some time this morning so had to push off a phone/computer meeting for my organization... Thought we had rescheduled for this evening, but she did not call or email. I went thru my notes and wrote up a job aid that might help her get somethings done. I think we should have looked in to just using Quicken for the organization, it takes so long to write out procedures for Quickbooks. But it does help me learn things and think about the best way to do things.

Added later:  Actually, maybe Quicken would be good enough for the organization.  I'm going to try to remember to look that up!

Was able to walk to the dentist to give them the address for Delta Insurance, she will resubmit our claims so they are taken care of properly.

I'm trying to not concentrate on the horrible events of yesterday, but getting so many calls and emails that this is difficult. People want to be the first to share information and I don't think it's all correct.  They had a vigil at Harvard tonight that DH and I attended.  It was nice to be part of a group of caring people. We were late so I don't know what was said at the beginning, but I was glad to be there.

Today was a 5:2 day - we had the most delicious pre-made soup. Dr. McDougall's Chana Masala. Only 160 calories a serving and 1.5g fat, 8g protein, 8g fiber. Yum, yum!

Going to bed early tonight - hopefully will sleep.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mon Apr 15: Blast

Fitbit Activity: 6617 steps taken, 6 floors climbed, 2.76 miles traveled, 1921 calories burned, 425 active score

Woke today to see an email that I had typed the incorrect social security number on tax form.  It was easy to fix the federal returns, but the CA returns required phone calls.  And of course since it was April 15th the wait was very long.  In the end I found out that when this happens you wait a few days, then call the number and tell them.  They then can pull the file and make the change.  I was having trouble finding the form because there was no form for this - only to amend and change numbers entered on a return!

When I finished I was going to walk over to encourage the stragglers in the Boston Marathon, but when I double checked where to go I saw the announcements of the explosion and then a second explosion.  So of course I stayed home then.  We turned on the TV and were glued to it like many were here.  DH and I got emails and text messages from friends.  It was nice to realize that people were thinking of us.

I knew this morning that I wouldn't be able to see the historical reenactments that happen here on this state holiday - Patriots Day - when I saw the mistake I had made in the forms - but thought I'd be able to see some of the excitement in Copley Square.  It should have been such a happy night tonight.  Instead three people are now gone and I don't know how many are maimed for life - physically and emotionally.  It's truly a sad day.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sun April 14: Open Houses and Taxes

Fitbit Activity: 1515 steps taken, 8 floors climbed, 0.63 miles traveled, 1685 calories burned, 196 active score, 515 Calories

So far we have gone to five Open Houses - such a fun way to see the inside of houses in a city that is new to you.  Also, get ideas for changes to make in your own place.

We polished up some tax stuff and printed it so it's all ready to mail tomorrow. But that is about it.

The fitbit was working - I wasn't though!

Today was a fasting day on the 5:2 diet.  I was very close to the goal of 500 calories today, but the food we selected (frozen trader joe's) was delicous AND high in fat.  So I don't know if I will actually lose any weight this time...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sat April 13: Open Houses & Korean Food

Fitbit Activity: 10368 steps taken, 11 floors climbed, 4.32 miles traveled, 2089 calories burned, 588 active score

Today went to two Open Houses - one for a home and one for a condo. Both were very pretty.  I learned at home that I really do need to clear things out and that it's really nice to have paintings hanging on walls.

We also had a wonderful meeting with DH's cousins who live here in Boston area.  He works, it turns out very close to where we are staying!

I remembered something that I had forgotten for the taxes so stressed to find the missing information.

We met with friends at a nearby Korean Restaurant - nice food but loud, so it was difficult to converse.

We were so tired we just went to bed then!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fri April 12: Homeless Shelter

Fitbit Activity: 5618 steps taken, 8 floors climbed, 2.34 miles traveled, 1851 calories burned, 357 active score

Gosh I can't remember what I did during the day!  From fitbit not a lot of walking that's for sure.

Dan from MIT
In the evening DH went off for a fraternity event at WPI, I went to a homeless shelter and helped with serving the dinner to 200 - 300 people.  It was a nice meal: breaded chicken with cheese, pasta, sauce, green beans and bread.  They only let about 35 people at a time.  There were seats for about 100 so people were able to stay and chat with each other before they picked up their things to move on.  The man from MIT who organizes these things has come 8 times to this shelter - once a month.  So I will be able to help out again in a month.

They seem to keep the women and men separate the beginning, but by the end since some people stayed longer it was all mixed up.  The first set of people were very bad off (missing teeth) but all were clean and very nice.  Of course I don't know their stories - seemed to be all sorts of people, races and ages.  There are about 60 beds for men and 120 for women at this place, and then some that are sort of distributed on a night by night case each evening.  It sure was cold tonight - great that these people have some support to help them out.  I was glad to help the little that I did.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thur Apr 11: Dentist and Mass Ave

Fitbit Activity: 10329 steps taken, 2 floors climbed, 4.31 miles traveled, 2025 calories burned, 526 active score

Boy, do I like it here!  I was working on the books and phone rings.  It's the dentist office.  I have a 3:15 appointment but they would like to know if I can come in at 1:30.  It's around noon.  I say sure, set my alarm for 1:15 so I can keep working.  The alarm goes off, I leave, and arrive 2 minutes early for the appointment!  Now that's a living in a great walking score!

The dentist was really nice - it's my first time seeing him as a patient - last time I just had my teeth cleaned.  Unlike the dentist in La Jolla, this doctor took time to show me animations of procedures and to really try and figure out why my one tooth sometime hurt when I chew.  He got out the drill and smoothed off a little of the top of the crown - hopefully that will do the trick.

I forgot that I was supposed to take a Tylenol before eating for a few days - but DH and I walked to Mass Avenue to a little cafe we had noticed the other day.  I had a cup of soup, hummus and a falafel ball.  Nice but not great - and my tooth was still sensitive as I hadn't followed directions.  Well, I hope that after a few days of Tylenol it won't hurt anymore.  Hate to spend money on somethings - and not looking forward to pain after procedure.....

So I'm enjoying having a printer here - making it easier to do bookkeeping. Then I can move forward with my quilting!

: )

DH is having fun in the next room quizzing Serie.  Find me an Italian Restaurant close to here.  Where is my son? Send me an email.  Post this in LiveNotes.  Show me Virgo (that didn't work).  Neither did Show me the constellation Virgo. But he is having fun.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wed Apr 10: Basting

Fitbit Activity: 3182 steps taken, 3 floors climbed, 1.33 miles traveled, 1768 calories burned, 277 active score, 575 cals
I walked to Inman to the Hardware store to get the painters tape, he also helped me get a better screw for the kitchen cabinet that kept falling off.  Nice store, nice guy. 

Grabbed some milk at the Quick Stop Mart and said hi to the guy there who let me in to get Tums.

Then back home to pay bills and set up the basting table for the Quilting for Kids charity quilt.  And after about three hours the basting was done!  The quilt is around 45 inch by 47 inches and I used 95 pins to baste it....

I used the metal kitchen table for the basting.  I taped down the middle and pinned, then removed the tape and finished pinning the sides using my hand to smooth the fabric, etc.

When I flipped it over, it looked like most or maybe all the pins went thru so I am a-okay.  I wonder if I was supposed to change the direction of the pins more than I did?  Christa is also basting.....

Now the trama of deciding how to quilt the piece begins!

Today was the second day we did our 5:2 diet - so that means we both ate under 600 calories....

Row Rug

Isn't this a great project?


Each the rows is so perfect for this project....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tue Apr 9: Spring

There were birds tweeting in the yellow bushes.
I have been forgetting to mention all the changes that have been happening here.  Plants are turning green, flowering, bursting.  It's really beautiful!  The people are different too wearing shorts or pants and shirts without coats and scarves.  Boots are disappearing and tennis shoes and sandals are being worn.  The whitest legs in the world are being exposed - incredible pure white...

Well, today DH went to the library to work and the plan was for me to baste my quilts - but the cheap DOLLAR store painter tape that I got was worthless and didn't grab the fabric nor the table.  It just popped up after a few seconds.  So instead I did some calls and was able to get an appointment for electrolysis in Davis - so I abandoned the house and left - thinking I'd be back before DH.  But it took longer as I decided to walk home.....

We still had a few minutes before leaving for the pub to meet Jo and Ba and her daughter Mer for trivia night.  It was loud but fun - even though I really didn't contribute much to the answers.  We came in 4th out of about 12 teams.

Another episode of Duchess of Duke Street.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mon Apr 8: Mafia Pizza

Fitbit Activity: 14907 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 6.22 miles traveled, 2306 calories burned, 799 active score

We straightened up and dusted and sweep the apartment before leaving today.  The real estate agent had written that she needed to bring an assessor over at 1:30pm.  It only took about 10 minutes each for this to happen - with such a small place and so little stuff.  I can only hope I have strength to get rid of things at our home in San Diego when I return there.  Having less stuff makes it so easy!

DH was going to hang out at the library, I was going to walk around (not enough I see above - too  bad I didn't notice I was so close to 15,000 steps!).  

On the way we saw this pizza place that was usually closed - was open and people were going in and out.  There are no posted hours for the business - when we got inside there were vending machines in the front with soda and candy for the kids to get when school was out, and there was a big sign saying CASH ONLY.  I was reminded of my mom....  (My mom would never let me get soda or candy from a vending machine as she thought they were all set up by the mafia - couldn't really be making money, and all cash.)  We got two pieces of pizza to test it out. DH liked his sausage more than I cared for my pepperoni - we had a nice chat though so that was priceless.

Flyer at Library
DH went on to the library, and I walked to a place that sets up CSA purchases only to be told I had to sign up for 22 weeks or nothing - so we can't try that out.  Then I went to thrift shop - Boomerangs - and snagged a pair of jeans for $3!  Got my toothpaste and tried to get in the house but the dead bolt was stuck so I went to library and met up with DH.  He was able to open the door - relief!

Emails for a bit then out to dinner at S&S - it's too bad he is tired of Live Alive - as the food at S&S is good but full of calories.  To compound the calories we each got a slice of cake to eat at home. 

At home we watched more Duchess of Duke Street.

DH helped me move the metal table in the kitchen so I can walk around it.  Tomorrow I will move more things that we do not use in the cupboards and I hope to baste the charity quilts. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sun Apr 7: Dave's Fresh Pasta

Fitbit Activity:  8581 steps taken, 27 floors climbed, 3.62 miles traveled, 1921 calories burned, 425 active score

Today we went to Davis Square to see an open house - but when we got there it was all closed up.  The house looked okay, but was in a bad location - was built next to an old tannery that was now apartments, and there was a car repair place a few doors down.  About three houses away there was a square brick building with the word DEMO painted on it - and the house next to it also had DEMO - so perhaps a huge apartment building is in the future.  Too bad for that block.  It was near some nice places - one of which was Dave's Fresh Pasta where we had our cooking class.

Today's class was different than the previous one - this time Jason did all the cooking.  We got good places to stand and were near the wine and cheese and bread he put out for us to nibble on while he cooked and talked.  He made basic marinara sauce, garlic and oil sauce, Alfredo sauce, wild mushroom cream sauce and vodka tomato cream sauce.  There were 12 people in the kitchen, including DH, friend Jo and his wife Ba so it made more fun I think as we might make the sauces together later on!

After the class Jason opens the store and we can buy things at 10% off - I got a can of tomatoes and cookies.  DH got chocolate bars, wine, and cheese that I noticed.  It was nice to get a deal on the food.

Jo needed to head back home so we said our goodbyes and headed for the T and home.  We stopped at Broadway Market to get some yogurt.  Then relaxed.  I finished reading the Sunday Boston Globe and then we watched a few episodes of Duchess of Duke Street.  

Then I realized I would not be able to sleep in bed unless I was able to get some Tums.  So we walked to Inman Square and saw Walgreens was closed but the little convenience store at the corner had lights on so we continued on.  His door was locked but he recognized us and opened the door so I was able to get the Tums.  What a nice guy.  I told DH we really needed to move here - that never would have happened in San Diego.

We decided that actually none of the sauces in the class blew us away but it was good to see how things were done - and we will work on sauces later on.  

So it was a nice day.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sat Apr 6: Letter

Fitbit Activity:  16670 steps taken, 11 floors climbed, 6.95 miles traveled, 2352 calories burned, 843 active score

Crowd in front of Gather Me for the sidewalk sale!
We were planning on going to a meetup to walk around Live Pond, but it was so windy and cold that we decided to scratch that idea.  Instead walked to Central Square to the post office to get an envelope and postage so I could mail DS the comics from last Sunday's Globe and the little magazine with information about the marathon.  I decided while standing there that I would not just mail - instead I paid for an extra page and took the envelope with the postage on it.
Red and White Eggs

After the post office went to CVS to get my toothpaste ordered.
Came home and wrote a letter to him.  An old-fashioned letter like I use to write to my various penpals, not like a mom letter.  I wasn't sure I would be able to write that much in cursive so I used a pencil but only had to erase a few times.  I wonder if he will be able to read it?

Walked back to Central but the post office was closed and the mail boxes said if over 13 ozs to not put in the mailbox that it had to be handed to the postman directly....

Fun Posters Popping up around town!
Chatted with my friend who is staying at our place in SD - she said the box of books I mailed last Saturday arrived and the box of fabric from my online friend arrived too!

DH and I walked to Inman Square for dinner.  Decided on All Star Pizza where we each had a piece of pizza and shared a nice salad.  Very clean place and nice people working there.

Watched Duchess of Duke Street.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fri Apri 5: 5:2 Diet

Fitbit Activity: 17617 steps taken, 17 floors climbed, 7.35 miles traveled, 2372 calories burned, 841 active score - 598 cals

Well, there was more to today than the decision for DH and I to try the 5:2 Diet....

Delicious mint tea
We were walking to the Hi-Ris Bakery and talking about different things, and the diet came up so we decided on the way to just get tea once we were there!

It was fun to walk together and to be on a different part of Mass Ave!  After tea we went to the map store and looked there - then we went by a house that was for sale.  Ugh!  They will be lucky to get the listing price.  Bad location....

SoWa - Back stair well wall
We read a bit at home then went to SoWa to see the galleries.  Really nice day.  I know we have to have working days, but it's really nice to have time together to enjoy the area and each other.

: )

I had, it appears more than 500 calories today.  I put in the food in fitbit after eating - didn't realize that I needed to count 130 for a serving of salad!  I'm not sure why that is - will figure it out later.  Still I ate less than I usually do and we both passed up several really nice looking cafes in our journey today.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thu Apr 4: Medical Stuff, Lobster Rolls, Bridge

Today was filled with activity.

First to doctors for DH to have blood drawn - they did a good job - in the blood donation wing of the operation.  Before we got there though it was a  lot of wrong directions and information.

We went to a nice place for lunch on the way back - Charlies?  I can't remember the name now.  I got lobster rolls - they were small - 2 for $13.  Very tasty.  The best I have had on this trip.  Big chunks of lobster meat.  Dh had a cheeseburger - he liked it.

Then we went home and slept for two hours.  It really helped us with the rest of the day.

First he went to dentist - I went along and had a nice chat with the front office lady.  She told me about a service of Stop and Shop - http://peapod.com will deliver food for $4.50 fee!  She lives on third floor so it's really nice to not have to carry heavy water bottles, etc.  I got two coupons to go to the movies - Landmark Theatres as DH put that I referred him to the place.

Then home for an hour or so before leaving for our second bridge session.  This one was nicer as our friends met us there.  For the first 10 minutes it was only us - then a lady who kept asking questions came and slowed it down.  We went for dinner afterwards - shared a salad and sandwich - then caught the bus to Harvard.  Perfect timing!  Once we were there we walked to the bus that goes to our street and waited less than a minute then jumped on that and jumped off for our place.

So it was an activity filled day.  But no work or sewing or cleaning or laundry done....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

B&W Fabric

I couldn't help myself - one of the ladies in an online group is clearning out her place and decided to get rid of a lot of her fabric so she has posted photos and taking orders.....

I bought one box full of black and white fat quarters and scraps.

Had to reactivate my PayPal account to do this or maybe I set up a new account I'm not sure.  I wrote down all the access steps though so I can use it again.  I  just clicked to send her the $12.35 she requested.

I'm having the box delivered to San Diego even though I will be sewing here it seemed silly to have it sent here when really I will be back in San Diego very soon.  It will be a nice gift to myself but I will have my friend open it in case she decides to sew while she is there.

$12.35 for black and white fabric

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tues Apr 2: Dentist

Fitbit Activity: 10128 steps taken, 31 floors climbed, 4.22 miles traveled, 2044 calories burned, 525 active score

Today I woke after a nice sleep, felt very rested.

Made orange rolls for breakfast, we had along with apple slices and coffee.  Wrote a few emails, then it was off for my dental appointment.  I only needed to leave around 15 minutes before the appointment as the office is so near.

I was really pleased with my teeth cleaning - since they are Delta Dentist the insurance will cover it all (except the extra stuff they put on my teeth for sensitivity - $15).  They had an opening on Thursday so snagged an appointment for DH.

Once home I read a while then realized I wasn't supposed to have hot liquids for the rest of the day - so my plan for soup was out. Instead we went to All Star Sandwiches.  I couldn't taste anything except the stuff on my teeth, but DH said the sandwich was good.  He returned home and I went on to Shaws to get coffee and milk.

So it was a nice walk - seems like it has been a long time since I was there.

At home read and watched some TV - we made scrambled eggs and ham for dinner with banana and English muffin.  And I brushed my teeth two times to get the stuff off!

Tomorrow I will so some bookkeeping and yes I will finally pull the sewing machine out.  The new pinmoors from Leahday arrived along with some extra treats too!  Lucky me!  These pinmoors are the best - so nice to have in difference colors (white and purple) then they will show up no matter what color the fabric is!  I hope the machine will be a good one to use for FMQing....

: )

Added later after chatting with my friend in SD:  This whole trip has not really turned out the way I had hoped - not here in Cambridge and not in SD.  No one had really contacted my friend staying at the house and other than her I'm not getting a lot of contact myself from people.  It's pulling teeth to get information on mail received or to see what the yard or house looks like.  It's very discouraging to have no major changes happen during this huge adventure - I'm not on the same wave-length of anyone it seems but I do enjoy being able to walk so much here and the houses look so different to me I feel like I'm in a different country.  After receiving an email from her asking about the length of time to water the yard I contacted the man who I was going to have mow the weed the yard in the spring - just one time - but then my friend said she didn't think that was needed.  She is having a reaction to some new medication and also just doesn't want strangers around I think.  It's also very lonely for her there.  Without photos or discussion it's difficult to know what to do.  So what I did was cancel the man and nothing will be done.  I do not know what the yard looks like so can't take any joy in that - I'm in an island - it's nice to be able to walk so much and I do appreciate that.  It's very nice that I met the woman at the cafe and have someone to do things with while here.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mon Apr 1: Beginning Bridge Meetup

After a restless night, woke in time to get ready to go to a Beginning Bridge Meetup.  It was sort of fun to go to Harvard and find the bus (had to go thru the subway area then to a special bus pick up spot).  It was a 20 minute ride thru new areas and areas I have already explored.  Fun to be left off and then to find the bookstore/cafe where the class was being held.

DH decided when he woke that he was going to take a shower so I left before him.  He ended up in another town - had the same street name though.  Took him about an hour to get to the class - we started without him.

Was very nice.  There was one table of people who knew enough to practice - then I was with a lady who was eager to learn too - she seemed to know everyone though so she had been coming for a while and lived very nearby.

I feel like I know enough to learn more - he had a class on Thursday too that he was going to cancel - I'm not sure if he will continue or not.  I told him we'd come if our other friends would come too - then it would be a regular table for him to work with - easier I think.

DH and I ate at a new to us place when we got back.  The food wasn't very good though so won't be going back.  At home I fell asleep then for a four hour nap.

Not sure exactly how I spent the time when I was awake - except eating, eating, eating.

The dentist office called while I was on the bus, someone cancelled so I can go tomorrow for my teeth cleaning - that will be good to get done!

I forgot my fitbit - left on my Pjs I guess.  So no count of steps for today...