Friday, April 5, 2013

Fri Apri 5: 5:2 Diet

Fitbit Activity: 17617 steps taken, 17 floors climbed, 7.35 miles traveled, 2372 calories burned, 841 active score - 598 cals

Well, there was more to today than the decision for DH and I to try the 5:2 Diet....

Delicious mint tea
We were walking to the Hi-Ris Bakery and talking about different things, and the diet came up so we decided on the way to just get tea once we were there!

It was fun to walk together and to be on a different part of Mass Ave!  After tea we went to the map store and looked there - then we went by a house that was for sale.  Ugh!  They will be lucky to get the listing price.  Bad location....

SoWa - Back stair well wall
We read a bit at home then went to SoWa to see the galleries.  Really nice day.  I know we have to have working days, but it's really nice to have time together to enjoy the area and each other.

: )

I had, it appears more than 500 calories today.  I put in the food in fitbit after eating - didn't realize that I needed to count 130 for a serving of salad!  I'm not sure why that is - will figure it out later.  Still I ate less than I usually do and we both passed up several really nice looking cafes in our journey today.

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