Monday, April 1, 2013

Mon Apr 1: Beginning Bridge Meetup

After a restless night, woke in time to get ready to go to a Beginning Bridge Meetup.  It was sort of fun to go to Harvard and find the bus (had to go thru the subway area then to a special bus pick up spot).  It was a 20 minute ride thru new areas and areas I have already explored.  Fun to be left off and then to find the bookstore/cafe where the class was being held.

DH decided when he woke that he was going to take a shower so I left before him.  He ended up in another town - had the same street name though.  Took him about an hour to get to the class - we started without him.

Was very nice.  There was one table of people who knew enough to practice - then I was with a lady who was eager to learn too - she seemed to know everyone though so she had been coming for a while and lived very nearby.

I feel like I know enough to learn more - he had a class on Thursday too that he was going to cancel - I'm not sure if he will continue or not.  I told him we'd come if our other friends would come too - then it would be a regular table for him to work with - easier I think.

DH and I ate at a new to us place when we got back.  The food wasn't very good though so won't be going back.  At home I fell asleep then for a four hour nap.

Not sure exactly how I spent the time when I was awake - except eating, eating, eating.

The dentist office called while I was on the bus, someone cancelled so I can go tomorrow for my teeth cleaning - that will be good to get done!

I forgot my fitbit - left on my Pjs I guess.  So no count of steps for today...

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