Friday, April 19, 2013

Apr 19: Captured

Had to sleep in this morning.  As we had the radio on all night so would often wake to hear what was happening.  Instead of being guys from India it's guys from Chechnya...
At the end of Norfolk St, Cambridge
Added Later:  Link to Esquire Article

It was impossible to do anything, we were in area told to stay inside during the day.

Once the guy was in custody we escaped to the outdoors.  Found ourselves at the intersection of the street where they lived....  The police were still there and it was blocked off, but apparently more sections were blocked off as there were trash cans of police tape in the area...

 I hope somehow there will be some answers tomorrow or soon.  The people damaged have had their lives changed forever, answers won't help them.  But perhaps with time they can get back to a more normal type life again.

I did a better job of being proactive with emailing people so they knew we were okay.


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