Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apr 16: Job Aids and Vigil

Fitbit Activity:  8054 steps taken, 14 floors climbed, 3.36 miles traveled, 1929 calories burned, 433 active score, 495 Calories eaten.

I double booked some time this morning so had to push off a phone/computer meeting for my organization... Thought we had rescheduled for this evening, but she did not call or email. I went thru my notes and wrote up a job aid that might help her get somethings done. I think we should have looked in to just using Quicken for the organization, it takes so long to write out procedures for Quickbooks. But it does help me learn things and think about the best way to do things.

Added later:  Actually, maybe Quicken would be good enough for the organization.  I'm going to try to remember to look that up!

Was able to walk to the dentist to give them the address for Delta Insurance, she will resubmit our claims so they are taken care of properly.

I'm trying to not concentrate on the horrible events of yesterday, but getting so many calls and emails that this is difficult. People want to be the first to share information and I don't think it's all correct.  They had a vigil at Harvard tonight that DH and I attended.  It was nice to be part of a group of caring people. We were late so I don't know what was said at the beginning, but I was glad to be there.

Today was a 5:2 day - we had the most delicious pre-made soup. Dr. McDougall's Chana Masala. Only 160 calories a serving and 1.5g fat, 8g protein, 8g fiber. Yum, yum!

Going to bed early tonight - hopefully will sleep.

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