Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thu Apr 4: Medical Stuff, Lobster Rolls, Bridge

Today was filled with activity.

First to doctors for DH to have blood drawn - they did a good job - in the blood donation wing of the operation.  Before we got there though it was a  lot of wrong directions and information.

We went to a nice place for lunch on the way back - Charlies?  I can't remember the name now.  I got lobster rolls - they were small - 2 for $13.  Very tasty.  The best I have had on this trip.  Big chunks of lobster meat.  Dh had a cheeseburger - he liked it.

Then we went home and slept for two hours.  It really helped us with the rest of the day.

First he went to dentist - I went along and had a nice chat with the front office lady.  She told me about a service of Stop and Shop - will deliver food for $4.50 fee!  She lives on third floor so it's really nice to not have to carry heavy water bottles, etc.  I got two coupons to go to the movies - Landmark Theatres as DH put that I referred him to the place.

Then home for an hour or so before leaving for our second bridge session.  This one was nicer as our friends met us there.  For the first 10 minutes it was only us - then a lady who kept asking questions came and slowed it down.  We went for dinner afterwards - shared a salad and sandwich - then caught the bus to Harvard.  Perfect timing!  Once we were there we walked to the bus that goes to our street and waited less than a minute then jumped on that and jumped off for our place.

So it was an activity filled day.  But no work or sewing or cleaning or laundry done....

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