Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wed Apr 10: Basting

Fitbit Activity: 3182 steps taken, 3 floors climbed, 1.33 miles traveled, 1768 calories burned, 277 active score, 575 cals
I walked to Inman to the Hardware store to get the painters tape, he also helped me get a better screw for the kitchen cabinet that kept falling off.  Nice store, nice guy. 

Grabbed some milk at the Quick Stop Mart and said hi to the guy there who let me in to get Tums.

Then back home to pay bills and set up the basting table for the Quilting for Kids charity quilt.  And after about three hours the basting was done!  The quilt is around 45 inch by 47 inches and I used 95 pins to baste it....

I used the metal kitchen table for the basting.  I taped down the middle and pinned, then removed the tape and finished pinning the sides using my hand to smooth the fabric, etc.

When I flipped it over, it looked like most or maybe all the pins went thru so I am a-okay.  I wonder if I was supposed to change the direction of the pins more than I did?  Christa is also basting.....

Now the trama of deciding how to quilt the piece begins!

Today was the second day we did our 5:2 diet - so that means we both ate under 600 calories....

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