Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thur Apr 11: Dentist and Mass Ave

Fitbit Activity: 10329 steps taken, 2 floors climbed, 4.31 miles traveled, 2025 calories burned, 526 active score

Boy, do I like it here!  I was working on the books and phone rings.  It's the dentist office.  I have a 3:15 appointment but they would like to know if I can come in at 1:30.  It's around noon.  I say sure, set my alarm for 1:15 so I can keep working.  The alarm goes off, I leave, and arrive 2 minutes early for the appointment!  Now that's a living in a great walking score!

The dentist was really nice - it's my first time seeing him as a patient - last time I just had my teeth cleaned.  Unlike the dentist in La Jolla, this doctor took time to show me animations of procedures and to really try and figure out why my one tooth sometime hurt when I chew.  He got out the drill and smoothed off a little of the top of the crown - hopefully that will do the trick.

I forgot that I was supposed to take a Tylenol before eating for a few days - but DH and I walked to Mass Avenue to a little cafe we had noticed the other day.  I had a cup of soup, hummus and a falafel ball.  Nice but not great - and my tooth was still sensitive as I hadn't followed directions.  Well, I hope that after a few days of Tylenol it won't hurt anymore.  Hate to spend money on somethings - and not looking forward to pain after procedure.....

So I'm enjoying having a printer here - making it easier to do bookkeeping. Then I can move forward with my quilting!

: )

DH is having fun in the next room quizzing Serie.  Find me an Italian Restaurant close to here.  Where is my son? Send me an email.  Post this in LiveNotes.  Show me Virgo (that didn't work).  Neither did Show me the constellation Virgo. But he is having fun.

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