Wednesday, April 3, 2013

B&W Fabric

I couldn't help myself - one of the ladies in an online group is clearning out her place and decided to get rid of a lot of her fabric so she has posted photos and taking orders.....

I bought one box full of black and white fat quarters and scraps.

Had to reactivate my PayPal account to do this or maybe I set up a new account I'm not sure.  I wrote down all the access steps though so I can use it again.  I  just clicked to send her the $12.35 she requested.

I'm having the box delivered to San Diego even though I will be sewing here it seemed silly to have it sent here when really I will be back in San Diego very soon.  It will be a nice gift to myself but I will have my friend open it in case she decides to sew while she is there.

$12.35 for black and white fabric

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