Friday, February 6, 2015

20150206 More progress in crowded room

Attended the adult ed class.  The room was so crowded, I had to set up in the back row where the tables have computer monitors!

The tables are about half as deep, but I was able to push the monitor back so my sewing machine fit nicely.  I was behind some nice ladies who included me in on their conversation.  They attend a monthly guild that is near my house - at a church.  Each month there is sharing and sewing time in a big room they said with lots of seating.  The dues are just $25 a year so I may check them out.  After the first lady left the second felt she needed to tell me they have a lunch and say a prayer before eating.  So I have to think about it some more.

Even with all the talking, I got more of my charm squares sewn together.  I sewed so I have a bunch of pieces with three squares across.

No pictures this time.

By being in the back of the room, not only did I have the ladies behind me to listen to and chat with but I was facing a window with a beautiful view so it was, it turned out, a very nice place to set up my machine.

Friday, January 30, 2015

20150130 Final border on the green QFK project

Shows detail of the one pieced block.

Today was the first day of the new session of the adult education class. A lot of time was used to register. Each student had to stand in three lines! One for attendance, one to register for the class, and then to pay for get the handout. I helped with the last thing. Too bad it takes so much effort and time to do this.

I did manage to iron on several of my circles for the Abacus quilt.  However, I did not have black or grey thread so instead of sewing the circles down worked on what I could with beige thread. I put the final border on the green Quilts for Kids project, and got more of my charm squares sewn (for another QFKs quilts or maybe for a lap quilt for the house).

I have more charm squares in these fabrics ready to sew together.  I plan to combine the squares then to cut apart to add more interest to the end project.  Maybe I'll add longer strips of other fabrics too.  I'm not sure...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting Back to Basics and Enjoying the House

Kitchen Ideas

In the third slide: I'm intrigued with the open shelves and metal workspace. Also see the wood counter cover next to sink? Wonder how much space between the stove and the sink...
Direct link to article about the third slide:


Like the window, the magazine or outgoing mail holder

Would like in black.

Link to mail box description:

Bathroom ideas

I like:
the open shelves with color on the back
the sink without cabinet (and that she tested to be sure would support weight) would be good for wheelchair!
the towel hooks
that there is also room for some covered shelves
shower only - but there is no photo of the inside of the new shower : (

Would also like:
toilet that is supported and connected only to the wall (easier to clean)

Sure wish the diagram of the room were available!

This link shows the door of the medicine cabinet does not have to match the box behind:
It's stainless steel too!

Inexpensive Medicine Cabinet - appears to have a frame around the mirror
Can't tell how deep the unit is - I'm looking for something flush to wall. And think I would want to replace mirror with a photo or picture or fabric...

Friday, January 23, 2015

20151227 More progress on the QFK top

Attended class again, didn't finish the top.  Talking instead of sewing...

I found a piece of the beige fabric so I pieced in a piece so the selvedge wouldn't show.  Got the rows together and one of the borders.

There was a lot of talking in the class.  Next week is the first session of the new term so we need to be sure to get there on time and have some hand work to do as there will be a lot of people in the class.  Always is for the first few sessions then people drop out as the room is too crowded to any work.  It's a shame they do not just offer more classes, but if I can stick it out then it's a nice place to sew and possibly a place to meet people.  That hasn't really happened yet for me but perhaps if I attend more regularly it will!

The other topic was the Road to California Quilt Show.  I was one of the few not attending the show.  Maybe next year.

My out of town friend is still here so I'm having fun going about with her and having nice meals and outings.  We went to Orange County: breakfast at Knotts, South Coast Plaza and Ikea, Dinner at Tiako.  A nice day.

She is going to clear out more things at her place when she returns.  Was hoping when I heard that that she'd want to sort of report in progress each week or so so we could share and urge each other on, but she is not interested in that so I'm on my own for that.  I've signed up for a seven week yoga class so my plan is to go thru everything and get rid of extras within that time - so at the end I'm ready to go about hiring workers to make the improvements on the house that we/I want.  I can start as soon as my friend leaves...  But I'm so liking that she is here now.

Friday, January 16, 2015

20150116 A little more sewing

I attended the adult education class again on Friday and did more on the disappearing nine patch.

Sewed the blocks, cut them into quarters, then sewed them into rows.  The selvedge shows in one of the blocks so I wrote the Quilts for Kids coordinator for direction on what to do (replace with another beige or just let it show).  I have the two borders cut out so this this coming Friday I will finish the top.  Too bad I don't have the batting and backing but we will be meeting in person again the 2nd Sunday of February so I can pick that up from her then.

Next time I bring home fabric I'm going to ask to bring the left overs so I don't have to think about needing extra fabric!

And next time I make a disappearing nine-patch I'm going to do in a different layout so it looks like the quilt is made up of sashed squares!  I didn't have enough fabric to do this this time.

I finally found a photo with the general layout for the kitchen that I have been dreaming about:

This isn't exactly what I want or can have...  My window and sink are now wider so I wouldn't have the cabinets on the right of the sink.  And I think the door by the frig would have to be moved over so I would have the cabinets and space on each side of the oven.  

I like the way the wall behind the sink has tile - then the window starting so that would mean the window would need to be changed.   

Need to figure a spot for the microwave - a built in spot. and we put the coffee maker and perhaps the ninja and some seasons the toaster on the counter too.  So it's not exactly what I want or can have - but it's so pretty that finally my DH and friend could sort of picture what I was trying to explain so I'm glad to find the photo!  (hope I can find the source photo again!)

Friday, January 9, 2015

20150109 - Got the sewing machine out!

Today I went to the adult education class and brought my machine and fabric for a Quilts for Kids disappearing nine-patch and some charm squares.

So I actually sewed today!

First I put together some random scrappy four patches.  I had to remember where to put the needle to get quarter inch seams. One of the secrets to good quilts is good colors and fabric.  I just grabbed what I had, guess I should have been more particular!

Then I had enough nerve to start on the Quilts for Kids fabric I had cut at their working day a while back.  In real life the center fabric seems very close to the darker fabric, it's nice to see in the photo that there is a good contrast there.

My friend is here from out of town, we are having a nice time doing things together and dreaming...  We went to Home Depot and found this terrific back splash for a dream kitchen.

Christmas 2014

Well, this is my first shared video on my blog.  We got some fun lights at Costco - I put one strand on the tree.  In the video you can see the one strand goes from multi-colored to white then back again.  The other new thing I got this year from Costco were some wireless remote plugs.  I first put the new plug in the outlet, then plug in the lights.  It made it very simple to turn the lights on the tree, and the house, on an off.  Next time I share a video I'll make sure the action is not under the arrow!
This year when undoing the tree and lights I wrapped the lights in Christmas wrap and labeled them to remember where the lights were used.  I lost track of the number of strands that were on the tree, but it was nice and bright.  I'm giving away all the lights collected over the years by my folks and us via freecycle!

We decorated a lot this year, or at least it seemed more, as it was a year where we hosted the department and class party.  It was nice to have the house fixed up again.  Our son and his girlfriend came to one of the parties and I found out then that she was going to her family for the holidays. So we just had our son here for that.  It was a nice couple of visits.  We played board games and watched Endeavor on TV.  No Dr Who, but we recorded that to watch later.  We also had some friends from our son's high school over.  We cooked meals together and chatted.  Will be having them over again to cook and play games again.

I'm back now to boxing things up so we can have the new carpeting installed, but now I'm thinking I may want to go ahead with a few changes to the kitchen first - that seems a better order to do things to me...

I am blocked now from sewing as either projects are boxed up, or I am waiting to move my sewing to an upstairs room and to move the bedroom furniture from there to the first floor.  I'm hoping to have some house guests this year so want to make sure they have a nice set up on their own floor!

For sewing in 2015 I'm going to be sewing for Quilts for Kids -  that group meets twice a month to sew together for the kids.  I'm going to attend the adult ed class for quilting on Fridays. Then I will have at least one day of sewing for my projects.  I'll get things organized once the furniture is moved, and especially after that upstairs room is cleared out and can be totally and only for sewing!

My dear Mom passed away in November.  These last years we had good times together.  I got a ramp van, took her to the university for exercise several times a week and took her to have her nails done. Found a close by beauty college so she would have her hair done one day, her manicure on another day and her pedicure on another.  Some weeks we do it all, and sometimes would alternate with manicure and pedicure.  For a few years we also went out to lunch and/or shopping for one day each week.  I really don't like shopping, but she liked it so we did it.  I have wonderful friends that would visit her and take her out so my husband (and sometimes son too) could go away on trips.  My mom would be afraid I wasn't returning, but my friends comforted her and let me know how things were going.  I know my mom would have been happy that I was getting to have the foreign experiences if she had been more aware.  It's very different with the passing of my mom, and I'm having some sad days or days all I do is stare out the window thinking about only what I'm looking at or sleeping.

I miss our times together and just hope I spent enough time with her.  I know she would have liked going shopping more.  I would have liked preparing more meals with her and by the time I was experimenting with sewing she had finished with that kind of detail work.  I was late to adopt sewing and cooking - too late to do with her.  But it would have been fun for both of us to do that together.

I received so many nice cards or emails or calls - from family, from friends, professors and unexpectedly from friends of my sons.  Very nice people.  One said I heard your mom passed away. I'm so sorry. I hope you are feeling okay.  Another I was sad to hear about your mom's passing. My thoughts are with you and your family. From everything my parents said, you were there for her in every way possible.  I've always sent cards, and sometimes visited after someone passed away, but until my Mom going didn't realize how comforting those cards were.  It was especially nice to hear from my son's friends or children of friends.  Well raised people, I'm lucky to know them.

My Father loved to play games and pretend.  He would read books to me and listen.  My mom would take me to so many classes - she really looked out for me. And oh she could sew!  I remember the first dress she made for me.  Turquoise and white - she made it like a paper doll dress.  Just cut the shape out, sewed the front and back together and them put bias tape on all the openings.  I wouldn't have noticed that myself, but I remember her talking to other ladies about it.  She followed  pattern and made one for herself with  regular facings, darts and hem - but I always thought my paper doll dress was the best.  I have the last things she made for me.  Beautiful tailored jackets, vests, pants and skirts.  I felt like Princess Diana when I wore them.  I'm way too big now to put them on again, I've kept them though just in case there is a granddaughter someday I guess.  From what I've seen, once the girls hit high school they are too big to think of wearing my old clothes.

The night she passed away I told her how she gave me so many good memories and how I appreciated her and loved her. I asked her if she could hear me and she moved her head a little.  Then my husband came and said hello to her - we then sat down and talked to each other a little loudly to be sure my Mom knew she was not alone.  I asked my husband how much something was going to cost and I heard my Mom take two deep breathes, then there was no noise.  I waited for my husband to finish his answer and said I thought she was gone.  We confirmed to each other.  Then waited for the caregiver who really cares to be free and I caught her in the hallway, she came in an confirmed. She removed the pillow from under my mom's knees and closed her eyes.  Then she made the calls to hospice so they knew.  A nurse from hospice came and confirmed, then they called Telophase.  I think it was about an hour after she passed a way that he came.  I said my goodbye and we left - walking to the store as I recall.  She was gone when we returned - he had suggested we leave as he had to sort of wrap her before putting her in the back of his car - I think it was a van - I can't remember.  It's hard for me to write about this, but I'm writing it so I will remember later on.

Going thru boxes in the garage I'm finding stacks of letters I wrote to my folks.  I had forgotten I had written them so often.  My mom was organized and gave them to me shortly after I got married.  I remember she said I probably wanted to dump them as I often was writing about boyfriends, but I tucked them away so I still have them after reading a few of them.  Maybe I will read them all again, I'm not sure.  Maybe I can remember what I was thinking back then!  I'm afraid I was not as organized and do not have the letters they wrote to me.  I also found letters that I wrote to our son when he was little - guess it's time for me to pass those on to him.  Hope he will read them!

So it's been a different holiday season for me - but I'm starting to make plans for what to do for the next few months...

I'm waiting to post this until I have some quilting or sewing to share.