Monday, July 6, 2015

Striped Design

This would make a terrific quilt with sample fabrics! It's on my list to make for Quilts for Kids next fall!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

20150208 Official Quilts for Kids Sewing

I went to Chula Vista for the official Quilts for Kids sewing time.

There were two pairs of moms and daughters then the organizer and me.

Lots of room to sew and work.

I got the rest of the charm squares sewn into nine-patches then went thru her fabric to pick fabric to use for setting triangles as I think I will make at least one of the quilts so the blocks are on the diagonal.  I have enough nine-patches to make at least two quilts for quilts for kids.

Next time she will have batting I hope so I can start to actually quilt the projects together.

I hurt my back last Sunday after my friend left, helping my DH move some furniture to and from his office - a few flights of stairs were involved.  Today is the first day I have really felt completely well again!  I spent a few days in bed, then got up to do more and more things.  On Thursday I walked to our nearby coffeeshop, but had to have DH pick me up as I was worn out.  Friday after the quilting class I went right to bed and slept for hours and hours, but today I didn't have to do that!  So again I have learned that I need to be careful with picking up things and helping out.

I put my sewing machine in a suitcase so it was easy to move it to and from the sewing places this week!  I couldn't have picked it up I think without wrecking my back again.

Friday, February 6, 2015

20150206 More progress in crowded room

Attended the adult ed class.  The room was so crowded, I had to set up in the back row where the tables have computer monitors!

The tables are about half as deep, but I was able to push the monitor back so my sewing machine fit nicely.  I was behind some nice ladies who included me in on their conversation.  They attend a monthly guild that is near my house - at a church.  Each month there is sharing and sewing time in a big room they said with lots of seating.  The dues are just $25 a year so I may check them out.  After the first lady left the second felt she needed to tell me they have a lunch and say a prayer before eating.  So I have to think about it some more.

Even with all the talking, I got more of my charm squares sewn together.  I sewed so I have a bunch of pieces with three squares across.

No pictures this time.

By being in the back of the room, not only did I have the ladies behind me to listen to and chat with but I was facing a window with a beautiful view so it was, it turned out, a very nice place to set up my machine.

Friday, January 30, 2015

20150130 Final border on the green QFK project

Shows detail of the one pieced block.

Today was the first day of the new session of the adult education class. A lot of time was used to register. Each student had to stand in three lines! One for attendance, one to register for the class, and then to pay for get the handout. I helped with the last thing. Too bad it takes so much effort and time to do this.

I did manage to iron on several of my circles for the Abacus quilt.  However, I did not have black or grey thread so instead of sewing the circles down worked on what I could with beige thread. I put the final border on the green Quilts for Kids project, and got more of my charm squares sewn (for another QFKs quilts or maybe for a lap quilt for the house).

I have more charm squares in these fabrics ready to sew together.  I plan to combine the squares then to cut apart to add more interest to the end project.  Maybe I'll add longer strips of other fabrics too.  I'm not sure...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting Back to Basics and Enjoying the House

Kitchen Ideas

In the third slide: I'm intrigued with the open shelves and metal workspace. Also see the wood counter cover next to sink? Wonder how much space between the stove and the sink...
Direct link to article about the third slide:


Like the window, the magazine or outgoing mail holder

Would like in black.

Link to mail box description:

Bathroom ideas

I like:
the open shelves with color on the back
the sink without cabinet (and that she tested to be sure would support weight) would be good for wheelchair!
the towel hooks
that there is also room for some covered shelves
shower only - but there is no photo of the inside of the new shower : (

Would also like:
toilet that is supported and connected only to the wall (easier to clean)

Sure wish the diagram of the room were available!

This link shows the door of the medicine cabinet does not have to match the box behind:
It's stainless steel too!

Inexpensive Medicine Cabinet - appears to have a frame around the mirror
Can't tell how deep the unit is - I'm looking for something flush to wall. And think I would want to replace mirror with a photo or picture or fabric...

Friday, January 23, 2015

20151227 More progress on the QFK top

Attended class again, didn't finish the top.  Talking instead of sewing...

I found a piece of the beige fabric so I pieced in a piece so the selvedge wouldn't show.  Got the rows together and one of the borders.

There was a lot of talking in the class.  Next week is the first session of the new term so we need to be sure to get there on time and have some hand work to do as there will be a lot of people in the class.  Always is for the first few sessions then people drop out as the room is too crowded to any work.  It's a shame they do not just offer more classes, but if I can stick it out then it's a nice place to sew and possibly a place to meet people.  That hasn't really happened yet for me but perhaps if I attend more regularly it will!

The other topic was the Road to California Quilt Show.  I was one of the few not attending the show.  Maybe next year.

My out of town friend is still here so I'm having fun going about with her and having nice meals and outings.  We went to Orange County: breakfast at Knotts, South Coast Plaza and Ikea, Dinner at Tiako.  A nice day.

She is going to clear out more things at her place when she returns.  Was hoping when I heard that that she'd want to sort of report in progress each week or so so we could share and urge each other on, but she is not interested in that so I'm on my own for that.  I've signed up for a seven week yoga class so my plan is to go thru everything and get rid of extras within that time - so at the end I'm ready to go about hiring workers to make the improvements on the house that we/I want.  I can start as soon as my friend leaves...  But I'm so liking that she is here now.

Friday, January 16, 2015

20150116 A little more sewing

I attended the adult education class again on Friday and did more on the disappearing nine patch.

Sewed the blocks, cut them into quarters, then sewed them into rows.  The selvedge shows in one of the blocks so I wrote the Quilts for Kids coordinator for direction on what to do (replace with another beige or just let it show).  I have the two borders cut out so this this coming Friday I will finish the top.  Too bad I don't have the batting and backing but we will be meeting in person again the 2nd Sunday of February so I can pick that up from her then.

Next time I bring home fabric I'm going to ask to bring the left overs so I don't have to think about needing extra fabric!

And next time I make a disappearing nine-patch I'm going to do in a different layout so it looks like the quilt is made up of sashed squares!  I didn't have enough fabric to do this this time.

I finally found a photo with the general layout for the kitchen that I have been dreaming about:

This isn't exactly what I want or can have...  My window and sink are now wider so I wouldn't have the cabinets on the right of the sink.  And I think the door by the frig would have to be moved over so I would have the cabinets and space on each side of the oven.  

I like the way the wall behind the sink has tile - then the window starting so that would mean the window would need to be changed.   

Need to figure a spot for the microwave - a built in spot. and we put the coffee maker and perhaps the ninja and some seasons the toaster on the counter too.  So it's not exactly what I want or can have - but it's so pretty that finally my DH and friend could sort of picture what I was trying to explain so I'm glad to find the photo!  (hope I can find the source photo again!)