Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Purple Missing U and Virtual Reality

Got an email request for a variation of the Missing U block (Sunday Morning Quilts - Nyberg and Arkison). The blocks will be collected, sewn together and quilted by volunteers. The resulting quilt will be presented to someone in another subgroup of quilters who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I hope it provides some comfort to her.

The second email I received about the project gave the end size of the block, noted that purple would be a good color, and that the seams did not need to be straight. I tried my hand at making the variation of the Missing U block, but I couldn't keep to the guidelines as I think the white bit was supposed to have 90 degree corners. Since my fabrics had so many dark shades, the handprint size rectangle of white was just too stark. I made this during my Saturday quilting group session a couple of weekends ago.

I remember the Sunday Morning Quilts book was well written and that I enjoyed reading it and thinking about the blocks. This is the first time though that I actually tried to make one of the blocks.


My husband is teaching some classes on virtual reality and I've gotten to go with him to some presentations. It's a very interesting concept.

Here are are photos showing the campus of the last presentation - University of San Diego. Like all of you, I'm always looking at designs...

The Asian Heritage Society hosted the VR event on Friday, the next day there was a full day of sessions about Vietnam. Their logo reminded me of the Adrinka quilt Shasta is sometimes working on....

This is the the snazzy new computer my husband will be using to create and experience educational virtual reality lessons. The rear of the screen has a dragon with an eye that is white when the machine is on. There are function keys to press to change the color of the keyboard, the colors mean different things in the programs. There are stands in the room with gadgets to define the playing area so someone can put on the goggles to be transported to another experience.

Friday, April 15, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long Q2 - The More Real Dream List

April 8 - 16, 2016:           Q2 proposed finishes linky is open
June 30 - July 7, 2016:    Q2 finishes linky is open 
July 1 - 6, 2016:               Tutorial week

Okay,  this will be my second list and I am getting more real this time!  My first 2016 FAL list was way too long.  I made progress on several items, but only finished one of them.  That Q1 Dream list ended up almost being a master list of things I want to finish.

This time I'm picking three older projects to finish completely!

1. My to be sent to friend in Colorado Tumbler Quilt - needs to decide about how to put the binding on. Will I add another row at the ends before actually binding? I don't know now.... This started the year just being basted, but the quilting was completed. Thanks to help from Candace at Saltwater Quilts and Cher at Marathon Quilter, the project is closer to being done!
Tumbler Quilt

2.  My Cultural Fusion > Bound for My Friend in Sweden Windmill Quilt.
Just needs binding to be done!

3.  My Husband Quilt - I need to finish putting the pieces together, to baste, quilt and bind it.  It's been a while since I have worked on it.
This is what it looks like now...

Here is the vision from 2013....

When the quilts are all bound with labels then they are done!

Hopefully before another quarter passes by in 2016!

These were also listed on my One Month Goal for 2016.  So far I have met the monthly goals, but the quilts are not finished enough for the FAL 2016 yet!

Jan 2016 Goal to quilt - Finish
Feb 2016 Goal to piece - Finish
Mar 2016 Goal to quilt - Finish
Apr 2016 Goal to piece

It's fun to have these different challenges to get me going on finishing projects up!

Play with Me QAL: 04-2016 GO/Embroidery

I am really having fun with these Play with Me QAL board game block pillows!

This month we made a GO board and used embroidery.

Click and see what the others have created this month!

This month it's a GO board, and the skill is embroidery.

I used this as an opportunity to get more familiar with my new Brother sewing machine.

I changed the foot as needed, but tested how the stitches would look on a sample piece of denim.

I sewed on the back as that was how I was marking my pillow top, and wrote the stitch number with pen so I could refer back to the piece.

I was pretty pleased with how well the stitches looked on the opposite side.

I thought the column of asterisks stood out and was narrow so picked that to start!
In looking up GO boards I found there are different number of lines but that the 9 x 9 was a good beginner's board.  

Some of the sites discussed how the cells were not to be square, but then there was discussion about how the size was very different and if the object was to make it appear square then it would also have to do with how tall the players were.  

I did find one place that said the cells have a ratio of 15:14.  Luckily this was easy to put into action as 1.75 inch is also 14/8th so I drew that for one direction and then did 15/8th for the other direction. I used a pencil and then a pen to mark the lines.  

I sewed the center lines, then consulted my husband on what stitches he wanted.  He requested that the inner lines all be the same, that there be a different outer border, and that the little dots (hoshi) be added with black thread.

Link One Equipment Dimensions
Link Two Seattle GO Center
Link Three Print out GO Board - see hoshi placement
Link Four - 15:14

I discovered that by unplugging the foot pedal of my new Brother 600i sewing machine, I can press a button on the machine to control the speed and to turn the machine on and off!  So all I had to do was guide the material so the lines were between the center of the foot.

So although this did take time, it didn't take as long as I thought it would!  The secret was in the marking and in having this cool new machine to sew fancy stitches with!

I had to fill the bobbin during this process, but I bet you can't tell where I did it.  I'm not sure I can find the spot again myself!

 This is what the board looked like once the lines and border were done.

I pinned the flap to the back and the zipper.
Doubling checking what will show on the flap.

This time I trimmed the corners before joining the front to the back.

Again added a row of top stitching. Note to self: the zipper foot should not have been used for this step.
Pinning the second part of the zipper in place.
Triple checking!

The Reward!
Here are my four pillows!

Click and see what the others have created this month!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Two things:

1.  Mailed the stash bee block off today.  Even though it was sent to Canada, the postage was only $1.36!  I forgot to ask about tracking, I had asked when mailing blocks to Germany and it wasn't available so perhaps it isn't an option for Canada... She will receive within 5 to 7 days.

2.  I treated myself to a new pressure foot for the new sewing machine.  It's great.

  • Quarter inch piecing foot with blade for seam sewing
  • Accurate reference marking on 3 sides of foot for visibility and accuracy
  • Single hole foot prevents fabrics from sinking into feed dogs
  • Genuine Brother Made Accessory
  • For all 7mm feed dog machines

The other foot that I had was made of plastic and broke even though I put it in a little bag between using it.

This one is better as it has a little guide to put the fabric up against.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Stash Bee 2016 Hive 8 - April Block

The directions this time were easy to follow, and the request for solid white background and then black and white for the main part was right up my alley!

I again made a sample block to test the directions!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Q1 FAL 2016

Hmm.  I missed the deadline for posting my first quarter finishes.

This was the first time I had made a list for this activity, and I can see I had way too many things listed on my dream list.  I used the post as a sort of master list for things for me to work on.  I made progress on the projects and added new things to my project list, but only had one finish for Q1 FAL 2016.

I'm going to prepare a more focused list of things to finish for the second quarter. But I'll come up with the list later....

: )

Cozy Quilts FMQing Month Four: Stippling and Pebbles

At Cozy Quilt Shop for month 4 the FMQing group was given two designs to sew as homework.
Stippling and Pebbles.

My version of stippling looks more angular than the way it was drawn on the assignment, but I think it still is stippling.  I like the way things went together. 

To me pebbles isn't an all over design, so I first started by sewing a box, and then filled that in.



Then I decided to play with different ways to use pebbles in a project.  Larger (quarter sized) scale and putting in a row around another design.


In the end, my pebbles practice piece looks like this:

I didn't watch any videos before doing these designs. I found out that Cozy Quilts is a Bernina store, and the store owner, Daniella, is getting her inspiration from Amanda Murphy

At least one person in the class likes taking iCraft classes (but I can't find that online so must be I wrote that down incorrectly), they like Sue Rasmussen and Eleanor Burns (a local), and that Lori Kennedy is hosting the inbox jaunt mystery QAL on Tuesdays.  (most of the people in the class were not familiar with what a QAL was!).  When I just checked it looked like this QAL is over, but the clues are still posted.

Daniella recommended the Bohin marking pen and Hobbs Premium 80/20.  Some of the people use two battings for projects then the designs stand out more.

So I'm done with the fourth month assignment, but the links mentioned will provide lots of information and inspiration!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

OMG April 2016: Finish Piecing the Husband Quilt
My One Monthly Goal this month is to finish piecing the top for the quilt for my husband.

I found a box with a label that makes me think all the pieces of the quilt are in it....

Well, I hope everything is in there.

It's been a while since I have worked on this...

DH has looked on and nodded when I show him my progress on finishing a block for the stash bee, for a charity quilt, he was glad to get the Play with Me game pillows.

He thought it was nice that I was making the tumbler quilt for his friend in Denver and seemed to appreciate the time it took to do the quilting (my January OMG).

He looked on when I worked out the quilting for the charity quilts that I finished this year.

But I remember him standing in the doorway and watching me layout the purple windmill quilt and asking me who was getting that... (Feb and March OMG)

It's time for him to have a quilt.  It's time for us to have a quilt.

It will be scary really to have a quilt that I make that stays here.  It's scary that I've gone ahead and made the quilts for Denver and for Sweden too - but even a bigger step perhaps to say that I will make a quilt that will stay here!

I've read him the post by ChrissieD - "even the dog has two quilts"  to make him laugh and realize he wasn't the only husband without a quilt.

There was a quilt book that I can't find right now that talked about how the author was finally making a quilt for her husband.  Heck,  just search for "quilts for husband" and you will read about quilters who have left their family without - even though their hobby or their livelihood is quilt making!

So he isn't alone.  We aren't alone.  But by the end of this month I at least want to have the quilt top made.

Here is a post where I wrote about the project - in 2013 complete with an encouraging note from Heidi - Red Letter Day OMG Heidi!

So I'm committing to finally finishing the quilt top during April 2016!

Wish me luck!

Hope you will click to see what the others are planning to finish this month and cheer them on!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Received: Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop - Quilters Dream Batting

Today when I returned from my now weekly lunch with my son, a nice package was waiting for me!

Pretty fun.  This was from the Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop!  I'm looking forward to using this batting in a new project.

Thank you Quilt Shop Gal/Darlene, Thank you Seams to be Sew/Marion and Thank you Quilter's Dream Batting!

RSC16: April Orange with accent of black or brown - Curved Seams
I snuck in some sewing!

Here is my orange rainbow scrap challenge block for April!  It's difficult to see, but there is a curved seam in this block!

1.  After pretty randomly sewing some of the fabric together I was presented with a challenge - getting two uneven seams to match and be flat.  I didn't want to lose all the fabric so decided to make a curved seam.

2.  I saw I was going to lose some of those little pieces so I sewed a new piece of fabric (with white dots) to the side.  I arranged the fabric the way I wanted it to end up, over lapping the fabrics.

3. Without moving the fabric, I used a rotary cutter. Here I have pulled the two pieces apart.  The fabric just needs to overlap enough so when the two pieces are cut the seam is smooth.
4.  I wanted the seams in the common fabric to match so to be sure that I pinned and sewed the seam in two passes.  (Both times starting where the seams would match up.)

  • Orange with white polka dots and the white background with the orange dots and design I got in Mexico.
  • Light orange with purple bubbles -purchased when I was making clothes for our son.  I had the reverse fabric (purple with orange bubbles) and know he wore that in some pants with a white shirt that he fabric painted. His kindergarten school had the kids wear different colors each day of the week, but I didn't know this until school started.  I had to get orange and purple for him as they were missing from his closet!
  • Butterflies and white leaf and flower dots - purchased with my now DIL for a terrific block lotto block.
  • The orange with the little red circles - for one of my first quilts (that still is not finished) - Tulips for my Aunt June