Monday, April 12, 2021

Round Up Week 13: Another Log Cabin Variation (Pineapple Blocks) and Log Cabin Sampler Quilt from Elizabeth DeCroos at Epida Studios

 Time is passing so quickly.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I wrote the last update!


I made a second courthouse step block:

This time I really tried to be aware of the value instead of looking at the color - but the light blue in the center, compared to the other light strips in that direction is very dark. Ah well, back to the drawing board...

So at the beginning of last week I had these blocks in my log cabin exploration stack - from the free online eventbrite class "More Quilts - Log Cabins and Power Strips". 

This week we were on to pineapple blocks. I made a few variations of this block for the Block Lotto in 2011 - Sophie always had a great way of describing the colors to use to make the blocks look so lovely together.  I wish she were continuing with her block ideas.  

By making the logs so they are one inch after three rounds the block for my online class was supposed to be 10.5 inches. (Center block is 2.5 inches.) My block was 10 inches.

I added another round, and not trimming the outer addition, now it is 12 inches square.  According to the tutorial I found (Bella SKILLBuilder) I should add one more one inch log to finish at 10.5.

Again, I started with a light blue that is much darker than the rest of the fabrics in that location...  I have one more block to make.  Hopefully the block will look okay in the group of blocks I have already made. 

I found an online tutorial for making a 10.5 inch pineapple block with the same 2.5 inch center and 1 inch logs at:
The entire quilt along info here:
This method makes use of the speciality ruler for making pineapple blocks.  Pretty neat, but I don't think I'll be making many pineapples...  The directions are very nice as they include what the measurements should be after a round is added.  Also, the cutting instructions make it easy to figure out what to do! 
Here sort of is the cutting information:
Center 2.5 inch
First round make with 4-2 x 4.5 and trim to 3.25
Second round make with 4-2 x 4.5 and trim to 4.5
Third round make with 2-2 x 4.5 and 2-2 x 6.5 and trim to 5.25
Fourth round make with 4-2 x 6.5 and trim to 6.5
Fifth round make with 4-2 x 6.5 and trim to 7.5
Sixth round make with 4- 2 x 4.5 and trim to 8.5
Seventh round make with 4-2 x 6.5 and trim to 9.25
Eighth round make with 4- 2 x 4.5 and trim to 10.5
Oops I forgot for each round also have to add the corners or maybe the information I typed includes the corners.  I'm not sure. 
So also at the end add 4-2 x 4.5 to the corners and trim to 10.5
Need to watch the video again to count things up correctly.

This site does a good job of explaining the dark and light corners using paper piecing patterns -

This pineapple has the same color for the center and the outer corners and stresses the need for contrasting values:
She also shows a different way for the first round than I have seen before. 

Added 4-13-2021: I'm thinking perhaps of making a pineapple instead of the wreath block for the block exchange I mistakenly signed up for.  I need to make 20 blocks that measure at least 9 1/2 inches - unfinished.  They must include some of the focus fabric.  (I have a half yard of the focus fabric.)  I thought the math for the Bella SKILLBuilder would save me, but it ends with a round at 9.25.  Perhaps if I started with a larger center block I would be okay?  Doing this block I could just use the fabric I have for different greens and whites and just have the red for the center and corner...  Perhaps I will know for the next Round Up post here....  : )

New-to-me Blog to Follow:

I did find a beautiful Log Cabin Sampler Quilt (doesn't look like a sampler!) from Elizabeth DeCroos at Epida Studio:

This sampler quilt has these Log Cabin block variations (click to go to her site):
  1. Getting Ready for the Log Cabin Sampler.  The blocks are 9″ square,  49 blocks total square.  Quilt will be 63" square.
  2. Corner Block  Make 11 blocks (five with a light square and six with a dark square)
  3. Bento Block Make 3 blocks
  4. Court House Steps Make 3 blocks
  5. Traditional Log Cabin Make 9 blocks
  6. Greek Keys Make 3 blocks
  7. Off Set Cabin Make 7 blocks
  8. Star Cabin Make 6 blocks
  9. Cornerstone Log Cabin Make 7 blocks
  10. Finishing it up
  11. Sampler Quilting Options
The directions for each block and information for the quilt are all generously available for free on the Epida Studios website.  

Elizabeth DeCroos's directions are very clear - so nicely arranged, I really like the way this quilt shows off the different styles of log cabin in a non-symmetrical way.  She also made the quilt with red and white and red, white and green.


So that's it for the sewing part of this entry.


As I mentioned at the start, this week went by very quickly.  I did my three times a week phone chat walk with my friend, and I did five hours of exercise with my personal trainer.  Beyond that I think it was spent taking care of our little dog, planning and preparing meals.  Some reading.  I found a book I had purchased years ago - a novel about life in Taiwan "An Orphan of Asia".  

Hopefully, next week I will have more to write about.

And have the energy required to write!

My son and I made cookies and brownies this week!

Ah, I'm reminded of an article, I think in the Washington Post, about behaviors that we should continue with even after everyone is vaccinated and the threat from Covid is over.  I can't find the article again now...  But one of the behaviors was Cooking WITH YOUR FAMILY.  That sounded wonderful.  I guess my family does cook with me, but not on a consistent basis...

Too tired to write more now.


4-13-21  I add the links to the sites with information on how to make the log cabin sampler quilt, another photo of the log cabin sampler, and more information about the Bella SKILLBuilder pineapple quilt.  And a note added about the Christmas block exchange....

Monday, April 5, 2021

Round Up Week 12: Courthouse Steps Block and Easter!

For sewing this week I made one court house step block for the In the Studio with Lauren Thursday quilting class. This time I really looked at the value of the colors and think the secondary pattern shows up a lot better.  Still have one more block to make before class.

That's it for sewing.


I made a grand Easter feast - well received.  Recipes in Dodge Eats blog under Easter.

Worked in the front yard pulling weeds.  About four hours.  Still more to do, but looks a lot better.  Pictures could be better.  I didn't realize I didn't stand in the same place for the before and after shots.  When I finish will take more.  

While I was doing it I did a lot of walking!  Chatted on the phone while I was working on a very cloudy morning - so very productive time indeed!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Weekly Round Up 11: Scraps, handsewing, and log cabins - and notes on the rest of the time too.

Time is passing so quickly for me now.  I was sure I had recorded our meals (DodgeEats blog) every evening, but if I did they disappeared so I had to recreate them today.

On the Sewing Front:

1 of 3:

I enjoyed listening to StashBandit Diane Harris's talk last Sunday about using scraps.  She has been hosting these talks in hopes I think of getting more speaking gigs.  I wish I had more guild connections to get her more jobs!  I'm not wild about using monofilament  thread for bindings, but you know it was a long time ago that I tried doing that, so perhaps I should try again with her.  Probably the thread is made better than it was back when I tried it.  Her hints and tips during the talks have been very good to hear.  I goofed and was on a walk while her zoom was presented, so I took lots of phone photos - difficult to see on the computer now - while I was walking.  Here are a few:

2 of 3:

I also took a zoom handquilting class demo by Jessica Wohl | Piece by Piece: Beginning Hand Piecing hosted by Shakerag Workshops in Tennessee.  She was very clear with showing her methods of hand piecing.  She does not tie any knots but she does trace the stitching line on both sides of each piece of fabric (unless it is an improv piece).  She puts her needle and checks both sides before proceeding with sewing. She loads the needle with several stitches, then straightened the fabric and takes a back stitch before going on.  So each line of stitching is reinforced very well.  Instead of cutting fresh fabric or getting new supplies, I used several tumbler pieces I had left over from an old project and sewed four pieces together and I used some needles and thread left by my mom.  The seams are very sturdy.  I think I need to sew a few more together to really remember this method.  I forgot to ask her if she ever washes her pieces sewn this way.  Her examples were very art quilty so I am not sure.  

Showing grain of fabric

Showing how to put the needle thru when joining four pieces together.

An example of work by Jessica Wohl - hand stitched from found fabric.
For a close up click on

My tumblers hand sewn:

Marking and following the lines would result in a flatter piece of work.

3 of 3:

Attended the second in the new series: In the Studio with Lauren 2: Log Cabins and Power Strips sponsored by The Georgetown Lombardi Arts and Humanities Program (But I can't find Lauren or the class on the Georgetown site. I found her class via eventbrite site.)

For this new class series,  I decided I would make a little quilt for our little dog out of the class blocks.  So instead of making four or six blocks each week, I planned on making one or two blocks - and then putting them together for Buffy.  However, already, it turns out the weekly blocks finish at different sizes.  So I will need to spend a little more time figuring out how to put the blocks together.

Week 1 of 7:

The first Log Cabin blocks were to have a red center, show contrast between the two sides, and using 2.5 inch strips.  I have a bunch of strips that have black and white only - and then green, blue, and purple.  So I was going to be using those.  Lauren was showing the sew and then cut only the side you are next going to sew method (rather than cut ahead and then sew).  Really helps to remind you what side to sew on next - and saves trimming time too.

These are around 14 inches.  These standard log cabins look rather bland to me.  The strip widths are very consistent.

Week 2 of 7:

The block for this week (second version) was to use half width strips (1.25 inch) for the first sides, and use the same 2.5 strips for the second size.  

These are around 10.5 inches.  Because of the way these are constructed, if there is enough contrast then the log cabins look curvy.  But you have to have at least four to see that illusion.  

But I'm having trouble seeing the curves. I tried to get the contrast by following the rule of the one side being fabric with black and white and the other with blues, greens and purple - but I should have been looking also at the value of the colors.... So back to the fabrics to rethink how I do the log cabins!

Log Cabin Layouts from

I could add another round or two to make the size more match the first week blocks, but since I am not sure what Lauren will be challenging us with in the coming weeks, I will wait to do more.  

I want this project to be small enough that I can get a quilt finished as soon as the class ends.

So that's it for sewing and quilting this week.
Now other stuff.

I  am still healing from all the dermatology work from last Friday.  He freezes potential cancer spots and takes samples from others.  This time it really was a lot done.  But since I have put the paperwork organizing on the back burner a bit, I am not feeling completely guilty or stressed about my lack of progress on that front at all!  It helps that the deadline has been pushed back by the federal and (my) state governments too - but I will still try to submit to our bookkeeper by the original deadline.  We will see what happens.

I had fun making new to me foods.  Combining beans with different things to make nice lunches, making sauce for chicken, and making another pudding, canned fruit topped with streusel topping treat. As soon as I'm done with the pudding mixes I'm looking forward to trying making pudding with cornstarch. (I ordered double of that early on with online food ordering.)

Trying to keep my chin up, but actually feeling a tad blue over-all.

Our little dog has officially lost vision in one eye and the other one can just see flashes of light.  We have a new medicine to give her.  Thank goodness for her it has not made her ill with side effects.  

It was clear a few weeks ago that she shouldn't go up on the sofa as she can't see where she is and it was scary thinking she could hurt her joints or bones by walking off into the air onto a power strip or something.  So we set up different boxes and pillows on the floor and hide little treats and carrots there for her to find.  She has a really good time sniffing to find them (usually in the evening).  If we don't hide the treats then she barks - so I have been spending at least an hour (sometimes three!) doing that with her in the evenings.  

It is incredible how quickly her vision changed. Just last November she was coming upstairs every night to stay with me for at least a few hours at night.  She has only come up a few times since then.  

She still enjoys her two times a day walks around the neighborhood.

We have modified the areas (putting boxes of different heights for her to use as stairs, and boxes to block open areas so she is less likely to walk into the air and hit something sharp) where she sits to try to make them more safe for her so she still goes to sit in the sun in whatever room has the sun at that time of day. 

We used to let her free in the backyard, but now go out with her and follow her around to be sure she doesn't go in an area that isn't safe now that she can't see as well.

See the box behind her?  There is a pillow on the floor in front of the end table and a high piece of thick cardboard blocking the armrest of that chair too.

Her new enrichment area gets moved around when she is looking for treats.

Sometimes she gets in the little bed and sleeps.

Our son will be getting his first vaccine tomorrow! He has letter from the university saying he is teaching that one class, so he is eligible. Not sure if behaviors will change much once he has the second one.  He is making progress on his research project (he is hoping to get published, then will apply for graduate programs).  Once in a program then, I think, it would be easier to meet people to friend.

I sure wish I had friends who would walk and go out for lunch and go to museums with me and quilt!  

Massage Envy is now charging me my monthly fee again so hopefully not too many months will go by before I feel safe to do that again.  Each month my payment goes toward a one hour session.  But if I miss a month the sessions just add up and stay in my account so I can do a few alternating week sessions for a while.  I don't lose the money or sessions (as long as I pay the monthly fee).  I had 'saved' a few sessions last year as I was thinking of going more often during the summer but it ended up we were all self-isolating then.  It's a long drive for me, but I really like the stretching and massage. So looking forward to that too.

Can I think ahead to the nice facials I was getting at the beauty college too?  I tried to go every few weeks at least.  So refreshing.

Thinking ahead to travel to Italy after my personal trainer told me she was saving up to go to an August wedding in Italy.  What a nice thing to look forward to.  Our Irish wedding been changed for only 25 people to attend so we are off that list now.  But since it is in June probably too soon for safe travel anyway.  Our friends in MA/FL travel to Italy pretty often, we have discussed doing a trip together...  Dreams.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Weekly Round Up 10 - there was a plan?

 No sewing, not much of anything really - except for yesterday....  And that was an entire day spent on the computer!  Had fun as I always to downloading and renaming monthly docs for credit cards, utilities, bank accounts.  All the things needed for the taxes - and more just cause I can.  I'm really almost ready to hand things over to DH and then the preparer.  But almost is a huge word...

The week before had me with a hurt back from twisting around the step up to the sofa boxes we had set up in the living room and den.  Kept the first ones, but moved the coffee table so Buffy has more room to go in the sun and it's easy to sit with her for part of the morning too.  moving the coffee table didn't help the back....  Then we had our second vaccine at the Petco Super Center.  We are old pros at the drill now, it wasn't as exciting I think.  No side effect until the evening.  The my arm started hurting.  The next day I felt like I had the flu - so uncomfortable!  We had doordash deliver for a few meals as I stayed pretty much in bed.  

But then I felt better and did a bunch of organizing and EOY stuff.  Today Saturday I spent a bunch of time walking.  Perhaps three hours.  Some with Buffy, some while chatting with friend on the phone.

Next week I will be back at exercise and walking while chatting with P. Want to continue gong thtu papers and books - and packinh things up for Goodwill.

New to me Food YouTubes

Just discovered this guy today - he makes it seem so easy.  I have to try these out soon!

Can I Recreate Canned Corned Beef Hash To Taste Better? | Childhood Eats
Chef Attempts To Take Hamburger Helper To A Whole New Level | Childhood Eats

Friday, March 5, 2021

Weekly Round Up 9: Plan not going as expected


Nothing by me.  

I missed the Scrap Quilt Secrets: Fabric Savvy with Diane Harris of Stash Bandit talk last week, hoping to go tomorrow.

Did find these neat free PP Pattern for Scrappy Triangles:

Originally saw here:

Pattern download and photos of lots of examples of quilts completed  with the PP designs:

Last week I forgot to share that I had read Stitched in Color blog a little more closely and notice she and her family have moved to Holland.  She and her husband are not Dutch and they had never been there before moving there!  All (sort of) because she read a book!

That is more of the life I had dreant I would have, but it hasn't happened yet.  Perhaps now that DH is retired we an live there for a at least a bit.

The Plan:

The plan was, if you remember, was that I would take this past week off from my scheduled activities (exercise, walking and chatting with friends/family) so I could concentrate on getting paperwork together for the taxes.

On the weekend I was very industrious - weeding and doing yard work. 

Then Monday DS Alex asked me if I could take the little dog, Buffy, to the vet.  Of course I said yes.  But that got me distracted for the rest of the day all I could do was shred papers that I had in a box waiting for action.  

On Tuesday I vacuumed, shampooed and vacuumed the carpets and persuaded Bernie to walk with me to the shopping center.  I had to return a presser foot ankle/connector thing and had to use UPS so they would pay the postage.  That was an easy drop off thank goodness! 

On Wednesday it was DS's birthday so I spent way too much time making his birthday dinner (this year chicken pot pie  Ended up with enough for 15 servings instead of 6-8 I expected! Put extra filling in the freezer) and then he and I set about making his birthday cake together.  But I hadn't gotten unsalted butter (as I didn't think it mattered but it does to him) so we pivoted and made a different cake - this one from the  Guinness Site - Boozy Chocolate Poke Cake )  I had gotten the ingredients so we could have for St Pats Day.  So glad I had everything we needed so we could still make cake together.  We just added the Guinness to a chocolate box cake mix in place of water, so it was rather easy too - although we didn't taste the cake on his actual birthday as it had to be refrigerated for so long!  It was a hit.   Have you ever made a poke cake?  This was my second one.  My first was a coconut cream cake.  There are all sorts of recipes on YouTube.

Thursday In the morning I called cousin in Ireland. Haven't voice chatted in almost a year.  They are restricted on how far they can drive from home. only 5K now.  She can go farther for work, and because she is a nurse.  The fine starts at 100 Euros if they get caught going beyond what they are supposed to go.  Her daughter's Summer wedding is now just going to have 25 guests - instead of the 250 originally planned.  So we are off the list of attendees. 
­čś× I hope they will have a party for her when it's safe to travel again.  I can't remember else what I did, but it wasn't paperwork!  I wrote to the man who does our taxes and asked him to send in an extension request.  I may have discovered Jamie Oliver on TV with his 15 Meal Show  Brillant!  Recipes Now I see he has a book by the same name. We were supposed to get our second COVID vaccine but it has been rescheduled for the third time now....  Sunday to Thursday to next Tuesday I think.

Today, Friday,  I hurt my back in the AM so spent most of the day in bed with a heating pad, napping or watching Star Trek Voyager.  I wrote my personal trainer and friend I usually walk with and said I needed another week off to do the tax stuff.  In the evening DS and I did another cooking class with Cooking Class with Chef Giacomo from A Casa Mia SD  We made: • Burratina with Smoked Salmon and sauce made with beets ground with walnuts, garlic and yogurt  • Risotto with Reconstiuted Porcini mushrooms, Vegetable broth (tomato, zucchini, celery, carrots), fennel sausage  •  We ate some of DS's Boozy Birthday Cake instead of the Torta Della Nonna with raspberries and nutella that was part of the planned dinner.

So my plan so far has not worked at all.  But I have next week now to get things done.  And there is always putting it way off with extensions....   

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Weekly Round Up 8: A Little Cutting and Sewing - and a Plan


Just the littlest of cutting and sewing...

I think I cut the squares for my 3-D bow tie quilt this week.  Looking pretty good. Now I have to get these sewn so it's easier to decide what color fabric to use for the outer row and columns to even the sides up and whether I need to extend the quit more. 

And I sewed together the test block for the block swap:
Looks pretty good but it is not 9.5 inch square so I need to find a different pattern. One where I can have lots of plain fabric near the sides so I can just use my ruler to trim the block so it's 9.5 inch square. The sewing in this test block is not acceptable for a block swap...  : (

I was just reading where she describes what seems to be easy way to fix this problem. At least in the block she was making.

I will have to wait until the tax papers are sent to the bookkeeper before I can think any more about what quilt block to make for the swap.

I really thought that test wreath block was going to turn out perfectly as I made templates to help me with the cutting.  I thought after making the test block,  I could start to cut the fabric out and just start sewing the blocks whenever I needed a break.

I ordered a 1/4 inch foot for the machine and the piece that makes it so the foot will connect to the machine.  The connector thing doesn't fit so I will be returning that - and have to look for one that will fit.  
I am using an old machine that Audrey got for me while I was in MA in 2013.  It is great.  My other machine is even older (A Kenmore that I'm pretty sure my Mom used in 1967 and perhaps earlier.)

These are the presser feet I ordered and the connecter deal that doesn't fit.

But wait, June, you said had a plan?  A plan for what? 

Well, I decided to cancel all my activities for next week (I can't cancel our son's birthday, getting the second covid vaccine, or the local zoom cooking class I signed up for - no refunds possible and the food is being delivered the morning of the class) but I can concentrate on getting the 2020 taxes in order and hopefully to also organize some other papers that have been piling up too, by not doing walking/chatting or exercising or taking on any new appointments or activities.

It was such a relief actually when I made the decision to take the week off.

I made two kinds of bean soup that will last way into the week - so lunch is set. I will make rice to serve with it and change it up a bit by adding vegetables or meat as I serve it.  I think tomorrow I will freeze some so it is fresh later in the week. 

DH and DS do not usually have breakfast but we have blueberries, oatmeal, and cold cereals they can have if they want.

I planned the dinners and ordered the groceries to be delivered on Sunday:
Pasta, Sauce, Sausage, Squash, Salad?
Salmon Cakes, Remoulade, Asparagus, Salad?
Costco Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Canned String Beans, Salad
Stir Fry with Tofu Cutlets, cabbage, squash, string beans, rice, salad?
Chicken Pot Pie, Salad, Alex Cake
Costco Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Salad
FriDinner by Zoom

Because I had a plan for the meals I felt I could weed and trim bushes and trees yesterday and the day before. Yard looks a lot better already.

Tomorrow (Sunday before the week of papers):

I may work on organizing the kitchen a bit more. Perhaps doing another food inventory and applying the new stickers I got to put on things so I can easily track things with easier to see expiration dates and/or purchase dates - and then pull the label off and put the date used and then save the stickers until I can record the information in my chart. 

If I can find the birthday wish block from Carolina Moore I will try to make that too. (except she told me it is a traditional rather than paper piecing as I had thought - so it may be too much time for tomorrow completion). 

Or I may just walk and walk to get more February miles in for my 1000 mile challenge

DS said he would shampoo the downstairs carpets (around the 1st), and it could be DH washes the kitchen floor.  But if either of them decided to walk with me instead that would be even better.


Last week, my husband and I drove to Pt Loma to get some wine and shrimp and also got lunches to go - what a treat! It's only the second time, not including medical offices, I have been inside a business since the shut in began. The other time was the post office to get some postcards.

My Milkstreet class on Fearless Shrimp was fabulous! I learned two different ways to make shrimp. My computer froze on me so I got to watch and listen on my phone, so I didn't cook along as planned. I made the dishes the next day and then the next day - what a treat! I really liked them, delicious. Shrimp in Chipotle Sauce and Thai Grapefruit Salad with Shrimp. I will write more in my Dodgeeats blog.

In The Studio with Lauren was very good. She showed different ways to finish up a quilt and how to make a sleeve for it. Too bad I will have to miss the last session of the series, but a new series will start on March 18th. Already know we will be doing log cabins. Such a fun block to do in a wonky or liberated fashion...

The zoom EBHQ lecture was very nice: Jenny Lyon. I'm looking forward to next month's speaker:
Rachel Derstine and to working on the new EBHQ Lone Robin!  This time I will make it smaller so I can finish, in time to be part of show and tell at the end.

I chatted with or emailed friends I hadn't connected with in a while.


I was mask shamed last week during one of my walks.  What a shock!  I tried to be nice while standing my ground, but I as I replay the encounter I know I sounded snippy instead.   

Went something like this:
Hey lady, you don't have to wear your mask.  
But I am walking and talking on the phone, it's easier to keep on than to take it on and off.  You never know when a jogger is going to come by. You are staying in one place on your yard so it's okay to not wear a mask.  
You don't have to wear it cuz you are outside. 
I know I'm outside. I can see I'm outside.  Thank you.  (probably I said this sarcastically)
Well, I wasn't sure you knew you were outside.  
Well, I do. [I walk away.]
Over my shoulder I sort of loudly/rudely said: I'm not addled.  
I walk away, thinking to myself. I wish I were clever and that I need to avoid that block for now on... And I'm embarrassed at myself and that my friend was listening on the phone while this was going on.  Then I try to continue conversation with friend.

I will try to work on better ways to respond for next time, as I imagine there will be a next time, and I feel badly at the way I responded.  

Has that happened to you?  Do you have a response in your back pocket to share?



Monday, February 22, 2021

Weekly Round Up 7: A Little Sewing and then other stuff


I cut more blue squares for the 3-D Bow Tie Quilt and I partially cut out pieces needed for a test Christmas Swap Block.  That's it.

I was late, but I did attend the first of six free presentation by Diane Harris - Stash Bandit on:

Scrap Quilt Secrets: Fabric Savvy

The workshop is very nice so far.  You are all invited to sign up and attend.  Here is the link:  Http://  This first one was around 30-40 minutes I think.  I thought I was just a little late - but perhaps I had the incorrect time in my calendar.

She is also giving a binding class online - it is $40.
Binding is one of the things I really need to master - so I think I will attend one of these sessions.

Carolyn from My Carolina Home had a quick baby quilt to make.

She took fabrics and cut 3.5 inch strips out of them (alternating the colors - she cut 8 strips).  Sewed them together and made a tube.  Cut 12 - 3.5 inch strips and picked out the seam at different fabrics and then sewed to make a little quilt that was 24 x 36 inches.  It was Bonnie's Hunter round the world method I think.  She added borders so it probably ended up being closer to 30 x 42.  She used three fabric.  One was a solid pink the other two had white and pink.  Very sweet looking quilt.  Click on the link above to see!

Other Non-Sewing things:

My left eye was bothering me over last weekend until Tuesday. I did walk with P on Monday, but cancelled my exercise as I just was not feeling well. I called my eye doctor and left a message. When they called back the eye was better - I continued putting warm compress on and Refresh eye drops a few times a day though for a few days.

Milkstreet Class - Turkish Red Lentil Soup with Aleppo Pepper Oil - very nicely done. I had the ingredients so I cooked along, and that makes it very nice. I decided to go ahead and pay for a year's subscription and will try to make at least one new dish a week with them!  Next week: Shrimp!

I made an apple pie using the date filled cookie crust recipe - Next time will only add the apples.  I will strain out the liquid as it made the crust a little soggy.  Still delicious and so easy to make!

I finally went thru everything in the bathroom and put things aside to toss - or maybe will post on freecycle. Not sure.

I did the minimum of this possible. Need to ramp this up so the taxes can be passed off to the bookkeeper to finish and submit!

Chatted with P, Ellie, LM Kathleen, and BV. Maybe a text with Pam.

Can not believe how quickly this week went.  Not a lot to show for it.  
Carolyn from My Carolina Home has a different definition of what a week with not a lot of show for it ends up being....

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Weekly Round Up 6: A Little Sewing and then other stuff


I sewed a few more 3-d bow tie blocks and squared them up.  I cut some blue blocks to put between the pieced blocks.

The blue fabric has a design so since I will have set in triangles, I will vary the orientation of the fabric rather than keeping the center blocks so they are oriented in the same direction.

I am thinking of adding an additional blue block at the ends of all the rows then adding a zig zag of yellow before ending with the blue set in triangles. Then the quilt will be wide enough to wrap around the person using it. Actually since my DH noticed the quilt on the design wall and said it was nice looking, I am now planning on giving it to him.

I'm not exactly sure how the corners will end up, But decided the yellow zig zag after blue solid squares (right side of diagram) would be better than having the blue zig sag (left side of diagram).

Glad the zoom quilting class is Thursday - sure would be nice if I had the top together and could start the hand quilting then.  The teacher uses a frame to hold the quilt on her lap while she sews.  I'll have to get one....

My Once a Month Saturday group leader sent out an email lamenting how she didn't think she'd be allowed to have us meet this month - but maybe next month.  She asked us to write to let her know if we thought we'd be coming in March.  I wrote I wouldn't feel comfortable so soon.  She wrote back that she understood but then asked how I was doing on the swap blocks.  I just said making Slow Progress.  So I guess I need to really get started making those blocks now!  : )  I need to get a new 1/4 inch presser foot since my sewing is so off in the 3-d bow tie blocks.  For the swap I know I have to be exact....


So the non-sewing stuff.

I mostly went thru things in the bathroom so that has empty counters and some space underneath too.

M W F walked and chatted with P in the am, and did zoom exercise.

Did the expressive writing group - but I am really not very expressive.  In fourth grade compared to the others.  They come up with beautiful responses to the prompts.  Not sure if I will continue with it.

Didn't do any cooking classes - but did prepare some nice meals.

This soup was really well received:

This adapted from cookie recipe pie was raved about:

I put the Costco salmon in a pasta with alfredo sauce that B & A liked too.

On Thursday my eye started feeling odd.  Friday I called the doctor but was too late so will try again tomorrow.  Hopefully she will be open and not closed for President's Day - even better that I wake with a regular eye! Have been putting warm compresses on it.

Our little Buffy has been feeling so much better!  It's wonderful to see her 'hunt' carrots and go up and down the steps we made her.

Even made her a few carrot/treat towels.  She has gone out in the middle of night and entertained herself with pawing the knot open and making the towel flat while she finds and eats the things we put inside for her.  I made a video but it's not the correct file format for blogger.

This afternoon (Sunday) I was up in the bedroom with a compress on my eye, and she actually came upstairs to see me!  She hasn't been up very many times that I am aware since her eye really got bad in December.  I don't even have her water bowl in the room any more, and I took away the steps to the bed as I didn't want her to step off and fall down now that she really can't see well.

Anyway, it was a good week.  Not as busy as the week before.  I'm pretty sure I paid all the bills, and I tried to change passwords for most of my accounts too.  Seemed like a good thing to do for some reason.  Takes a long time to do that!

We have the ingredients ready to make a Valentine's coconut poke cake, but didn't make yet.