Sunday, October 13, 2019

Long Weekend: Not Quilting: Dana Point Weekend

So, my husband and I took a few days and drove up the coast to Dana Point for a little holiday.  I thought when we married that we'd be doing this on a regular basis, but that hasn't been the case.  Oh well.  We started by dropping some things off to Goodwill.

A little cat my mom used to have on a shelf.
Cake decorating books from a friend in Australia, a basket it the shape of the state my son's ex-wife was from, assorted blankets I tied with my mom.

Am empty case for dinosaurs.
I hope they can distribute party paper goods.

My mom's jacket.  Destroyed by moths.
I like the way it is designed.  Should have had my husband take a photo actually showing how nice it looks....

After emptying the trunk, we drove up Pacific State Highway.  It's a pretty road, has the Pacific Ocean on the left and houses or businesses on the right.

We stopped in one of my favorite cities, Encinitas for lunch and had a visit to their beautiful library.

I didn't take photos of the library, but it's the best.  They have a place to buy coffee (as a fundraiser), and you can settle into chairs to look at books and the ocean!

 Brave New Quilts was organized sort of by different design principles of different artists.

Quilt with Tula and Angela, had a nice combination of color theory, piecing, and fun free motion quilting.

I've heard of Christina Cameli, but this was the first book I'd seen by her.  There were lots of ideas for different designs, but for a beginner like me, there was not enough step-by-step instruction to actually do the designs than she has in the book.

Once we got to Dana Point we stayed at the Best Western.  Walked for dinner to a BBQ place, read, next day walked to the harbor, had seafood dinner, we left after breakfast the next day.  Drove up to Irvine to go to another bookstore, then back down to San Clementine for a super used book store. Then home.

The only picture I seem to have taken is the design on the duvet at the hotel...

Oh we went to lunch in Irvine, this was outside the restroom. It was huge, so I only took the corner.

and this is the book my husband checked out of the Encinitas Library!  He is teaching a class on Educational Games...

WIP Charity Top: Jordan Fabrics How to Cut A Rail Fence Quilt

I've never made a rail fence quilt.  September is charity top day at my once a month group, so since I had found this YouTube, Jordan Fabrics How to Cut A Rail Fence Quilt, I decide to find some fabric and make a top.  Several people were also looking thru the fabric, so I think that part could have gone quicker, but it was nice to chat to folks.  I found four fabrics each about 19 inches wide and started cutting 2.5 inch strips.  I followed his tips and cut several fabrics at the same time.  I subcut those into 8.5 inch strips and got to sewing the blocks.  At the end I needed more of the darker blue.  I was going to use some different fabric, but then I discovered that I could piece together enough to make the final strip.

It's unusual for me to follow directions!  I cut the fabric for a top all at the same time, used only a few fabrics, and cut several fabrics at the same time.

It felt like I was working rather quickly, but I'm not sure...  I think it took about five hours for me to get this top pieced (including picking the fabric, ironing, cutting, sewing, chatting).  Unfortunately, I did not pick out backing fabric, so I was not able to get the batting for the quilt.  But I'll get that and work on it the next Saturday group that I can attend. Gosh, that won't be until January.  : (  But at least it's a start of a charity quilt!

Since I have more time, think I'll add some borders to make the quilt a little larger than 40 inch square.