Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FMQ Book Drawing

Found this drawing today:

Deadline is December 26, 2011.

Looks like a really interesting book - fingers crossed on this one!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Mailed my block lotto block to Oklahoma - about 70 cents.

Picked up about two yards of pink cotton at thrift shop - $1.70.

Total = $2.40

Tumbler Edges

Boy there are a lot of details to track when sewing.  But first, I thought about how I wanted to edge the quilt.  I found by reading blogs that by cutting a piece in half and sewing at the end, a straight edge would appear.  That sounded pretty good to me.  I sewed my rows so there was a beige piece at the beginning and end of each row - but then realized that I need to add another piece so the half pieces would line up.  I looked at it and decided I didn't like all the beige at the edge so decided to add so the edge right before the half piece of beige would be a color.  So some of the rows now start with two colors - or end with two colors.  It too a while for me to figure the new colors to use - as now most of them are duplicate fabrics.  So I did that, and added them to two rows - then sewed the rows together.  The second set went together quickly - but then I realized I had flipped the order so I ripped the row out, repressed and sewed it down again.  I finished a third pair now and think I have the hang of it.  I took one of the finished rows to the twin bed - it hangs over about 10 inches!  but right now it's shorter than a twin so I might need to add top and bottom rows.....

Tomorrow I will wear my fitbit so I can see how many steps I take to finish the next pair of rows.  I have the ironing board set up in the dining room area - as that is where I have my pieces laid out.  It takes so long to do, I will not have this done in time to use the basting table at the class - but know how much extra pressing I'll have to do if I fold it up so will keep it on the bed if I have to use the dining room table before I can get to the basting table.

A came by to see if he could recognize any fabric he had gotten me, but since we didn't exchange gifts last year I didn't get the fabric....  I pointed out the fabric I had made him shorts or pants with when he was little....

Now that I see how easy it is to get the straight edge, I think I will experiment with some of my remaining tumblers.  It might be interesting to  add a narrow strip and surround it by the half pieces.  I'm not sure.  I want to finish this up before I have to move it all, and put in boxes.

The fabric in the bottom left corner - I bought today at a thrift shop.  Got about two yards for $1.70!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tumbler Progress

As I have time, I've been working on the tumbler quilt.  I realized after putting the pieces on the table that I hadn't counted the beige pieces so I will have enough for a lap quilt, maybe a twin even!

I decided to end the rows with a color - so then will cut some beige pieces in half and put on the ends to make them straight.  Originally I had ended both sides with a beige piece, but when I figured out how to make the straight edges, I didn't like the idea of having so much beige (especially since I may decide to add borders to make the quilt larger).

I didn't want the colors to be in rows so made it so there are some splots of color. I'm not sure if anyone can 'see' what I was thinking, but I'm going with it now...

I want to work on my speed in making projects during the next year. My family has been using sleeping bags instead of quilts for ever - 2012 will be the year they get quilts!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

She has some terrific posts - a recipes for slow cooker!

Now has a give away.... Closes Friday morning (12/16)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

90*4 Tumblers - only enough for a baby quilt....

A couple of months ago, the Liberated Quilters Yahoo group held the first World Wide Swap.  I received lots of blocks in progress that I have been using in my Liberated Round Robin project.

I didn't (and still don't) have a lot of works in progress so I took fabric to adult education class and spent two long days cutting up different fabric using the 3 inch tumbler die for the GO.  It was really tiring, but I thought would at least add value to what I was sending on.  I also cut 5 inch charms in not as many fabrics....  I traded with a lady in the class to double the number of fabrics.

I sent along more than an equal number of plain beige tumblers so there would be enough I thought for a nice lap quilt.

I've been sewing them together as a leader and ender project, it's been very nice.  Since I can't find my fabric to finish the LibRR I decided to go ahead and put sections together.  Now I realize I do not have enough tumblers for my lap quilt - also I shouldn't have sewn them all together in fours as that limits the order in which I sew them together.  And I know I need to send my World Wide Swap partner some more tumblers so she can make something useful!  It occurred to me tonight to check the GO site and see how many pieces are needed for different quilts - I only found the baby sized quilt - and it requires 180 tumblers - it's 12 rows of 14 shapes - then cut 12 additional shapes in half for the edges - surround all with a 2.5 inch strip and bind after quilting.  The finished baby quilt is 38 x 40 inches.
The pattern is here:

I haven't been attending that adult education class, will write the teacher to see if the GO is still available for people to use.....

I'm so surprised to see how wrong I was about estimating the number of pieces needed for a quilt.  Before packaging the pieces to mail I had laid them out on the dining room table and kept cutting and trading with people to get more fabric - I really thought there would almost be enough for a twin size quilt before borders, etc.....  Oh well.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Go Baby Give Away - Lisnaweary Quilts

Found this give away while on Sew Cal Gal's site (looking to see if she had more information for the FMQ monthly activity she is hosting next year....

AccuQuilt GO! Baby and 3 dies. Deadline: December 11th

I got to use a GO a few times at the adult ed class I sometimes attend - fabulous to get the cutting done so quickly.  I especially like the way the corners were cut off (I was doing tumbler blocks) so it's easy to sew them together!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

LibRR - Section Six

Finished up round one, two and three with Leah's pattern for Tree Bark.

LIBRR-Section Five

I think I made this pattern up  - it's mostly three lines then beads of thread pretty equally distributed.

Friday, December 2, 2011

LibRR- Section Four

I started doing a different pattern but didn't like it so ripped it out.  I like these small curves....

I broke a few needles doing this - I was moving the fabric too quickly trying to rush.  Did it in two sittings - part last night and part this afternoon.  Only two more sections - then on to rectangles and curves and finishing it up!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

LibRR - Section Three

This pattern is called hardwood floors (as I recall).  From Leah Day's site.

This view of the back shows part of the other completed sections too!