Thursday, December 8, 2011

90*4 Tumblers - only enough for a baby quilt....

A couple of months ago, the Liberated Quilters Yahoo group held the first World Wide Swap.  I received lots of blocks in progress that I have been using in my Liberated Round Robin project.

I didn't (and still don't) have a lot of works in progress so I took fabric to adult education class and spent two long days cutting up different fabric using the 3 inch tumbler die for the GO.  It was really tiring, but I thought would at least add value to what I was sending on.  I also cut 5 inch charms in not as many fabrics....  I traded with a lady in the class to double the number of fabrics.

I sent along more than an equal number of plain beige tumblers so there would be enough I thought for a nice lap quilt.

I've been sewing them together as a leader and ender project, it's been very nice.  Since I can't find my fabric to finish the LibRR I decided to go ahead and put sections together.  Now I realize I do not have enough tumblers for my lap quilt - also I shouldn't have sewn them all together in fours as that limits the order in which I sew them together.  And I know I need to send my World Wide Swap partner some more tumblers so she can make something useful!  It occurred to me tonight to check the GO site and see how many pieces are needed for different quilts - I only found the baby sized quilt - and it requires 180 tumblers - it's 12 rows of 14 shapes - then cut 12 additional shapes in half for the edges - surround all with a 2.5 inch strip and bind after quilting.  The finished baby quilt is 38 x 40 inches.
The pattern is here:

I haven't been attending that adult education class, will write the teacher to see if the GO is still available for people to use.....

I'm so surprised to see how wrong I was about estimating the number of pieces needed for a quilt.  Before packaging the pieces to mail I had laid them out on the dining room table and kept cutting and trading with people to get more fabric - I really thought there would almost be enough for a twin size quilt before borders, etc.....  Oh well.


  1. Thanks for adding the comments box.

    What always amazes me is you think you've got enough fabric and blocks, and you never have! That's why my quilts are never the correct size. I go by eye and if I think it's big enough I stop.

  2. I definitely am not able to figure the sizes out correctly. Now I realize that I had forgotten about the alternating beige that I had sewn in - so I have double the number used in that baby quilt. I should be okay with the getting a useable sized quilt out of this after all. Might be too short for my son or husband, but will be fine for me! Thank you for stopping by Clare!


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