Thursday, May 31, 2012

BlockLotto - May 2012 - Liberated Slash Star



My first try at this I goofed with the cutting.  I remembered that the points needed to be away from the sides so they would not be lost, but cut it so all the lines went side to side (resulting in extra little triangle pieces).

After looking at the technique pages again and more closely I figured out how to proceed with making a few of the blocks...
Additional notes to help with the block.
Showing trimming seam

Here are my first two blocks!  I included the trimmed fabric just to show how much is trimmed away.  I started with 13 inch squares - ended with 9.5 inch squares.

I went ahead and finished the green stars - it looks great - and there is no extra seams in the corners.  These were cut with out lifting the fabric so there are little triangles at the end of each point.  At first I thought I had really made a mistake and would have to trash the fabric - but I'm glad I kept it as I was able to get two more 9.5 inch blocks!  Notice that the green blocks did not have as much trimmed away - but there were more seams to sew...  I might put the green stars in the project I'm still working on after the Marston/Moran workshop....  (I only need one green star I think, wrote to see if the other one could be in the drawing but didn't get a reply, so I'll use it myself somewhere!)

Four stars front
Four stars back - not green has more seams.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things

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My Fabric Week

Tuesday - May 22 - Nothing with fabric
Wednesday - May 23 - Nothing with fabric
Thursday - May 24 - In the evening I finished FMQing Leah Day's Sew Cal Gal pattern one on one of my FMQAYGQAL blocks.
Friday - May 25 - Nothing with fabric
Saturday - May 26 - Attended quilt workshop - incorrectly cut a slash star and only finished one FMQAYGQAL block.
Sunday - May 27 - Nothing with fabric
Monday - May 28 - Nothing with fabric

The Longer Combined Version - Too Much Information

Tuesday - May 22 - No workers today.  I met a friend for lunch and then went shopping to get a few things we needed.  Was so nice to not have to hang around the house today!  Having workers at the house gives me sort of the same feeling I have when my mom is in the hospital.  There are consultations, then I think I can do some work that I want to do, but then there is something else that needs attention.  Mom would hurt and need something turned or adjusted ot the workers knock to ask me opinion or to show-up something they finished.  I'd rather it be the workers of course - and am so appreciative that they are available to work for us - such high quality work - but it is a little stressful.

Wednesday - May 23 - The workers dug a trench for drain that will be going to the street.  Then there was more work on the sprinkler controller box getting the cords mounted to the wall and covered.  We found a linking valve in another area so a new valve was installed - but in the midst of that the water shut off failed so there was a gusher for awhile until the water department came with emergency truck to shut it off properly.  There was much discussion on this, the worker called another guy to come do some welding.

Thursday - May 24 - The workers came with special drill to put a hole in the sidewalk so we have a cool drain hole for water that comes in the openings in the side yard.  (Of course I learned in the water conservation reading that the cool thing to do was to set things up so the water went in the ground rather than in the street.  But we already had paid for this to happen so it happened.) It looks very neat.  Some houses in our neighborhood simply have above ground pipes to direct the water to the street, the way our guys did it looks much more finished.  In the evening I finished FMQing Leah Day's Sew Cal Gal pattern one on one of my FMQAYGQAL blocks.

Friday - May 25 - Went to cooking class where I met my son - we take it together.  The dishes today were all wonderful.  We made the Udon Cold Noodle salad.  Came home to watch the final episode of the Korean soap opera we have been watching together - Pasta in Love.  Then he left.  Bernie and I went to mattress store  - I guess I'll finally be getting rid of the awful box springs we have had since forever - but instead of going lighter will be getting some heavy Swedish foam mattress.  I dislike beds that are difficult to move, think back fondly to the simple bed I had in my dorm room in Uppsala so many years ago.  We went out to eat at a fabulou little Thai restaurant - I never knew how delicious Salmon curry would be!  It's my new favorite!

Incorrectly cut slashed star -
see extra triangles at
the ends of the points.
Saturday - May 26 - I was late, but did go to the quilting workshop.  Had a hard time settling down.  We have a new drunkard path die for the Accuquilter that I want to use - but I want to go ahead an cut my fabric to size (decided 13 inch square would be good size to cut).  The only other time I used it (for small tumblers) it was really time comsuming as I didn't precut - instead I was ironing and folding with each new set of fabrics that I cut.  This time I want to be more efficient with my time.  Also, it's the last class before the summer break so it could be that a lot of other folks also will have the same idea of using the Accuquilter to get things cut!  There will be another four weeks of classes but at the same time as the cooking class so I won't be able to quilting until next fall.  I cut out a practice slash star for the blocklotto, but didn't do the cutting correctly so scrapped that try - intend to try again tomorrow! When I got home had meeting with the treasurer - she didn't record much.  Only put Deposit - didn't put the name of the company or person who wrote the check.  So much extra time will be needed to be spent because she was trying to just get by rather than doing a decent job.  It's a shame.  I'm burned out just thinking about all the lost information and time that will be needed to fix things.  Oh well.

Long Sealed Door
Double click to see
the awful detail!
Sunday - May 27 - We tried to sleep in and rest, went to breakfast - I'm not going to have pancakes for a couple of months.  I enjoyed them so much the first time last week - and then again today - but it's just too much to start the day so often!  Then off to Home Depot to look at doors - we need a new one installed off the garage.  Years ago it was leaking right before we were leaving on an extended RV trip so I just sealed it up with goop - I think it's caulking? I put it on the outside and the inside so the door has been sealed since then.  So now that we have the nice cement and are clearing things out of the inside it's time for a new door.  We found a nice one - I think it's the most expensive one of course - that has a window and blinds in between two sheets of glass.  That will solve the problem of the sun cooking what's inside that area!  Bernie wanted a screen too but that option wasn't available with the blind, it's the light that we decided was most important.  So then back home to veg out before going to a meetup where we joined a new group to play a trivia game at Shakespeare's.  They have it every month apparently.  The categories were: geography, history, sports, entertainment, and potluck.  There were 40 questions - my team only got 22 correct.  The winning team got a coupon for $100 with their 31 correct answers!  It was loud, but we were able to talk with a few people - nice.

Monday - May 28 - Even though I do not work fulltime to bring in income, it's absolutely wonderful to have a three day weekend!  I slept in today - feel so rested!  Last night B and I had made lists for what we were going to do today.  He has been sanding and wire brushing our fences and new gate to get it ready to prime.  (I guess that's the real difference, that he is working on the house too! Makes it so much nicer to have company.)  I've been moving things (and going thru some boxes) so there is nothing to the right of the exterior side door that will be replaced.  I was sort of surprised at how many of these boxes were empty or almost empty.  Wish the entire garage would be like that!  After going thru the boxes I moved them again so I could get the shelf over to the side of the room out of the way - then re-stacked the boxes on the shelves - putting the heaver ones on the bottom.  My mom and dad were always buying me things - that's a lot of what is in the garage.  My dad is gone now, and my mom wouldn't remember anything now so it's time to go thru and take inventory and get rid of things.  Our son can look thru to see if he wants anything of course.  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Red White Blue Blog Hop

I'm on the list for July 7th for the red, white, and blue blog hop.

Each person will make a 10.5 or 12/5 inch square block and will post it on their site for their day!  Some blogs will include a tutorial, some will include a give away.  Should be a lot of inspiration.  Hope you will drop by!  I'll put reminders up closer to the event.

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GiveAway from J-Man and Miller Bug: $200 Amazon Gift Card

Here is a give away I found on the J-Man and Miller Bug site.....

We all love right? 

And with summer right around the corner, there are tons of things from Amazon we’d love to buy – a new bathing suit, that super cute pair of sandals, K-cups to help us keep up with the kids all summer long. Well, just in time for summer you have a chance to win a $200 Gift Card! That’s right – $200 can buy you some major summer goodness! 

 So get ready, get set and enter away!

And I hope it makes your summer just a little bit sweeter!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things

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Fabric Version

Tuesday May 15 - Nothing with fabric
Wednesday May 16 - Nothing with fabric
Thursday May 17 - Nothing with fabric
Friday May 18 - I rethread the machine and tried to do the Leah Day Sew Cal Gal design on my FMQAYGQAL block, but the needle kept jumping.  I think this is beyond user error and it's time to bring the machine in the shop!
Saturday May 19 - Nothing with fabric
Sunday May 20 - Nothing with fabric
Monday May 21 - Nothing with fabric

The Longer Combined Version - Too Much Information

I did not take notes during the week, but can refer to the checkbook to help me remember what I was doing!  Ha Ha.

Tuesday May 15 - The workers worked on making wood guides and rebar for the cement.  We are widening the driveway by about 24 inches.  We are adding an uncovered extension to the patio that is up against the house from the patio to the side of the house.  We are having the area to the side of the house (where we put trash cans) covered in cement and adding a sort of curb to the side next to the neighbors so we have a flat area and no dirt falling in our side of the property line.  They also worked on drains for the back yard and the what will be under the trash area.  We are going to later have a hole drilled thru the street curb for the water to fall thru.

Wednesday May 16 - Today the cement came and pumped the cement so quickly - it took about an hour for the truck to set up, pump and get set to drive again.  Very efficient way to deliver the cement.  The workers used shovels to get any air bubbles out - and used tools to get the pads at the right level so the water doesn't pool and goes away from the house.

Thursday May 17 - The workers worked on preparing the yard for sprinklers and moving valves to the side of the yard.  In the evening I attended this workshop at  INTRO TO MULCH & FERTILIZERS  Come learn how properly applied mulch can reduce your water use, help to minimize weeds and add that final touch to highlight the look of your landscape. You will learn about the different types of mulches, the pros and cons of each, and learn where you can get free or low cost mulch for your landscape projects. Jan Tubiolo, landscape designer and Garden docent will introduce you to fertilizers, teach you about proper application methods that are appropriate for your plants and the environment. I'm afraid I'll have to read up more on this - I think I was supposed to know more before attending the presentation.

Friday May 18 - More work on the sprinkler controllers and prepping the wall for the TV.

Saturday May 19 - I did not attend quilting sessions as I felt I needed to stay by the house (B went to graduation for his department).  The workers put the TV on the wall, they moved the water valves to the side of the yard, they finished putting the stucco on the patches for the removed gate, the removed intercoms, and speaker, and they took some things to the dump. In the late afternoon I went for mini meeting regarding finances for an organization I belong to. The treasurer forgot her computer so we were not able to work on getting the records straight, but I did receive the reimbursements that I have been putting in for so that was great!

Sunday May 20 - Slept in as there were no workers.  Then found my gardening gloves, the riddler my dad made for A, and started going thru the piles of dirt the workers left after they dug out the lines for the sprinklers.  I did not have any wood to move the rocks, so left a pile in each section of the yard as I finished it.  I got the riddler actually after I came across some glass that had been buried long ago.  So those sections of the yard were sifted to 1/4 inch!  I put the rocks by size in different trash cans I found - then when I ran out of room only put the smaller rocks in them.  I was careful to not bend and twist - so my back feels fine.  It took be about 7 hours to get 5 hours of work done.  Then got ready to attend, and attended retirement party for one of the people who stood up with B when we got married.  We each picked two people - we really each had three that we wanted to pick but since it was a garden wedding we thought 6 would be too many.  So B had this professor woman and a frat friend.  I had my godsister and a friend I had lived with for a few years.  We looked at the eclipse thru special glasses, chatted, had dinner, then people stood up and told funny stories about memories with this lady.  It was a special night for her.

Monday May 21 - I woke at 4am so was ready to go outside to do more rock sorting before the workers came.  It got light around 5am so that is when I started.  I didn't have time to sift everything so just did what I could do.  I found a few roots that still need to be dug out.  When the workers came the boss said they expected to find a few more roots - they were removed right away - and I did see two times that other roots were found and then pulled or dug out so that was good.  Today the sprinkler lines were layed out and then the heads were put on.  We tested the lines at the end - there are adjustments to be made for another day.  Round up was sprayed and the workers left - they will return on Wednesday.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Organizing Tips

I have been looking at this site for ideas on how to finish a fireplace, but they have many other helpful posts. Here is one with ideas on getting/keeping organized.  Click on the title for the complete article...

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SewCalGal - FMQ Challenge - May

Directions: To make double stipple and train variation.

MayLeah Day

Before:  The lesson is very clearly written including a very nice refresher or orientation to FMQing.  Leah is really the best with including information for beginners, and I'm sure she challenges more advanced quilters too.  The designs are both very nice, I anticipate the double stipple will be easier than the train tracks as points are sometimes hard to do.

First Try May 2 - First I drew the double stipple design on paper.  Since I had finally finished my Big Star quilt, it was easy for me to set up to test out the patterns on my test sandwich. The white thread doesn't show up in the photo very well...  Here are my first interpretations:
Back First Try May SCG

First try at both May designs for SewCalGal
My practices did not fill the space as evenly as Leah did in her video demos, but I think they look really nice anyway.

These will be nice designs to use to surround some busy piecing or to have in the background.  Check out Marie's blog to see the pattern done in a larger block - very nice.  (Need to scroll down a bit to see the photos.)

May 25 - in FMQAYGQAL block.  I finally had time to sew the pattern in my quilt blocks!
Front - Leah's Double Stipple
Back - Leah's Double Stipple

I'm having a little problem with the thread getting too loose at the top of the machine, but by going slow (and traveling to be sure some skips were secure) I have a second example of the first design by Leah Day.

This is such a forgiving design, it still looks good with uneven loops!  I think it would be wonderful as an all over design!

May 26 - in FMQAYGQAL block.  I did the second Leah Day design for the SewCalGal challenge.  This time I just did one simple curve so there is plenty of unquilted area.  I really like it!

Front- Leah's Tracks
Back - Leah's Tracks

These designs were really fun to do - I know I'll be using them in my future projects.  Now they are part of the FMQAYGQAL project I'm working on too!

I'm linking to SewCalGal for my May entry!
I'm #94!


You too can join up with the 2012 SewCalGal's Free-Motion Quilt Challenge now to become a better free motion quilter and have the chance to win fabulous prizes!!  

 To enter the May drawing:
1. Write blog entry or post a photo on Flicker. Copy and save the URL.
2. Then go to
3. Click on the May link - you'll go to the screen with information about the challenge for May. The direct link is:
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and add the link to your site.

I'm #94 on this list! I'm coding all my entries about this project with SewCalGalFMQ2012 so clicking on that will show the most recent post on top.


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Praying for a Miracle

Lovely Michele at With Heart and Hands gives a lot to the quilting and charity world.

Now it's time to help her.

Click on this link to read more.

Please spread the word to help Michele's sister-in-law.  Blog it, Tweet it, or share her post on Facebook.

Thank you.

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My Days - Fabric and Other Things

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Fabric Version

Tues - May 8 - Nothing with fabric
Wed - May 9 - Nothing with fabric
Thu - May 10 - Nothing with fabric
Fri - May 11 - Nothing with fabric
Sat - May 12 - Nothing with fabric
Sun - May 13 - Nothing with fabric
Mon - May 14 - Nothing with fabric

The Longer Combined Version - Too Much Information

Tuesday - May 8 - DH and I cleared space in garage and took to Goodwill nearby.  Took my mom to her exercise class and to have manicure and pedicure.  I went to brick place to see what the retaining wall will look like.  Then too tired to think when I returned home.

Wednesday - May 9 - Cleaning and straightening up.    Took photo of the treatment I am interested in for side walkway and left note at that house asking them where they got it - Home Depot is the answer!  DS came over to mow lawn - I missed text message he sent asking if he should do today.  Since we are hiring workers to remove the lawn this isn't necessary now.  So he straightened his desk instead and I wrote emails regarding conference I chair in the fall. Drove DH to see different style of blocks for the retaining wall.  The contractor? said his part would still be around $150 to install so DH and I decided to go with the blocks I liked the best - they also have different varieties of blocks so could build a stand alone wall if desired.

Thursday - May 10 - Facial for me!  (and this is strange - had my nose hairs waxed!  TMI?  Didn't hurt - was $5. We'll see if it changes my life.  Ha.)  Went to Home Depot for the drivable pavers sample, to paint place to see how the rocks will finish up, to tile place - realized I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.  Met contractor's? assistant and discussed job.  Saw DS a bit (he took mom to beauty college for hair while I was doing the errands).  Picked up Friend at airport, took him to Russian restaurant for dinner, then home to watch Denver Nuggets vs Lakers game.

Friday - May 11 - I went to my cooking class with DS.  DH and his friend did some errands and just chatted I think while I was gone.  The workers are doing such a fast job on the yard!  We'll have to make quick decisions on what to plant, whether to have vegetable planters, what stones or pavement to have installed etc.  I found out though that their prices do not include the materials on some of the things that I thought were included.  As long as they do a good job and there is no flooding or water that pools up it will be okay.  We went to Blue Water for dinner - there was a long line.  I'm not sure our friend liked it as they sell shark and he said that was not a good thing to do (or eat).

Saturday - May 12 - Our friend is not feeling top of his game - sinus infection from all the scuba diving.  We took him him to Liberty Station for the Asian Cultural Festival - ate a quick lunch there.  Then on to the light house to see and read about those things.  Then he said he needed to nap back at home.  When we got there though we ended up watching a show he had had recorded - The Killing - sort of a dark series, reminded me of Breaking Bad.  Then DS called and we had him come over to see all the work that had been done in the yard - we four went out to eat at Palestinian restaurant.  Nice chatting and food.  Basketball when we returned, then a Shark special that featured the scientist that was on his trip last week, then bed.

Sunday - May 13 - Had a little time to chat with Friend this AM the he went to living room to take a nap - he was asleep until almost 4!  DH and I had left overs for lunch - there were still some left for Tom when he woke.  I've been reading a book while waiting for him to rebound..... finished it and gave it to Tom to read - it's an interesting read.  Makes me want to finish reading or listening to BrainWave.  It was nice to not have workers making noise and just being around the house.  I think tomorrow they will finish the grading, move the sprinkler faucets, install the TV holder and finish fireplace so it's ready to have tile applied, and sure would be nice if they would finish fixing the holes the electrician made on the inside when he added the ceiling lights.  So might be tomorrow I can sew!  But tonight we went to Adam's Avenue Grill for a delicious dinner and dessert.

Monday - May 14 -  I'm exhausted.  Between getting up at 4:00am so I could say goodbye to our Friend, to cleaning the guest/sewing room, to having workers here again working on the yard, to .....  it just seems to go on an on.  The end result, on the yard is, it's not done.  The guy realized, and we could see too, that really getting the soil below the patio enough so it wouldn't flood wouldn't be the best way to do it.  We have to raise the patio pad up too.  So our lovely new patio posts are now going to be wrapped in special stuff and buried in the cement.  I didn't talk to him about that, I let DH do that talk.  It's apparently a treatment that is done in cases like this.  It's very unfortunate that our lovely posts were built before we knew about this need.
So we will also get new walkway built at the same level to the right along the house.  The ground there gets so much moisture that nothing grows and this cement will protect the house from more moisture - and will be a place where DH can put the BBQ so it's under light so he will be able to better see what he is doing in the nighttime BBQing.
Since there will be a truck of cement we will also extend the driveway about two feet and will have a walkway (used to be brick until two days ago) that will be the path for the garbage bins to be taken to the street.  There will also be a cement pad put for the trash bins to the house so there is no flooding.
Looks like we are not using the drivable tiles that I spent so much time looking for.  By saving money and keeping the fake rocks on the side of the house it would look cheap to have them so the smooth cement will be better.
The side cement pad will also be what we step on from the garage to the trash - if I can ever really empty that area.  We've never used that way to exit the garage as there is too much stuff in there, and the old chain link fences were in the wrong place to let DS play at the side of the yard.
DH went to stores to get what is needed to mount the TV to the top of the fireplace - nothing is going to happen to that I think for a while.  I should have the tiles here that they will put on the front anyway or it's another trip for the workers.
The workers are nice, they do not talk really loudly, they work very hard, they work well together, they do not smoke and they are neat.
I lost days getting ready for and hosting our friend - hope I can get the sewing and cleaning out and bookkeeping momentum up again.  Right now my feet hurt as I've been slipping on sandals and going outside to see things and have been getting dirt under my soles and rubbing them in so my feet bottoms feel raw.
If only I could depend on more all in one contractor service to be worth the extra cost - but this is the way we have to go - one step at a time.  Even with an official contractor sometimes things have to be revised.  As long as we are to code we are okay - and since just replacing stuff don't have to get licenses so far!
I'll need a break once all this is done before even thinking about having the work done that I wanted on the inside of the house!
I guess I'm sort of glad that our South African friends who were going to come to the conference in June and stay with us while they were here are not coming. Then once I get sewing set up again I can do a little each day rather than getting diverted to organizing things for guests.
I hope they will come another time though.... I told our Friend from Colorado that I would get a new mattress before his next stay - so will have to figure out how to have a full bed in there and all my sewing stuff!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sew 15 Minutes a Day

Linking up with:

The Fabric Version

T May 1 - Started sewing binding on Big Star Quilt
W May 2 - Finished sewing binding on Big Star Quilt - a Finish! Practiced FMQ for SewCalGal
Th May 3 - Nothing with fabic
F May 4 - Picked out backing for tumbler, sewed it together for the backing.
Sa May 5 - Basted the tumbler!
Su May 6 - Nothing with fabic
M May 7 - Nothing with fabic

The Long Version of my Week

Tuesday May 1 -  I took my mom out for exercise and then to have her manicure and pedicure.  I treated myself to a manicure too.  When I got home our son was there so had some time to chat.  We had pizza delivered for dinner, that was a treat for him.  After he left I reread how to do a binding and sewed the binding on - the front of the quilt by mistake!  I guess I had spent so much time thinking about and then trimming up the sides I just had the quilt facing up.  I had just the other day found my clear thread so that will save the day for the quilt. Spent a bunch of time doing emails for my computers in education organization before going to bed.

Wednesday May 2 - I finished the binding on the big star quilt!  The clear thread was a good choice - I put beige in the bobbin and in most cases the beige was on the beige background of the star so doesn't stand out at all.  Two of the corners are perfect, the other two aren't.  But I have now my first real finished FMQing quilt that we get to keep at home.  I gave it to my husband - just my 4th finish.  Did a quick test of the new Leah Day designs as part of SewCalGal's FMQing challenge.  Easy and great looking!  I moved some of the fabric that was in the living room to my elva drawers in the garage - getting things out of the living room/dining room as we have house guest in a week.

Thursday May 3 - No fabric today.  Took mom to foot doctor (waited 30 minutes, he didn't introduce himself, and he started making a list of things for me to do - without even looking at her feet - and three of the things on the list of five items were for me to google things!).  I could have just done that to begin with and it wouldn't have cost me an hour and a half!  Returned her so she could have lunch, son was late so I picked her up again for her exercise program.  He and I had lunch.  He took her for hair shampoo and set and I went to store to get dinner.  There I met the nicest man - a visiting professor from Germany - ended up driving him to campus with all his fresh fruits he had purchased.  My son and I watched another episode of Pasta in Love (a Korean soap opera we are watching on Netflix).  We had chicken on top of a vegetable salad.

Scraps in piles by color - sort of!
Friday  May 4 - On Fridays my son and I attend a cooking class.  Today's recipes were all winners - there were almost no leftovers we all liked it so much!  Kabuchi Soup, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Pork Buns (he and I made these), and scones.  Sort of an off combination, but we all liked the dishes.  The buns didn't rise as much as expected - but then all the teams didn't have rising buns - either it's that we all handled the dough too much or there is something amiss with the recipe.  We are going to test again and see!  After class he came over we watched our Korean soap opera - then took a nap - then watched another episode - he left then.  I mowed the back lawn - still feeling okay so that is good!  I just had a PB&J for dinner.  Later I picked out fabric for the back of my tumbler quilt and sewed enough together for the backing.  I also pulled out my scraps and put them in stacks by color....

Saturday - May 5 - To quilting class - it's not really a class to me - but a place to sew with others - and they have a terrific table to do basting on!  So I basted my tumbler quilt - there is one corner where I'll need to patch the batting, but it's ready now for me to quilt.  I ripped the fabric for the backing so there wouldn't be as much hanging over - only about 2 inches all around now.  Those long strips will be used as part of the binding.  I saw someone's tumbler online where they just did vertical lines along each side of the seams so that is what I want try for this quilt.  I'm going to use black or blue thread so it stands out - and the thread will perhaps blend more in the back.  Went to Sizzler for lunch by myself as DH is at workshop today.  Packed up some loose stuff in the sewing room and brought it upstairs to my side of the bed - next weekend we have friend who will be staying with us so want to have the sewing room cleared out more.

Sunday - May 6 - I'm delighted that my husband helped me go thru some stuff in the garage - we ended up with 5 boxes to be taken to The Bookman, and a van full of things to go to Goodwill.  Of course there is more to do but our goal right now is to get the extra new hospital bed that I got from a bed in the garage.  We were going to donate it, but the people at mom's assisted living place said I should keep for when it's needed.  We had workers come to give us prices for having different things done.  Decided to to with a lot of things outside, then will start the inside after our friend leaves.  I then went to a meeting for my organization - I chair a conference in the fall so it's time already to get started on that again.

Monday - May 7 - More cleaning and getting ready for our friend's visit and conference emails.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finish #4: Big Star Quilt! Updated

This is what I've been working on during this first week of 'vacation'.

I'm linking up to:

I finished the binding on the big star quilt!

Front of the finished Big Star
Back of the Big Star
 I put the binding on the front by mistake, realized it after I turned the second corner so decided to just keep going.

For the finish of the binding, I decided to use clear thread in the machine and beige in the bobbin.  For most of the the stitching the thread stayed on the star background so that was fine.  It took about an hour to do the final round of the binding.  I forgot to keep track of how long it took to cut the strips, join them together, and sew on the first round....

I had purchased a special pen to write on fabric, so after it was done I wrote the label on the binding.

Label written on binding - "A long road for this quilt! Began piecing with the help of my MOM in the late 1960's.  Finished May 2012 for my husband, Bernie.  XXOO     4th Quilt by June Dodge"
I wrapped it up, put a bow on it and placed it at the table at Bernie's spot.  He was very happy to see the gift.  He wondered if he had forgotten an anniversary of something!  He took it down by the chair he sits in in the den - after a little while he put it on his lap while he was watching TV.

As I wrote on the label, this is my fourth finish.  My first was tied and given to my son, the 2nd and 3rd were FMQed (after finding Leah site) made for Quilts for Kids, and this one for my husband!  (I'm not counting the practice quilt or the little mug rugs I've made.)

Thank you, Leah! Without your help and encouragement I would not have been able to do this.  I have such a sense of accomplishment, and excitement to continue finishing quilt projects.

More on the Big Star Quilt

Binding Steps

These are notes to help me remember how I did this!

Binding Step 0 - Apply binding to the back of the quilt,  At the corners move the fabric so it's a little less then 1/4 inch - then it will be easier to do the corners (I did for the last two corners, worked well).  I like narrow binding so strips are 2 inches wide.

Binding Step 1 - Sew the folded fabric with about 5 inches of tail on both sides.

Binding Step 2 - Smooth the fabric and fold at the intersection of the two ends of the binding.

Binding Step 3 - draw the creases for both ends.

Binding Step 4 - pin the quilt away from the area.

Binding Step 5 - Fold to find out which way the fabric should be
facing, then put pin thru the intersection of the lines, Move so
it's at 90 degrees and pin so the fabric won't move.  Added:  The right sides will be facing each other!  Leah Day has a good video to help with this too:

Binding Step 6 - Sew, test to be sure it's correct, trim and finger press flat.  Sew on the quilt.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sew 15 Minutes a Day

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Tuesday April 24 - AM - Sewed the three blocks so now I have five blocks ready for FMQAYGQAL project.  PM - Finished sewing the entry for SewCalGal - April.  Sewed the flower echo block and the shark block for FMQAYGQAL.  Did small practice of sharp stippling.

Wednesday April 25 - PM - cut strips for binding of the big star quilt.

Thursday April 26 - Spent day with son and mother!  I struggled with putting strips together for binding of the big star.

Friday April 27 - Finally got the strips together for the binding.  Fabric is now folded in half and ironed, ready to be applied. Revised the Liberated Round Robin site as the new step is now posted!

Saturday April 28 - Busy with event with my husband, then very lazy the rest of the day (as in napping and eating).  I did not attend my quilting 'class', reset the machine and unpacked the backpack that I had packed for that.

Sunday April 29 - Nothing with fabric - working on conference I chair in the fall for Computers in Education and also getting files in order for taxes.  It's all sucking the creative flair out of me.

Monday April 30 - re-trimmed the big star quilt so I can put the binding on the back and flip over to the front and really made good progress on my non-fabric projects.

Keeping track of what sewing I do with Kate's blog has really been a good thing for me to do.  I'm sometimes adding more things than sewing - but it's helping me so it's good to do!