Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sew 15 Minutes a Day

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Tuesday April 24 - AM - Sewed the three blocks so now I have five blocks ready for FMQAYGQAL project.  PM - Finished sewing the entry for SewCalGal - April.  Sewed the flower echo block and the shark block for FMQAYGQAL.  Did small practice of sharp stippling.

Wednesday April 25 - PM - cut strips for binding of the big star quilt.

Thursday April 26 - Spent day with son and mother!  I struggled with putting strips together for binding of the big star.

Friday April 27 - Finally got the strips together for the binding.  Fabric is now folded in half and ironed, ready to be applied. Revised the Liberated Round Robin site as the new step is now posted!

Saturday April 28 - Busy with event with my husband, then very lazy the rest of the day (as in napping and eating).  I did not attend my quilting 'class', reset the machine and unpacked the backpack that I had packed for that.

Sunday April 29 - Nothing with fabric - working on conference I chair in the fall for Computers in Education and also getting files in order for taxes.  It's all sucking the creative flair out of me.

Monday April 30 - re-trimmed the big star quilt so I can put the binding on the back and flip over to the front and really made good progress on my non-fabric projects.

Keeping track of what sewing I do with Kate's blog has really been a good thing for me to do.  I'm sometimes adding more things than sewing - but it's helping me so it's good to do!


  1. you didn't do too bad and the days on which you did get to sew you did quite well~!


  2. Looks like a pretty successful week even if you didn't make your 15 minutes a couple of days.


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