Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sew 15 Minutes a Day

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The Fabric Version

T May 1 - Started sewing binding on Big Star Quilt
W May 2 - Finished sewing binding on Big Star Quilt - a Finish! Practiced FMQ for SewCalGal
Th May 3 - Nothing with fabic
F May 4 - Picked out backing for tumbler, sewed it together for the backing.
Sa May 5 - Basted the tumbler!
Su May 6 - Nothing with fabic
M May 7 - Nothing with fabic

The Long Version of my Week

Tuesday May 1 -  I took my mom out for exercise and then to have her manicure and pedicure.  I treated myself to a manicure too.  When I got home our son was there so had some time to chat.  We had pizza delivered for dinner, that was a treat for him.  After he left I reread how to do a binding and sewed the binding on - the front of the quilt by mistake!  I guess I had spent so much time thinking about and then trimming up the sides I just had the quilt facing up.  I had just the other day found my clear thread so that will save the day for the quilt. Spent a bunch of time doing emails for my computers in education organization before going to bed.

Wednesday May 2 - I finished the binding on the big star quilt!  The clear thread was a good choice - I put beige in the bobbin and in most cases the beige was on the beige background of the star so doesn't stand out at all.  Two of the corners are perfect, the other two aren't.  But I have now my first real finished FMQing quilt that we get to keep at home.  I gave it to my husband - just my 4th finish.  Did a quick test of the new Leah Day designs as part of SewCalGal's FMQing challenge.  Easy and great looking!  I moved some of the fabric that was in the living room to my elva drawers in the garage - getting things out of the living room/dining room as we have house guest in a week.

Thursday May 3 - No fabric today.  Took mom to foot doctor (waited 30 minutes, he didn't introduce himself, and he started making a list of things for me to do - without even looking at her feet - and three of the things on the list of five items were for me to google things!).  I could have just done that to begin with and it wouldn't have cost me an hour and a half!  Returned her so she could have lunch, son was late so I picked her up again for her exercise program.  He and I had lunch.  He took her for hair shampoo and set and I went to store to get dinner.  There I met the nicest man - a visiting professor from Germany - ended up driving him to campus with all his fresh fruits he had purchased.  My son and I watched another episode of Pasta in Love (a Korean soap opera we are watching on Netflix).  We had chicken on top of a vegetable salad.

Scraps in piles by color - sort of!
Friday  May 4 - On Fridays my son and I attend a cooking class.  Today's recipes were all winners - there were almost no leftovers we all liked it so much!  Kabuchi Soup, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Pork Buns (he and I made these), and scones.  Sort of an off combination, but we all liked the dishes.  The buns didn't rise as much as expected - but then all the teams didn't have rising buns - either it's that we all handled the dough too much or there is something amiss with the recipe.  We are going to test again and see!  After class he came over we watched our Korean soap opera - then took a nap - then watched another episode - he left then.  I mowed the back lawn - still feeling okay so that is good!  I just had a PB&J for dinner.  Later I picked out fabric for the back of my tumbler quilt and sewed enough together for the backing.  I also pulled out my scraps and put them in stacks by color....

Saturday - May 5 - To quilting class - it's not really a class to me - but a place to sew with others - and they have a terrific table to do basting on!  So I basted my tumbler quilt - there is one corner where I'll need to patch the batting, but it's ready now for me to quilt.  I ripped the fabric for the backing so there wouldn't be as much hanging over - only about 2 inches all around now.  Those long strips will be used as part of the binding.  I saw someone's tumbler online where they just did vertical lines along each side of the seams so that is what I want try for this quilt.  I'm going to use black or blue thread so it stands out - and the thread will perhaps blend more in the back.  Went to Sizzler for lunch by myself as DH is at workshop today.  Packed up some loose stuff in the sewing room and brought it upstairs to my side of the bed - next weekend we have friend who will be staying with us so want to have the sewing room cleared out more.

Sunday - May 6 - I'm delighted that my husband helped me go thru some stuff in the garage - we ended up with 5 boxes to be taken to The Bookman, and a van full of things to go to Goodwill.  Of course there is more to do but our goal right now is to get the extra new hospital bed that I got from a bed in the garage.  We were going to donate it, but the people at mom's assisted living place said I should keep for when it's needed.  We had workers come to give us prices for having different things done.  Decided to to with a lot of things outside, then will start the inside after our friend leaves.  I then went to a meeting for my organization - I chair a conference in the fall so it's time already to get started on that again.

Monday - May 7 - More cleaning and getting ready for our friend's visit and conference emails.


  1. the scraps look yummy in color coordintated piles~! what will you be doing with them?

    four out of seven days isn't too bad~!
    sounds like your life is pretty busy~!!~


  2. Thanks for coming by Libby! I think I'm going to sew the scraps to make fabric for the Liberated Round Robin2 Step Two "crumbs" - but I have to think and think about what I will do!

  3. Busy week, but looks like you got a lot done.


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