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My Days - Fabric and Other Things

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My Fabric Week

Tuesday - May 22 - Nothing with fabric
Wednesday - May 23 - Nothing with fabric
Thursday - May 24 - In the evening I finished FMQing Leah Day's Sew Cal Gal pattern one on one of my FMQAYGQAL blocks.
Friday - May 25 - Nothing with fabric
Saturday - May 26 - Attended quilt workshop - incorrectly cut a slash star and only finished one FMQAYGQAL block.
Sunday - May 27 - Nothing with fabric
Monday - May 28 - Nothing with fabric

The Longer Combined Version - Too Much Information

Tuesday - May 22 - No workers today.  I met a friend for lunch and then went shopping to get a few things we needed.  Was so nice to not have to hang around the house today!  Having workers at the house gives me sort of the same feeling I have when my mom is in the hospital.  There are consultations, then I think I can do some work that I want to do, but then there is something else that needs attention.  Mom would hurt and need something turned or adjusted ot the workers knock to ask me opinion or to show-up something they finished.  I'd rather it be the workers of course - and am so appreciative that they are available to work for us - such high quality work - but it is a little stressful.

Wednesday - May 23 - The workers dug a trench for drain that will be going to the street.  Then there was more work on the sprinkler controller box getting the cords mounted to the wall and covered.  We found a linking valve in another area so a new valve was installed - but in the midst of that the water shut off failed so there was a gusher for awhile until the water department came with emergency truck to shut it off properly.  There was much discussion on this, the worker called another guy to come do some welding.

Thursday - May 24 - The workers came with special drill to put a hole in the sidewalk so we have a cool drain hole for water that comes in the openings in the side yard.  (Of course I learned in the water conservation reading that the cool thing to do was to set things up so the water went in the ground rather than in the street.  But we already had paid for this to happen so it happened.) It looks very neat.  Some houses in our neighborhood simply have above ground pipes to direct the water to the street, the way our guys did it looks much more finished.  In the evening I finished FMQing Leah Day's Sew Cal Gal pattern one on one of my FMQAYGQAL blocks.

Friday - May 25 - Went to cooking class where I met my son - we take it together.  The dishes today were all wonderful.  We made the Udon Cold Noodle salad.  Came home to watch the final episode of the Korean soap opera we have been watching together - Pasta in Love.  Then he left.  Bernie and I went to mattress store  - I guess I'll finally be getting rid of the awful box springs we have had since forever - but instead of going lighter will be getting some heavy Swedish foam mattress.  I dislike beds that are difficult to move, think back fondly to the simple bed I had in my dorm room in Uppsala so many years ago.  We went out to eat at a fabulou little Thai restaurant - I never knew how delicious Salmon curry would be!  It's my new favorite!

Incorrectly cut slashed star -
see extra triangles at
the ends of the points.
Saturday - May 26 - I was late, but did go to the quilting workshop.  Had a hard time settling down.  We have a new drunkard path die for the Accuquilter that I want to use - but I want to go ahead an cut my fabric to size (decided 13 inch square would be good size to cut).  The only other time I used it (for small tumblers) it was really time comsuming as I didn't precut - instead I was ironing and folding with each new set of fabrics that I cut.  This time I want to be more efficient with my time.  Also, it's the last class before the summer break so it could be that a lot of other folks also will have the same idea of using the Accuquilter to get things cut!  There will be another four weeks of classes but at the same time as the cooking class so I won't be able to quilting until next fall.  I cut out a practice slash star for the blocklotto, but didn't do the cutting correctly so scrapped that try - intend to try again tomorrow! When I got home had meeting with the treasurer - she didn't record much.  Only put Deposit - didn't put the name of the company or person who wrote the check.  So much extra time will be needed to be spent because she was trying to just get by rather than doing a decent job.  It's a shame.  I'm burned out just thinking about all the lost information and time that will be needed to fix things.  Oh well.

Long Sealed Door
Double click to see
the awful detail!
Sunday - May 27 - We tried to sleep in and rest, went to breakfast - I'm not going to have pancakes for a couple of months.  I enjoyed them so much the first time last week - and then again today - but it's just too much to start the day so often!  Then off to Home Depot to look at doors - we need a new one installed off the garage.  Years ago it was leaking right before we were leaving on an extended RV trip so I just sealed it up with goop - I think it's caulking? I put it on the outside and the inside so the door has been sealed since then.  So now that we have the nice cement and are clearing things out of the inside it's time for a new door.  We found a nice one - I think it's the most expensive one of course - that has a window and blinds in between two sheets of glass.  That will solve the problem of the sun cooking what's inside that area!  Bernie wanted a screen too but that option wasn't available with the blind, it's the light that we decided was most important.  So then back home to veg out before going to a meetup where we joined a new group to play a trivia game at Shakespeare's.  They have it every month apparently.  The categories were: geography, history, sports, entertainment, and potluck.  There were 40 questions - my team only got 22 correct.  The winning team got a coupon for $100 with their 31 correct answers!  It was loud, but we were able to talk with a few people - nice.

Monday - May 28 - Even though I do not work fulltime to bring in income, it's absolutely wonderful to have a three day weekend!  I slept in today - feel so rested!  Last night B and I had made lists for what we were going to do today.  He has been sanding and wire brushing our fences and new gate to get it ready to prime.  (I guess that's the real difference, that he is working on the house too! Makes it so much nicer to have company.)  I've been moving things (and going thru some boxes) so there is nothing to the right of the exterior side door that will be replaced.  I was sort of surprised at how many of these boxes were empty or almost empty.  Wish the entire garage would be like that!  After going thru the boxes I moved them again so I could get the shelf over to the side of the room out of the way - then re-stacked the boxes on the shelves - putting the heaver ones on the bottom.  My mom and dad were always buying me things - that's a lot of what is in the garage.  My dad is gone now, and my mom wouldn't remember anything now so it's time to go thru and take inventory and get rid of things.  Our son can look thru to see if he wants anything of course.  

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