Saturday, January 26, 2019

Road to CA

I just returned last night from my second Road to California. 

There are enough quilts, vendors and friends to see to stay for multiple days even if one does not take any classes.

I now know how to make these so do not need to purchase.  Took photo to compare the cost of making vs buying...

The first night we met friends who were staying too for dinner.  I forgot to take a photo - but it was so nice to be part of a welcoming group that I will see again.

My friends and I may use this diamond quilt (below) as inspiration to make a quilt!

The conference center changed the men's rooms to rooms for ladies...

Admission was around $16, the hotel room was around $150 split three ways, we had five meals, and purchased a few things too.  I got a sample pack of 13 kinds of Hobbs batting for $10, and two thread snippers for $10 (one will be a gift). I guess it was around $160 for the trip. Something to see at least on alternating years!