Sunday, August 19, 2018

Starry Bright Sky QAL: English Paper Piecing Pattern 8a

Link to see how others interpreted this block:

In my quest to avoid hand stitching I found a site where I learned how to make an eight pointed star:

(I realized after looking closer that y-seams might be involved, so I jumped on the method taught at this site)

So here is my block!
I found a nice tutorial for marking the pieces that I may use another time (it's a variation of what I did two years ago when I did the hexagons for Alida's challenge.)

I need to get more comfortable with hand stitching, but pleased that I figured out a way to complete the blocks!

Starry Bright Sky QAL: English Paper Piecing Pattern 8b

I have trouble with all hand stitching.  So again I had to adapt the design and methods for the blocks.

I did make freezer paper templates for the design, but I put the pieces together and sewed them.  I decided to keep going and to sew the background pieces on too.  I was at a quilt away from home sewing event when I did this and I realized I didn't have the fabric I thought I had stacked to bring, so it came out a little differently than I had envisioned.  But I'm pleased with the effect.  (Originally I was going to put additional points on some of the pieces so it looked more like a star, but now it looks like a planet or maybe a meteor like we saw last weekend while in Colorado. Cool!)

I could have been more deliberate with the way the seams went, it could have added additional detail in the final block.  

To see what the others have completed click here:

Starry Bright Sky QAL: Fabric Weaving Pattern 7a

While I was in Ireland I ordered the wefty needles, I watched the videos I could find, and was really excited to try this new-to-me way of making fabric. -
Tumbling Blocks Madweave Tutorial (Wefty)

Fabric Weaving: Triaxial Tumbling Blocks Weave -

Fundamentals of Fabric Weaving with Mister Domestic -

I watched more than this while there and once I returned...  I decided to set things up using the bottom of a box I was given at Costco.  Worked well.  I felt good that I didn't go to store to buy the foam core board.

Also, I didn't have the recommended lightweight woven fusible, but I used tape to secure the piece and was able to remove it quite well.

So that wasn't the problem.  

Here you can see that I drew the grid on the box, and used painters tape to secure so I could remove it to the sewing machine...

I just need more help and different directions so I can get the correct pattern in my work.  Maybe an example where a different fabric was used for the different sections - just to get where to do the weaving! I'm not sure if my error was made in level two or/and level three...

So this is what I ended up with.  Not happy with it.  Maybe will make a pillow top, or maybe not.

Other people were able to do the design as planned, and some did not.  I submitted my block via email, I received the next month's pattern but just now it doesn't look like she posted my image on the linky.  Oh well.