Sunday, August 19, 2018

Starry Bright Sky QAL: English Paper Piecing Pattern 8b

I have trouble with all hand stitching.  So again I had to adapt the design and methods for the blocks.

I did make freezer paper templates for the design, but I put the pieces together and sewed them.  I decided to keep going and to sew the background pieces on too.  I was at a quilt away from home sewing event when I did this and I realized I didn't have the fabric I thought I had stacked to bring, so it came out a little differently than I had envisioned.  But I'm pleased with the effect.  (Originally I was going to put additional points on some of the pieces so it looked more like a star, but now it looks like a planet or maybe a meteor like we saw last weekend while in Colorado. Cool!)

I could have been more deliberate with the way the seams went, it could have added additional detail in the final block.  

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  1. Fantastic that you were able to make this design your own and also link it to fun memories! Great job!!


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