Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sat April 13: Open Houses & Korean Food

Fitbit Activity: 10368 steps taken, 11 floors climbed, 4.32 miles traveled, 2089 calories burned, 588 active score

Today went to two Open Houses - one for a home and one for a condo. Both were very pretty.  I learned at home that I really do need to clear things out and that it's really nice to have paintings hanging on walls.

We also had a wonderful meeting with DH's cousins who live here in Boston area.  He works, it turns out very close to where we are staying!

I remembered something that I had forgotten for the taxes so stressed to find the missing information.

We met with friends at a nearby Korean Restaurant - nice food but loud, so it was difficult to converse.

We were so tired we just went to bed then!

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