Monday, April 15, 2013

Mon Apr 15: Blast

Fitbit Activity: 6617 steps taken, 6 floors climbed, 2.76 miles traveled, 1921 calories burned, 425 active score

Woke today to see an email that I had typed the incorrect social security number on tax form.  It was easy to fix the federal returns, but the CA returns required phone calls.  And of course since it was April 15th the wait was very long.  In the end I found out that when this happens you wait a few days, then call the number and tell them.  They then can pull the file and make the change.  I was having trouble finding the form because there was no form for this - only to amend and change numbers entered on a return!

When I finished I was going to walk over to encourage the stragglers in the Boston Marathon, but when I double checked where to go I saw the announcements of the explosion and then a second explosion.  So of course I stayed home then.  We turned on the TV and were glued to it like many were here.  DH and I got emails and text messages from friends.  It was nice to realize that people were thinking of us.

I knew this morning that I wouldn't be able to see the historical reenactments that happen here on this state holiday - Patriots Day - when I saw the mistake I had made in the forms - but thought I'd be able to see some of the excitement in Copley Square.  It should have been such a happy night tonight.  Instead three people are now gone and I don't know how many are maimed for life - physically and emotionally.  It's truly a sad day.

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