Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tue Apr 9: Spring

There were birds tweeting in the yellow bushes.
I have been forgetting to mention all the changes that have been happening here.  Plants are turning green, flowering, bursting.  It's really beautiful!  The people are different too wearing shorts or pants and shirts without coats and scarves.  Boots are disappearing and tennis shoes and sandals are being worn.  The whitest legs in the world are being exposed - incredible pure white...

Well, today DH went to the library to work and the plan was for me to baste my quilts - but the cheap DOLLAR store painter tape that I got was worthless and didn't grab the fabric nor the table.  It just popped up after a few seconds.  So instead I did some calls and was able to get an appointment for electrolysis in Davis - so I abandoned the house and left - thinking I'd be back before DH.  But it took longer as I decided to walk home.....

We still had a few minutes before leaving for the pub to meet Jo and Ba and her daughter Mer for trivia night.  It was loud but fun - even though I really didn't contribute much to the answers.  We came in 4th out of about 12 teams.

Another episode of Duchess of Duke Street.

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