Monday, April 22, 2013

Mon Apr 22: Shea Magnolia

Fitbit Activity:  9737 steps taken, 11 floors climbed, 4.06 miles traveled, 2023 calories burned, 543 active score

More phone calls - the case worker made it clear it did not matter if we requested a place near to home, or one that the doctor would visit - we go pretty much where they send us and then only if that place accepts her.

There was a lot of back and forth on this.  I mainly was out of the picture, and actually Ci and DS were out too as the decision was made by the place.  So she is going to a place owned by a corporation  they have several of these rehab places.

The insurance will pay for part of the place for 32 days, we pay $50 a day, then after 32 days it's all out of pocket.  The assisted living place will not decrease the fee - if we want the room saved we have to pay. So it's going to be double rent for one place she uses.

Case worker said she had to be transported in an ambulance because she had dementia and was disoriented (she has been taking a lot of pain killers).  I said I thought she would be more disoriented going in a different kind of car and that we had the ramp van.  She didn't seem to understand what I meant - you mean a trailer with ramp?  No no a van with a ramp so a wheelchair can be rolled up and down. Hmm  The nurse who was listening said the splint required that she stay in lying position.  So okay - that's $200 for the transportation.

So it was past dinner time when they finally moved her.

Before that the case worker was going to order ground up food as mom was having trouble eating with her leg above her head, with splint on, being drugged up, and having apparently very loose dentures that were falling out. (I haven't been taking her out to eat so didn't notice this).  So Ci intervened and ask DS to bring fixadent on his way there - after putting that on the dentures she was able to eat  but Ci had to feed her.  So the order for ground up food was cancelled.

I don't know about the system - it does not really work for my mom. I had forgotten how much time and effort these accidents cost.  The stress is enormous for me - I will go home if needed.  Ci keeps telling me everything will be okay and she will check in on her.  At first she said every day but now not everyday.  She is taking classes and I know needs to have time to study and think about her projects for that.

Both DS and Ci said the new place looks wonderful and would be a nice place to be.  We have no choice it seems so hope it will be good for her.

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