Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tues Apr 30: Juice, Trivia, and Stress

I read a blog post about someone doing a 3-day juice cleanse and decided I'd better try the juices from Life Alive before we have to leave here....

So today I got two juices to split with DH Thrive Alive and Be Alive and then a Warrior Salad and The Fool Bowl.  They were a delicious way to start the day!  I haven't been stopped at Life Alive as it's so dang crowded all the time - but going earlier in the day makes for way shorter lines and it's doable.  Although getting the food ahead of time means it's not as fresh when it's eaten.  But boy is it good!  My plan is to continue going earlier in the day and observing how things are prepared so I can be independent when I'm not longer living in this wonderful place.

I finally got going on the Quickbook stuff that I was putting off as we didn't have a printer...  Taking notes, trying to remember the correct order to put new information in the program.  I'm so much better at using QB now - I know how to delete entries and to start over.  Hoping I can have some good solid hours of working on this so I'm all up to date soon!

We went to Porter Square and starting walking to Magoun Square - the phone rang.  My friend watching over house and my mom said the place was calling saying she had to be out of there by Fri or Sat or Sun or Mon. The lady hired to make the phone calls has a really bad accent and is new to the job too. She hadn't called VLM yet - what a mess!  So I couldn't call then - but did as soon as we made it to Magoun Square - I let my worrying ruin the walk though so that's a shame. When I got to Magoun I stood in a parking lot so I could hear and first called Ja of VLM - left message.  Then Lu of VLM left another message. Then I called the case worker with the accent and tried to understand things.  I knew mom would not be able to stay there for long, but had been told they would help find a place for her to go to - but apparently that was incorrect information or the case manager didn't get that memo.  After that I called Ci and got her up to date.  I think I was on the phone for an hour. Later I called DS so he knew too - he was already going by there to drop off the signed form I had faxed with the legal papers.  So what should have been a nice evening was marred with stress.  In all this my mom is doing well - it's a nice day! and eating food well.  She can't move the broken leg so she can't do PT so that is why she has to be moved.

We were at Mogoun Square for the trivia evening again with our friends - at half time we were tied for first place - at the end we were in third place and won a $10 off coupon that we used on our bill for the evening.

For my mom legally VLM can take her in - but they don't have to.  So we have to get in touch with them for decision.  I'm hoping they will say okay - mom has lived there for 12 years (with three owners) and now will have home health care and nurses come by to support her too.

If they say no then I need to find another place for her - I was feeling supported after talking to the doctor the other day - the case manager is new and didn't seem to think she would be able to find a place in three days - that's a short amount of time she said!  Like it would be easier for me to find a place in three days than her.  

I'm thinking a major revamp of how we organize our lives has to be changed - caregiving and working with insurance need to be part of the curriculum and work weeks should be modified so people have at least a half day to deal with all this stuff.

Oh well.

I tried to work more on QB, found something I had done incorrectly and fixed that, but then off to bed for me.

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