Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wed May 1: Juice

After reading emails, went to Life Alive to pick up food for the day.

Life Alive, Superhero Alive, Jive Alive, Simply Alive & Wheatgrass
DH and I split the salad, the Life Alive and Simply Alive Juices for our first meal of the day.  Delicious!  (I had the wheatgrass myself as it builds red blood cells, something he is not supposed to need help with.)  So we have the same amount of food to split for another meal today - sweet!

Explorer Salad & Green Goddess Bowl
All delicious - I'm not sure if I'll be able to actually do an all juice 3-days as Tina did at Carrots 'n Cake, but I'm so glad I read her entry as it hadn't occurred to me to even try the juices at Life Alive.  So far the juices just take good, we have a few more to go before we have tasted them all.  I wanted to taste ahead by sharing with DH just in case there was something I didn't like at all!  Just in case I do try a 3-day juice adventure.

It was only $45 for all this freshly made goodness, still less than the $60 Tina was paying just for her juices...  I enjoyed the 3500 steps to and from the restaurant too!

There were more calls regarding my mom today, she is doing well.  Eating and saying "it's a nice day."  The sent a fax that she would be at end of coverage on Friday so that meant a bunch of time calling and trying to figure out the system.  You'd really think these rehab places would do a better job of communicating with family members - but this is our fourth experience and even though now I know a little better what to expect - I expect to be surprised at the end. And if again they discharge her without pain medication prescription it will be running around to get that settled.....

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