Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sat May 11: Salad, Bridge and Large Projection TV

Pink Snow -
Tree petals after
wind and rain
Today I woke late again - so after phone calls and emails there was only enough time for me to go to Live Alive to pick up salad for tonight - then I met DH at bus and we went to Wincester to friends'.

White Lilacs
We practiced a few hands of bridge - it was more fun just to do with the four of us without the teacher who really wasn't a good teacher but really knows bridge.  We missed his knowledge, but had more fun and practice on our own.

Then we had stuffed peppers and salad for dinner.

Whole wall TV
Then watched The Forbidden Planet on their whole wall projection TV.

I wasted time in the morning on a Freecycle problem.  Yesterday evening I had seen a notice for some assorted fabric scraps, beads and embroidery thread and had written the guy to say I was interested.  In his reply he gave his address and said it was now in two large trader joe's bags and he was including sewing patterns.  I checked google and saw it was 40 minutes for me to walk to his place.  So I said I could put what I could in my back pack but couldn't carry something that was heavy or bulky for that far.  He wrote that the deal was to take it all and I would need to get a ride to pick it up and take all or to tell him it was off and he would re-post it.  (This was all within a few minutes so I don't know what he meant about reposting it but maybe there is something I don't know about.)  So I wrote he should re-post it and thank you for using free cycle.  Then I reread the notes and wrote again as I wanted him to know that even though I mainly was interested in the fabric I would have taken it all as agreed and freecycled myself the left overs but that I didn't realize there would be so much stuff and so far away.

So this morning I get an email from him telling me to stop spamming him and how clear he had been on the amount of stuff that I clearly wasn't a decent person! So that was a kick in the gut. I reread his original post and did see that I had missed in the title that it was 4-5 bags of stuff - but the size of the stuff was not clear and since he was talking about beads and embroidery thread I guess I was thinking little bags.  Anyway, after thinking about it I decide to just erase all the emails and to hope he had a successful pick up with someone else, and I would be a more careful reader of details on the postings.  I've burned his name in my memory though so I don't respond to any of his postings again!  According to Seth Godin I should have perhaps tried again to fix the miscommunication, but calling me 'not decent' put an end to thinking about about how to do that.

The hospice intake case worker did a really good job of communicating this evening - she was working late to finish up the paperwork.  It would be nice to have email or fax communication so I would be more sure to remember everything, but it was nice to have someone to talk to.

Boy, I really appreciate the time my friend Ci in spending with mom during this time.

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