Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tues May 7: Avoiding, Then Finishing

No it wasn't sewing today either.

First I opened the email to find that two of the faxes I sent last night didn't arrive, but the nurse had written to say it was okay for me to send as attachment - so I did that.

Ja wrote and said it was okay for mom to have that hospice provider after all - so spent time notifying people of that. 

Then what I was avoiding was reading applications submitted for an award my organization is giving.

I went walking to a new to us cafe for a sandwich - delicious Cuban roasted pork.  We'll be back to that place for sure!

A few more emails for mom when I returned, then finally to the applications.  I printed out the list of people, read all the entries and wrote notes on each one.  I hadn't been told to do more - so that is what I did.  After three hours I clicked to submit my rankings and ratings for the top three.  It will be interesting to see if my choices overlap at all with anyone else's.

We walked to get some Indian to split for dinner - nice.  I had a pineapple lassi - didn't know that existed!  Yummy.

I tried again to get the presser foot to fit but can't - so I will need to take it to a shop I think to figure things out.

About the sewing machine:

The machine manual says
there could be screw-on
presser feet for this machine.

Shows the general foot disconnected
and the new one ready to be installed
- but I can't make it fit
Manual showing the two
types of presser feet possible
for the machine.

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