Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wed May 29: Out and About (Just A Little)

I haven't been feeling well - a sore throat that turned into a cold knocked me out for several days. Started the day we had a car rented for three days. What a waste for traveling.

Last Wednesday, I went to Boston to help with "Mending Boston". It was an interesting experience - we worked right near the finish line of the marathon to stitch down a work by Clara Wainwright.  I had read the article in the Boston Globe and was able to go to the Old South Church on Boylston Street.

After stitching was shut down I went inside the church for the first 30 minutes of a concert arranged to celebrate the 300th birthday of Wagner.  It was attended by lots of different people, some were dressed up.  I had my black jacket on so I blended in.  Once the tenor finished I slipped out to take the T back to meet DH.  We timed it so he picked up the car and we met at a side street off Central Square.  He got the car to pick up an office chair he had found on Craig's List - we drove thru Watertown and saw buildings we had seen on the news when they were looking for the bombers.

Then after a resting day DH did another pick up from Craig's List, snagging a nice table to fit in the mud room area of the apartment. It's not the nicest area - but it does give him a private space away from the rest of the living area and he can even close the door if he wants to. We had lunch in Natick at Casey's - what a treasure!  (From Yelp Review: Casey's diner is a real old fashioned dining car with no tables, and only about 15 or so counter stools.  The menu is limited to hot dogs, burgers, and a select number of sandwiches - but this is a gem of a place.  The friendly servers are always chatting with the diners, and you get to watch the short order cooks right in front of you.  So you kind of get a meal and a "show" for one low price.  This place IS NOT fancy in any way.  But the people are friendly, the prices are very reasonable, and the food is excellent.) We walked around the town a bit then it was on to Lexington.  We arrived after the historical places were closed - but we walked around after parking the car in the public parking lot and got a good overview of things. The sore throat was bad enough then that we went to CVS to get some meds, then went back to the car and I fell asleep for a few hours.  When I woke the throat seemed better - it was time to met friends for dinner. A terrific place in Lexington - Mario's - had a really good slice of lasagna (and a few bite of chicken parmigiana) and afterwards we had ice cream at a place across the street.  It was really nice to spend the evening with Jo and Ba.

The next morning it had turned into a cold - I spent Sat Sun Mon Tues taking pills and drinking lemonade.  I would try to walk and would get so tired that it was back to the couch for me!  Tuesday I thought to ask DH to get some Mucinex and that seemed to do the trick.  We walked to a little place we hadn't eaten at before for dinner City Girl Diner.  We had a good cup of white bean and kale soup before splitting a slice of lasagna.  I prefer the piece from Mario's though.  Then we walked to Christina's for ice cream.  It was too much to do really.  I took more pills then went to sleep in the bed though so was feeling better!
I haven't been walking much
this past week, but reached
this fitbit milestone today!

Today I finally was able to concentrate on emails - ate well - walked to return my library books then on to Central Square for a hair cut.  Called to get in touch with family and friends.  I'm about 90% - it feels very good.

All this caregiving has worn DH out though and he is very tired today and already asleep as I type.  The other holes in this blog are from days when I am doing a lot of things and just didn't type in the blog.  I'm coding these past few days as being ill though - feels good to be out and about even if it was just for a little today.

I'm listening to thunder and seeing some lightening now - so I will unplug everything and go to bed myself now!

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