Friday, May 3, 2013

Fri May 3: Extra Care and Rosebud's Diner

This morning DH and I walked to a new place in Central Square for breakfast - it was really nice - not sure why we hadn't noticed it before.  We both had noticed separately last week - it's between a coffee shop and a little store - neither than we have visited, but they are on the way between Harvard and Central.

After that he went to the Main Library and I went down to the Central Square Library to get the class list for the water color class later in the month.

On the way I passed a beautiful yard of tulips and other flowers, ended up meeting the owner and having a nice time chatting with him.

 He planted over 1000 bulbs last year when he inherited the apartment house from his uncle.  They are even more dramatic in person!  He told bulbs have to be redone every three years about - so he has a little rest this year and can work on the inside units instead!

I learned more about the neighborhood and restaurants he enjoys.  He was a good person to meet.  We exchanged emails and he sent the list of restaurants so I wouldn't forget and could visit them.

The supplies for the class will be around $30 so I bought some today and will return later to get more.  I visited Rodney's books on the way back and saw some nice books - I thought I'd go back on Saturday to look more.

At home I worked on getting the file up to date for our little business in Quickbooks.

I read in the paper that Rosebud Diner had been sold and was going to close the end of the month, so when DH came home I suggested we go there for dinner.  It's a train car made up for seating for cafe...  The food was very nice.  We had grilled combination of meats - and dessert.

While we were walking to dinner, a lady from hospice called and said my mom met the criteria for their home health program.  So when she is discharged from the rehab facility she will have home health people come to visit, and the assisted living place will be able to call for help 24/7.  What a relief to have this extra help for her.  I'm so sorry though that she had this accident and broke her leg bones - she was enjoying going to her exercise program and to have her nails and hair done each week. Hopefully by the time I return she will be back to being able to do those things.  The hospice lady said she was being given pain management pills twice a day now on a schedule.  My friend said she was back to saying it was a nice day and was eating her food so I guess the pain meds are working. Accidents happen, but I am surprised or maybe not surprised that the family of the lady who made her stand up and then let her go has not called to see how my mom is doing.  The doctor said being in hospice care does not mean they have a timeline for the end - just that they work to be sure she is comfortable.  I'm hoping when I return she will be able to go back on her program of going to program and to the beauty shop.  To that end I'll get some students to come to her to work on upper body stuff as soon as the doctor gives the okay.

I finished up all the Quickbooks stuff that I wanted to - there is still more, but I'm hoping Saturday to be able to clear the table and actually sew!

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