Monday, May 6, 2013

Mon May 6: Tied to the Phone

Well, not just the phone but the computer for emails and faxes.

A long day - that of course ended with stress.

So first I got a fax with consent forms to sign for hospice.  I printed that and read it and sent email questions to the email on the fax.  Got some answers via email, wrote more questions.

Then called the doctor to verify what mom's terminal illness is that qualifies her for hospice.  It's dementia with age - there was a fancier name I should have written it down.  The doctor was very nice with taking time to discuss with me.

I didn't write down the order of remaining calls/emails.

The case manager at the rehab center called and said mom had a new splint that was more secure, and she was eating okay.  She said I think that she had spoken with Lu to notify her of the day of discharge and everything was okay.  She is going to check to see if transportation should be in wheelchair or flat - and will call back.

I guess I wrote so many questions about the form they had a person call me and walk me thru my questions and how to fill out the form.  She said after 90-days they have to write  report to get funding, then after another 90-days it's the same, then it goes to every 60-days.  That nothing would change for mom or for me if things were the same with mom.  The broken leg made this apparent to them, but didn't cause it.  So the original insurance will still be used for the non hospice things.  She has ordered items to be delivered to VLM for mom.  Mom's primary care doctor agreed with arrangements and would stay with her as doctor.  After the call I thought I had a clearer idea of how things were set up.

But then Ci sent me email that Lu had called and said they usually worked with a different hospice.  Someone from that company called while Ci was busy and she didn't get their name or number.  As soon as she could she called the insurance hospice to verify they worked with VLM. They said they did and it was up to the family what hospice service they used.  After all these hours on the phone, reading, verifying - what a monkey wrench Lu has thrown in.  I have worked to develop a relationship with her doctors and don't want to do anything to jeopardise that.

I wish she had mentioned something way back the first time I had called her. But then in retrospect she never called me, I just heard she had called or other people had called her. I always asked to be sure they consulted her...

So the day ends with stress again.

I wasn't even able to do any stress releasing FMQing as it turns out I bought the wrong foot for this machine. Ugh!

I don't see what difference it makes with which hospice service works with mom - they only work with one person at a time anyway.

I'm missing something.  Hope it isn't sleep!

So I'm just waiting now to have Lu's son email or text me with what to do.

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