Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tues Apr 2: Dentist

Fitbit Activity: 10128 steps taken, 31 floors climbed, 4.22 miles traveled, 2044 calories burned, 525 active score

Today I woke after a nice sleep, felt very rested.

Made orange rolls for breakfast, we had along with apple slices and coffee.  Wrote a few emails, then it was off for my dental appointment.  I only needed to leave around 15 minutes before the appointment as the office is so near.

I was really pleased with my teeth cleaning - since they are Delta Dentist the insurance will cover it all (except the extra stuff they put on my teeth for sensitivity - $15).  They had an opening on Thursday so snagged an appointment for DH.

Once home I read a while then realized I wasn't supposed to have hot liquids for the rest of the day - so my plan for soup was out. Instead we went to All Star Sandwiches.  I couldn't taste anything except the stuff on my teeth, but DH said the sandwich was good.  He returned home and I went on to Shaws to get coffee and milk.

So it was a nice walk - seems like it has been a long time since I was there.

At home read and watched some TV - we made scrambled eggs and ham for dinner with banana and English muffin.  And I brushed my teeth two times to get the stuff off!

Tomorrow I will so some bookkeeping and yes I will finally pull the sewing machine out.  The new pinmoors from Leahday arrived along with some extra treats too!  Lucky me!  These pinmoors are the best - so nice to have in difference colors (white and purple) then they will show up no matter what color the fabric is!  I hope the machine will be a good one to use for FMQing....

: )

Added later after chatting with my friend in SD:  This whole trip has not really turned out the way I had hoped - not here in Cambridge and not in SD.  No one had really contacted my friend staying at the house and other than her I'm not getting a lot of contact myself from people.  It's pulling teeth to get information on mail received or to see what the yard or house looks like.  It's very discouraging to have no major changes happen during this huge adventure - I'm not on the same wave-length of anyone it seems but I do enjoy being able to walk so much here and the houses look so different to me I feel like I'm in a different country.  After receiving an email from her asking about the length of time to water the yard I contacted the man who I was going to have mow the weed the yard in the spring - just one time - but then my friend said she didn't think that was needed.  She is having a reaction to some new medication and also just doesn't want strangers around I think.  It's also very lonely for her there.  Without photos or discussion it's difficult to know what to do.  So what I did was cancel the man and nothing will be done.  I do not know what the yard looks like so can't take any joy in that - I'm in an island - it's nice to be able to walk so much and I do appreciate that.  It's very nice that I met the woman at the cafe and have someone to do things with while here.

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