Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sat Apr 20: More Worries

Fitbit Activity: 8406 steps taken, 10 floors climbed, 3.5 miles traveled, 2004 calories burned, 525 active score

Today we slept and rested after the capture of the second suspect. I walked to Inman to get DH some clear fluids to drink.

All sorts of flowers are presenting themselves!
In the evening the meds had worked so we were able to go out for dinner.  We rented a zipcar and meet some of his frat brothers at the Mandarin Restaurant, Southborough.

As we were getting out the car my friend who is taking my mom out for exercise, Ci called.  My mom had falled and injured herself.  They were at the hospital waiting for x-rays.  I texted DS and he called very soon after saying he would go to the hospital too as soon as he could.  He was already at school instead of being at home.

So they had a long night waiting for x-rays, for doctor, for news.  The nurses gave my mom some pain killer so she was sleeping - finally DS left.  Ci stayed a little longer waiting for the doctor, but he never showed so at 1:30am she left too.

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