Monday, April 8, 2013

Mon Apr 8: Mafia Pizza

Fitbit Activity: 14907 steps taken, 4 floors climbed, 6.22 miles traveled, 2306 calories burned, 799 active score

We straightened up and dusted and sweep the apartment before leaving today.  The real estate agent had written that she needed to bring an assessor over at 1:30pm.  It only took about 10 minutes each for this to happen - with such a small place and so little stuff.  I can only hope I have strength to get rid of things at our home in San Diego when I return there.  Having less stuff makes it so easy!

DH was going to hang out at the library, I was going to walk around (not enough I see above - too  bad I didn't notice I was so close to 15,000 steps!).  

On the way we saw this pizza place that was usually closed - was open and people were going in and out.  There are no posted hours for the business - when we got inside there were vending machines in the front with soda and candy for the kids to get when school was out, and there was a big sign saying CASH ONLY.  I was reminded of my mom....  (My mom would never let me get soda or candy from a vending machine as she thought they were all set up by the mafia - couldn't really be making money, and all cash.)  We got two pieces of pizza to test it out. DH liked his sausage more than I cared for my pepperoni - we had a nice chat though so that was priceless.

Flyer at Library
DH went on to the library, and I walked to a place that sets up CSA purchases only to be told I had to sign up for 22 weeks or nothing - so we can't try that out.  Then I went to thrift shop - Boomerangs - and snagged a pair of jeans for $3!  Got my toothpaste and tried to get in the house but the dead bolt was stuck so I went to library and met up with DH.  He was able to open the door - relief!

Emails for a bit then out to dinner at S&S - it's too bad he is tired of Live Alive - as the food at S&S is good but full of calories.  To compound the calories we each got a slice of cake to eat at home. 

At home we watched more Duchess of Duke Street.

DH helped me move the metal table in the kitchen so I can walk around it.  Tomorrow I will move more things that we do not use in the cupboards and I hope to baste the charity quilts. 

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