Friday, April 12, 2013

Fri April 12: Homeless Shelter

Fitbit Activity: 5618 steps taken, 8 floors climbed, 2.34 miles traveled, 1851 calories burned, 357 active score

Gosh I can't remember what I did during the day!  From fitbit not a lot of walking that's for sure.

Dan from MIT
In the evening DH went off for a fraternity event at WPI, I went to a homeless shelter and helped with serving the dinner to 200 - 300 people.  It was a nice meal: breaded chicken with cheese, pasta, sauce, green beans and bread.  They only let about 35 people at a time.  There were seats for about 100 so people were able to stay and chat with each other before they picked up their things to move on.  The man from MIT who organizes these things has come 8 times to this shelter - once a month.  So I will be able to help out again in a month.

They seem to keep the women and men separate the beginning, but by the end since some people stayed longer it was all mixed up.  The first set of people were very bad off (missing teeth) but all were clean and very nice.  Of course I don't know their stories - seemed to be all sorts of people, races and ages.  There are about 60 beds for men and 120 for women at this place, and then some that are sort of distributed on a night by night case each evening.  It sure was cold tonight - great that these people have some support to help them out.  I was glad to help the little that I did.

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