Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sun Mar 31: Easter

Fitbit Activity: 10859 steps taken today, 13 floors climbed today, 4.53 miles traveled today, 2000 calories burned, 513 active score

DH was up all night again reading or something so he was not able to wake up for the morning - we had picked out two things to possibly do today - but neither were done.

We had bowls of cereal, I read the Globe (third week now - I'm getting used to reading newspaper again!), did some online exploring, then left for a walk around Central and Harvard - just to get out and see some new streets. It was windy so not as pleasant as yesterday....

Then home again for some left over soup, and then I put in my earplugs and started a Craftsy class.  The Free Motion Fillers, Vol. 1  will be wonderful I know - but I just needed to listen enough to get what the piecing would be for the quilt top.  I ended up listening to a lot of the free Modern Buttercream class. So much detail is involved!  The next time I do a layer cake it will be done differently that's for sure!  I also have purchased Free Motion Quilting a Sampler and will do that sometime, but the layout of the Filler class really appealed to me so I'm going to start with that.

DH didn't want the ham and eggs I had in mind for dinner so instead we went to S&S Deli for dinner - I had a nice salad - with diced tomatoes & cucumbers, sliced mangoes and grilled chicken, lettuce and lime coconut dressing.  Yum!  The waitress looked really tired though so that put a little damper on the meal - that and having two guys discussing health problems.  Boy we are lucky they were both under 40-years old.  DH got lump crab with some sort of buttered crumbs on top that he really likes.

At home we read up a little on bridge as tomorrow we are going to a beginning bridge meetup!  We have to leave here before 8:30 in the morning to get there on time!

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