Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thur Mar 14: Getting Up to Date

Fitbit Activity: 4970 steps taken, 6 floors climbed, 2.07 miles traveled, 1825 calories burned, 332 active score

I woke early and surfed the web for hours.  The woke DH up and we went out in the chilly air for breakfast - really we had lunch - then to the library.  He stayed to take advantage of the comfortable chairs - I went to grocery store for the long awaited milk and a few other items.  Then I wrote emails for give aways and wrote the lady I met the other day at Life Alive - would be great if she was available to go to the Gardner Museum with me tomorrow, but I probably wrote her too late. Fingers crossed for following week if not tomorrow!

DS called and we went thru the mail and he made out the deposit slips - said he would drop them off tonight after dinner!  Such a relief to be in position to really know what is going on (and not going on too).  

We had eggs and morning star sausage for dinner.  Cut up banana and yogurt was dessert!

: )

If Mary does not connect with me for tomorrow then I'm determined to sew a few more blocks of my quilt for DH, I will make some calls to California that I have been putting off, and I will go back to Rodney's Books and see if I find a few more to buy!

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